Russia Dating: 10 Things that Divorced Russian Women Want from You

For most Russian women jumping back into Russia dating following a divorce, the entire dating scene could be different. For men, dating a divorced woman might turn out to be an entirely different scenario compared to dating singles as there are several specific things that they would want.

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That said, if you’re planning to date divorced Russian wives, here are some things that she will want from you:

  1. She wants you to understand her personal baggage

When dating a divorced woman, you have to understand that she has her own personal baggage that she’s been dealing with. The event of her divorce could be one of the saddest events that have occurred in her life, and she will want you to understand it.

Due to that personal baggage, your hot sexy Russian date might be a bit more cautious in her dating approach. In this case, you want to be understanding of her situation as much as possible – and make sure not to rush things.

  1. She wants you to support her career

The divorced woman you’re dating has probably been working hard lately to make both ends meet. As much as possible, show your interest in her career and appreciate any achievements she has. Let her know that you’re interested and supportive in her endeavor. Also, instead of compelling her to give up her job, compliment her on how independent and self-sufficient she is.

  1. She wants you to be serious instead of playing games

If you’re the “love ‘em then leave ‘em” type, then asking out divorced Russian women online for a date is not for you. As divorced women have already been burned out from their previous failed relationship, they would certainly stay away from games and instead look for those who want to take them seriously.

Sincerity is key here. Don’t get involved in a relationship with sexy Russian girls who are divorced if you’re not looking for a serious and long-term relationship. For a divorced woman, starting a new relationship means a lot. Always keep in mind that if she’s dating you, it means that she’s counting on you to make the relationship last.

  1. She wants you to let her deal with her ex-husband

Needless to say, divorced women have their ex-husbands to deal with, and if you’re dating her, it might cause an issue. However, regardless of what you think about her ex-spouse, just allow her to deal with him.

Whenever possible, be an active listener if she decides to rant about him. You can go as far as agreeing with her by saying “That’s awful”, but it shouldn’t be more than that.

Also, as you cross paths with her ex-husband, be polite and shake hands with him. As the divorce moves even further into the past, you’ll find that your date will eventually get over it.

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  1. She wants you to understand her needs

A divorced woman will often have an entirely different set of needs compared to the single women you meet on legitimate Russian dating sites. Due to the failed relationship and rejection, she’s been through, her perception towards other people will ultimately change. Additionally, that will test her self-esteem, hence she will need more time and space to recover.

As the newcomer in her life, you have to understand how she thinks about herself as well as her kids (if there are any). You have to understand her needs as well. This is quite important since you will play a major role in helping her move on from the past. Whenever possible, be honest and open-minded as these will make things a lot easier for her.

  1. She wants you to accept her kids

If you’re dating a divorced woman who has kids from her ex-husband, then you have to first keep in mind that you’re dating a woman who has responsibilities as a mother. In such a case, you want to understand her responsibility towards her kids instead of being possessive.

This could also mean that there will be some less than ideal moments when you’re with her along with her kids. You want to take your time to show to her and her children that you’re a reliable, sincere, and kind man.

  1. She wants you to be lively

Life can be really tough for a divorced woman. Therefore, if you date someone whom you’ve met in a mobile dating site, you have to try to be as lively as possible so you can lighten up her mood once you’re hanging out.

This can be done by either cracking a funny joke or simply smiling at her. Keeping a cheerful attitude will help her view life in a more positive way.

  1. She wants you to know that she’s tough yet fragile

One of the things you’ll notice when dating a divorced woman is how tough and resilient she is. This might even surprise you if you’re used to dating singles you meet on single dating websites. Due to such a significant life change, she will develop the impression that she has to act as both the man and the woman in the relationship.

However, despite how tough she looks on the outside, she also wants you to understand that deep inside, she’s fragile. As much as possible, try to remind her that it’s okay to rely on you, or at least try to be around when you feel that she needs you the most.


There are a lot of good things you can get to enjoy when you date divorced Russian women. However, always keep in mind that the usual rules in dating single ladies won’t work as much in this situation. Therefore, if you plan to date a divorced woman whom you’ve met on a chat online Russia platform, make sure to apply these tips.

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