10 Facts About Brazil That Will Make You Love Brazilian Brides

Diversity is one of the top associations to Brazil. If you meet a few Brazilian brides, you will surely see how different women from Brazil can be. You can never fit all the Brazilian girls in one stereotype. Interestingly, they can all be born in Brazil and still look completely different. The explanation of this occurrence lies in its origins. They descend from different ethnic groups so the features that we can see in ladies from Brazil are truly unique.

1. There are Several Ethnic Groups in Brazil, with 3 Being the Largest

White Brazilians (Brancos)

Brancos form the largest ethnic group with 47.73% of the population in Brazil. These citizens are of European ancestry, especially Portuguese, and they identify as “white”. In the time between 1884 and 1959, it is estimated that more than 4.7 million immigrants moved to Brazil and stayed in the country indeterminately. Apart from Portugal, the immigrants also came from Italy, Spain, and Germany, among other European countries. Statistically, approximately 76% of Brazilians have European origins in their DNA. Although they are called Brancos, they do not necessarily look as white as Scandinavian ladies, for example. Brazilian beauty is in the unusual traits that resulted from mixed origins. There are no strict rules on appearances so people rely on their descent to categorize themselves as one of the ethnic groups in Brazil.

European, African and Native Brazilians (Pardo)

The Pardo ethnic group is extremely diverse. It represents Brazilians of mixed origins with skin color that is lighter than black and darker than white. The term has been used for the first time in the Brazilian census in 1872. In 1890, it was replaced by the term mestiço, which referred to a person of mixed origins. In 1900 and 1920 there were no questions about races because the accuracy of the results based on people’s answers was not reliable enough. According to DNA studies, the descent of Pardos is predominantly European. In Rio de Janeiro, 68.1% of Pardos had European ancestry, 23.6% African ancestry, and 8.3% Amerindian ancestry. Brazilian wives that belong to the Pardo group live the dream of many girls around the world! They don’t have to sunbathe for days to get a perfect tan. They have a nice, attractive tan all year round.

African-Brazilians (Pretos)

Brazilians that belong to the Preto ethnic group are of African ancestry and are categorized by their dark skin color. Between the 16th and 19th centuries, Brazil received around 4 million slaves from Africa. The black population in the country grew before the slave trade stopped officially and it continued to grow since then. The population of Pretos in the country is approximately 7.61% currently; they mostly live in Salvador, and Bahia and they are Christian Catholics. One of the main associations with Pretos in Brazil is the delicious cuisine! Their food is recognized across the country. Therefore, if you meet Preto Brazilian brides, you can be sure that you will enjoy tasty food almost every day! You might even learn how to make some traditional dishes and impress people in your homeland.

2. Brazil is the 1st Athletically Talented Country in the World

According to U.S. News, Brazil is the #1 Athletically talented country in the world and the #26 Best Country Overall. You may think that it is quite expected since it is the largest country in South America and the sixth most populous country in the world but the difficulties that young talents tend to experience because of (mainly) financial struggles make it harder for them to succeed. Regardless, some of the most talented athletes, models, and reputable people in entertainment and other industries come from Brazil. Therefore, do not be surprised if your Brazilian girl shows impressive hidden talents!

If you are wondering “what does a Brazilian woman look like?”, you can take Adriana Lima, Gisele Bündchen, and Alessandra Ambrosio as examples. Their athletic bodies are recognized worldwide, combined with beautiful faces that people can see on magazine covers all over the world.

3. The Official Language in Brazil is Portuguese

Portuguese is the national and official language of Brazil. People that never visited the country and are not knowledgeable enough in history and geography tend to assume that Brazilians speak Spanish like most Latinos, which is incorrect. This country is the only American country colonized by the Portuguese.

Many Brazilian brides also speak English so don’t rush to learn Portuguese. Of course, it can only be an advantage if you speak the language of the girl you like!

4. Brazilians Love Football, The Beautiful Game (Jogo Bonito)

Football is the #1 sport in Brazil, without any rival! From a young age, kids play football in the streets, on beaches, or in backyards. They bond with favorite teams and pick favorite players, and many of them dream of becoming professional footballers one day. The love for Jogo Bonito is not limited to the male population only. Girls are extremely passionate about football as well. If you meet Brazilian brides, you will no longer have to watch games alone; you will have an experienced companion to comment on the game style, strategies, and above all… the skills of the players!

Brazilian players are known for their impressive footwork. If you are a fan of football, you know that many legendary players came from Brazil, such as Pele, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo Nazario, Roberto Carlos, and Neymar, among others. When you start dating a Brazilian woman, keep in mind that your interest in football or play skills will be a huge advantage. If you weren’t a big fan of football so far, it might be the best time to start practicing and going through famous moments of Brazilian football, such as the goal of Carlos Alberto against Italy at the 1970 World Cup Final or Pele’s goal against Sweden in 1958. The more you know about the sport, the more chances you will have to impress girls on Brazilian dating sites!

5. Brazilian Wives – Curvy, Slim, or Something in Between?

Brazilian top models and beautiful girls that you can see parading at Rio de Janeiro’s carnival may make you believe that all women in this country are slim, which is incorrect. Creating a stereotype of a Brazilian woman is impossible because of the diversity; the same applies to the body type.

