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Dating Spanish Women: Everything You Need to Know to Attract Hot Senoritas

Spanish women are considered the most beautiful and desired women in Europe, and it’s no wonder why. Dating a senorita (translation: lady in the Spanish language) is a one-of-a-kind experience, and men from France, Britain, Germany, and all across the world seem to agree on that.

In 2014, The Telegraph reported the findings of an extensive survey of more than 50,000 European men, showing that the vast majority of them would like to have a relationship with Spain girls.

“Are there any benefits of dating a woman from Spain?” some of you, especially those who don’t understand the hype around dating Spanish women, might be wondering.


The uniqueness of Spanish women

Spanish women enjoy living their life to the fullest. They are highly social, easy-going, and great at maintaining a successful relationship. Pretty much every beautiful lady in Spanish cities has a unique and sensual personality. A typical Spanish girl is full of passion and desire. She’s exotic, she’s loyal, and she’s emotionally strong. Who doesn’t want a girlfriend like that?

Although when thinking about the advantages of dating a Spanish woman, their natural beauty is the first thing that comes to every man’s head, the olive-colored skin, dark hair, and elegant facial features are not the only desired attributes of women from Spain.

Why are Spanish ladies the most desired women in Europe?

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As we’ve mentioned earlier, surveys show that Spanish ladies are the most popular and desired women in Europe, as many European men prefer women from Spain to women from their home countries and other nationalities.

Apart from natural Spanish beauty, how do women from Spain score so high in the desirability ranking of women? Some of the sought-after qualities of Spain girls are their loyalty, emotional strength, social prowess, and a peculiar mixture of traditional shyness with audacious sensuality. Spanish women have it all.

A Spanish lady has strong family ties and moral values and wants to settle down in a relationship with the right person. Spanish women won’t tolerate lies, dishonesty, cheating, lack of trust, lack of attention and care, and a plethora of other factors that destroy relationships and marriages.

Spanish women are highly social, and it’s true that they love to talk… a lot. However, a beautiful lady from Spain only reveals her real emotions to the right person. Also, although Spanish ladies seem to talk non-stop, most of their talking doesn’t include gossiping, which makes women from Spain incredibly good at keeping secrets.

Spanish women tend to be more open-minded and don’t mind dating foreign men. Women from Spain are very different from women from other European countries. For example, while French women tend to be delicate and graceful, senoritas from Barcelona and Madrid tend to be more “natural” and easy-going.

To give you another example, while German women tend to be strict and are used to following rules, Spanish women tend to be more fun-loving, adventurous, and even rebellious at times.

Spanish dating and marriage culture

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Spanish dating and marriage culture have changed dramatically over the past four decades. Before the creation of the constitution in 1978, Spanish law discriminated heavily against married women.

According to Jrank, during Francisco Franco’s government, economic opportunities for Spanish ladies were greatly restricted, while the government celebrated their roles as mothers and wives. There was a law called “permiso marital,” which prohibited married women from pursuing professional careers, owning property, and even traveling unless they had the consent of their husbands.

According to Wikipedia, divorce was not legal until 1981, while laws against adultery were abolished in 1978. While the permiso marital was abolished in 1975, and women in Spain are no longer treated as baby-making machines and perfect housewives always ready to serve their husband. Spanish women still value family ties to this very day.

Although modern Spanish women are still more conservative and traditional compared to women from other European countries, dating a Spanish girl in 2019 isn’t what it used to be in 1979. Young and mature Spanish women will not allow their boyfriend or husband to boss them around or treat them as objects or toys.

Over the past few decades, Spanish women have become more independent and less likely to view their husband as their only financial source. Modern Spanish ladies also enjoy much more freedom compared to previous generations. A Spanish woman will most likely not be asking your permission to go out to meet her friends.

Yes, those misogynistic laws from the 1970s are long gone, but marriage and starting a family are still the most sought-after goals in the life of any Spanish woman.

What are the challenges when it comes to dating a Spanish woman?

Spanish ladies

You may have heard some foreign men warning against dating a Spanish woman, arguing that dating beautiful Spanish women is difficult. It’s not entirely true. Sure, having a girlfriend in Spanish cities isn’t for everyone, but it cannot be said that dating hot Spanish girls is difficult for everyone.

That’s why we’ve decided to put together the challenges that you might encounter when dating ladies from Spain as a foreigner.

We’ve mentioned earlier that Spanish women have strong family values and won’t tolerate unfaithfulness and cheating in a relationship. While American women and women from certain European countries tend to be more likely to embrace the phenomenon of casual dating, Spanish ladies are more conservative and traditional in that regard. That’s why it’s important that you’re honest about your intentions.

This one is kind of a continuation of the first challenge. When you’re dating hot Spanish girls as a foreigner, you might not be 100-percent certain about the current status of your relationship. Before you know it, you turn into an exclusive item in a committed relationship. Again, don’t forget that Spanish women want to find the one, which means if they start dating, they’ll treat this “thing” seriously.

You probably know about this one from TV series portraying Spanish or other Latin families. Foreigners may find it rather difficult to hang out with their Spanish girlfriend’s family, which can play a cruel joke because Spanish ladies pay attention to their family’s opinion about their new partner. 

You may feel like a stud when calling your Spanish girlfriend “Mami”, but for a Spanish girl, there’s nothing sexy about a man calling her a “mother.” So you might want to learn to stop doing that if you want to have a long-term relationship with a Spanish woman.

Sure, most Spanish women can speak English fluently, and you probably won’t have a problem communicating in the English language, but that doesn’t mean that you will not hear the Spanish language at all. Your Spanish girlfriend will be using her native language all the time when talking to her family, friends, and even when responding to you, so you might want to start learning Spanish if you want to understand at least half of what she’s saying.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the “permiso marital” laws and other misogynistic laws are long gone, which means you shouldn’t expect your girlfriend to be obedient and submissive. On the contrary, Spanish girls are fed up with the stereotype of women from Spain being submissive and obedient, which is why many of them proudly embrace feminism and independence.