However, it is safe to say that generally, girls do not like to be too slim. If you ask your girl “what does it mean to be a woman in Brazil?”, she will tell you that the secret ingredients of their charm are passion, affection, and love for life! Therefore, they do take care of what they eat but they do not exaggerate because they are not obsessed with their appearance; they look amazing effortlessly!

They tend to keep their weight “in-between” so they are not underweight or overweight. These beauties like to enjoy life in every aspect, including food! They love their bodies from head to toes so they would not starve just to look skinny. You will find many women with hot curves that will reveal even your most hidden desires!

6. Brazilian Babes are Passionate, Sensual, and Sexually Active

Beautiful people, hot weather, good parties, and positive energy enhance the passion of Brazilians that are already passionate by nature. This country is considered the second-most sexually active in the world! Thus, women in Brazil are typically very energetic, sensual, and sexually active. Dating around Brazil is adventurous and exciting. The more women you date, the more things you will experience. These ladies do not only make love to please their men; they truly like to make love as well!

However, don’t let the fact that women from Brazil are sexually active make you think that they are “easy”. Do not expect to have sex on the first date or ask for intimate photos after dating for a few weeks. To earn all the benefits of dating a sexy Brazilian, you need to be consistent, trustworthy, and, of course, your girl must find you attractive. Attraction is not always about the looks; it’s also about your behavior so make sure to make your woman fall in love with your personality.

7. Rio de Janeiro hosts the largest carnival in the world.

The first Carnival in Rio de Janeiro took place in 1723. Today, it is the biggest carnival in the world. It lasts for five days in total; each day, there are approximately 2 million people on the streets, celebrating this enormous event.

If you attend the festival, you will see stunning Brazilian babes showing off their perfect bodies. You will try delicious food, have fun at the best street parties, dance samba and see the other side of Rio de Janeiro! Many people come only for the festival but they inevitably stay for longer and enjoy the beauty of this city. From its beaches to bars and everything in between, Rio will mesmerize you from the first to the last day of your visit.

8. Online Relationships Became a Part of the Brazilian Dating Culture

The popularity of online dating in Brazil it’s at its peak to the point of becoming a regular part of the Brazilian dating culture. People in this country stopped being shy about internet dating a long time ago. However, another explosion of dating apps occurred during the quarantine time in 2020. Now, there are not many singles that don’t use internet platforms to meet their love interests, which increases the chances of meeting the right people even more!

Foreigners can find Brazilian brides on dating apps quickly and without too much effort! These women love to meet men from other countries. If you don’t speak Portuguese, it will not be easy for you to find a local girl, even if you travel to Brazil. For that reason, a dating platform will facilitate the whole process of finding English-speaking girls. These ladies are very affectionate and they like to commit to their men. When they are in love, girls from Brazil don’t hesitate too much before getting married. Therefore, you may find yourself in a serious relationship not long after you start using quality, certified Brazilian dating apps.

9. The gap between women’s and men’s wages in Brazil is extremely large.

Women in Brazil earn around 30% less than men, which makes the wage gap in this country one of the largest in Latin America.

Some places in Brazil are not easy to live in. The crime and poverty rates are extremely high so most people are looking for ways to escape these tough lives. If you ask a Brazilian girl about the position of women in her country, she will surely have many negative things to say.

In many regions of the country, girls are still battling for their rights and acknowledgment. Considering that they can get better treatment in Western countries, it is understandable that Brazilian brides would prefer to marry foreigners than Brazilians. Of course, that is not the only reason and they will not marry men that propose to them if they don’t already like those gentlemen. When all the stars align, being a foreigner can only be an advantage to you!

10. Brazilian Brides Are Open to International Marriage

One of the reasons why Brazilian ladies are so successful in online dating is their open-mindedness. They do not let many things get in the way of their happiness. When it comes to international marriages, Brazilian brides are ideal! They love foreigners because men in Brazil don’t usually like to commit. Thus, the girls from this country find comfort and stability in gentlemen from other parts of the world. Also, they like to learn new languages and cultures.

Brazil ladies for marriage seek comfort and protection from foreigners. In their homeland, women tend to submit to men; from a young age, many are taught that women shouldn’t contradict men and that when they get married, they should fulfill the desires of their husbands without any questions. Girls in Brazil are tired of that mindset! They are more modern, more independent and they want to enjoy life now. Since they cannot find ideal partners in Brazil, they happily look for them elsewhere. Online dating sites give them all the necessary tools to improve their lives and meet gentlemen that will treat them right so these pretty women are not letting a chance like that go to waste.

Although stability, comfort, and A better life are generally important reasons why Brazilian kind ladies are open to interracial marriages, these girls are still choosing wisely. Brazil dating and marriage tend to be slow and well-considered. Therefore, your girl will give you more attention because you are a foreigner but you still have to impress her. Only after she likes your personality, she will start imagining a future with you. Make sure to use all the benefits in your favor and put effort into making your girl see why you are the one for her! sign up latinwomanlove.com


Because of its enormous territory, Brazil has 4 time zones. When you meet a Brazilian girl, you must ask about her time zone. If you only know that she is from Brazil but not exactly from which region, you will not know the exact time difference between you.

Thankfully, online dating sites made international dating easier than ever. You can use mail order bride websites and meet women that are ready for serious relationships. Try your luck and your skills and you might get your Brazil wife sooner than you imagined!

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