Sure, Spanish ladies tend to be more expressive and emotional than most other European women, but there’s no such thing as the “Latin temper.” Meaning: you won’t be able to blame your Latin girlfriend’s “temper” for anything every time she gets mad at you. Instead, learn to take responsibility for your actions and be ready to admit your fault when you make a mistake.

According to Simple Logic, 18% of Spanish people still take a siesta after their midday meal, so don’t panic if your Spanish girlfriend “ignores” your messages. She might be taking a nap!

Which are the most common myths about Spanish women?

Spanish lady

You can praise Spanish women for all it’s worth, but there’s no getting around the fact that your desire to date pretty Spanish girls may be rooted in certain myths about these graceful and passionate creatures with the olive skin and (mostly) dark hair.

Yes, we’ve said earlier that Spanish women tend to be family-oriented, but in no way does it mean that all women from Spain of all ages care about one thing in particular: getting married and starting a family. There are plenty of those who don’t mind dating casually, and some even decide to be child-free. Speaking of children…

Some foreigners are reluctant to date Spanish girls because they believe in the myth that all Spanish women have at least 10 children. In fact, according to The Guardian, the total fertility rate in Spain is just 1.39 children per mother, which is actually lower than in almost all other European countries.

Remember how we said that there’s no such thing as the “Latin temper”? It’s a false stereotype that women from Spain get super mad at their boyfriends and husbands for forgetting to wash their dishes, take out the trash or other little things.

Checking your text messages while you’re asleep. Spying on your every move when you go out with your male friends. Sure, if your Spanish girlfriend has reason to believe that you’re cheating on her, she might do that, but other than that, Spanish ladies aren’t suspicious and jealous all the time.

Wrong. If you don’t get along with your Spanish girlfriend’s family, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll break up with you.

If a Spanish woman is deeply in love, she’ll be taking good care of her partner, but don’t mistake love for life-long “subscription” to her obedience and submissiveness.  

Just like you shouldn’t call your Spanish girl, “Mami,” don’t expect her to be thrilled about calling you her “father.”

If you did something wrong months or even years ago, a woman of any nationality will remember this forever and will probably bring this up in your subsequent fights. It’s not an exclusively Latina thing.

What are the advantages of dating Spanish ladies?

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Or, in other words, is it worth dating Spanish ladies? One word: absolutely. Not only do you get to explore an entirely different culture – that, of course, if you’re a foreigner – but also get to date one of the most beautiful and desired women in Europe. How amazing is that?

Dating a Spanish girl has many advantages, including but not limited to:

In the world where women seem to go crazy over feminism, finding a feminine woman is no longer an easy task. However, all that emotional strength and independence of Spanish women don’t fade away when a Spanish girl embraces her femininity by looking gorgeous, putting on makeup, wearing a cute dress and high heels, and behaving like a lady.

Dating a Spanish girl is akin to a passionate dance. If you’ve ever seen Spanish ladies dance, then you know what we’re talking about. Latin women devote all energy to their seductive and provocative movements when they break into a dance such as salsa. And you can either join that dance or watch her dance with another man. So yeah, you get to learn to dance without having to sign up for dancing classes.

If you marry a Spanish woman, you can be certain that she’ll always look great in her 30s, 40s, 50s, and so on. A Spanish girl’s skin tends to be more oily and more resistant to sun damage, which means Spanish women are less likely to develop wrinkles as they age, according to Allure.

If your Spanish girlfriend thinks you’re the one, you can be certain that she’ll always stand by your side. She’ll never betray you or cheat on you. Sure, since she’s so beautiful, there will be lots of men trying to get her number or sleep with her. But Latinas are fiercely loyal when they’re in love and/or married. And the best part is that this trust is mutual (unless you’ve already violated it).

Although dating Spanish women have a plethora of benefits, some men might find it challenging, in a good way. By dating a Latina, you get to learn how to become a better man, because unlike women from other European countries, ladies from Spain are not going to put up with a weak or unworthy man by her side. Dating a Spanish girl is your unique chance to explore your own strengths and weaknesses physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Where and how to find a Spain girlfriend?

Spanish single women

Still, one question remains unanswered, “How do you find a Spain girlfriend?” For the most part, there are four different options for meeting Spain ladies.

Nightlife. As practice shows, Spanish girls are hesitant to meet foreigners in nightclubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, and other nightlife establishments, and most of them aren’t up for one-night stands.

Daytime. Most of the beautiful Spain girls you see on the streets in the daytime are taken, while others tend to be reluctant to speak to a non-Spaniard. And we already explained that Spanish ladies who’re taken are fiercely loyal, didn’t we?

Spanish dating sites. Finally, online dating. It is by far the most effective way to find a Spanish girlfriend because you know for a fact that the girl you’re chatting with is single and is open to communicating with a stranger. No other option is even close to online dating in terms of the effectiveness of meeting a Spanish woman. That’s why online dating has become so popular in Madrid, Barcelona, and all across Spain. There are three dating sites in particular that are the most popular among European single ladies:

If you play your online dating game right – i.e. select the right photos for your dating profile, fill out the bio on your profile, and send personalized messages (not just “Hi!”), among other things – it’s only a matter of time before you find a beautiful Spanish lady who’s eager to communicate with you.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it can take some time for a Spanish girl to feel comfortable when communicating with a stranger, which means she needs at least a few weeks or months to open up to you. Since Spanish women are more emotional and expressive, transitioning from text-based chatting to webcam sessions may be more productive to get the most out of your communication with a Spanish woman.

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