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Chinese Brides for Marriage: The Comprehensive Guide to Dating Chinese Women

Nowadays, many foreign men are into Chinese dating, or as many like to call it “Asian fetish” or “yellow fever.” But where can a foreigner find Chinese brides for marriage? Probably, the answer is, “In China!” right? Well, yes and no.

You see, while packing your belongings and hopping on a flight to Beijing, Shanghai, or other cities to meet Chinese women is an option, that option has many disadvantages and isn’t for everyone.

First and foremost, if you calculate the cost of your trip to China (flights, hotels/apartments, visa costs, and other expenses), you might notice that the cost of that trip could total thousands of dollars.

But it’s not only about the money.

Let’s not forget that China is the second most populated country in the world where 1.3 billion people live (it’s estimated that the population of China will go beyond 1.4 billion people by 2020).

Most Chinese girls whom you see on the streets are not approachable due to their natural social anxiety and shyness toward strangers, which is why the vast majority of single ladies in China prefer to meet partners via online dating sites.

Luckily, there is an assortment of Chinese dating sites that can make your life much easier. However, not all of these dating sites are equally good or trustworthy.

Are There Any Legitimate and Free Chinese Mail Order Brides Sites?


At a time when a large percentage of foreign men are into Chinese dating, the question “Where can I find trustworthy, legitimate, and free Chinese mail order brides sites?” is a conundrum to many foreigners.

Fact: Statistics show that Asian women are the most desirable women on online dating sites.

Here’s a list of the leading online dating sites on the Chinese dating market with robust user protection systems and advanced verification systems in place, and the largest databases of Chinese women. Besides, they are free, easy-to-use, and absolutely safe.

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Top 3,

What Are Chinese Wives Like? The Character and Qualities of Chinese Girls?


If foreign men want to date Chinese girls so much, there must be a reason behind this!” you might be wondering. Yes, in fact, there are several reasons. To understand what these reasons are, let’s explore the typical character and qualities of Chinese wives.

Chinese women are the best wife material, which is evident from their popularity on Chinese dating services. The historical reason behind Western men’s desire to date Asian women is that women in traditional Chinese culture are taught to respect their husbands, be loyal, and fully devote themselves to their families.

Although Chinese culture has evolved in recent decades, the traditional family and moral values that Chinese girls have remained intact. Generally speaking, beautiful sexy Chinese women can be divided into two types:

  • Traditional. Typically, traditional pretty Chinese woman is less educated, less independent, and less emancipated and wasn’t influenced by the growing feminism in many Asian countries. Traditional Chinese girls have the strongest family and moral values and are more family-oriented.
  • Modern. A modern Chinese girl, meanwhile, is highly educated, hardworking, open-minded, and independent. Modern Chinese women are less docile than traditional girls in China, as many of them are influenced by new Western values and rising feministic views. Although a modern Chinese lady values her education, career, and self-development, the vast majority of them still have the traditional family and moral values.

Differences Between Chinese Women and Japanese Women


The Chinese vs Japanese women debate has been around for centuries, even before the invention of online dating sites. Many foreign men cannot tell the difference between a Japanese and Chinese girl due to the similarities in physical appearance.

And while Japanese girls and Chinese girls may look “the same” to many Westerners, there are differences in the complexion, shape of the face, facial features, and angle of the eyes. There are also stark differences between Japanese and Chinese women in terms of family values, lifestyle preferences, career orientation, independence, and role in society.

  • Chinese women, who are taller than Japanese women, tend to have a mix of fairand red complexion, the upwards angle of the eyes, and wider shape of the face.
  • Japanese girls, on the other hand, can be recognized by their pale complexion, the downwards angle of the eyes, as well as the round face shape.

There are also differences in terms of makeup and style.

  • While Japanese girls prefer neutral makeup styles, which makes it nearly impossible to tell if the girl is using any makeup or not, many Chinese girls go with the smoky look and red lipstick, which emphasizes on their most distinctive feature: the eyes.
  • Chinese babes prefer to dress elegantly (meaning, high heels, cute dresses, and all that), while the style for Japanese women ranges between traditional and modern. While Chinese women go with an elegant and natural look that doesn’t show too much, many Japanese women can go with a neutral and cute look while others have a thing for outfits inspired by anime.

The woman’s role in society and family values are also different in Japan and China. Modern women in China are hardworking and prefer to have a full-time job to be financially independent and supportive to their families, while it’s not uncommon for Japanese women to quit their job after marriage.

In China, women strive for marrying a Western man because they take pride in doing so. For most women in Japan, meanwhile, marrying a Western man is embarrassing and considered to be a disgrace.

While most Japanese women are usually looking to marry men around their own age, wife in Chinese are more open-minded about the age gap and don’t mind marrying an older man.

Chinese girls also tend to be more family-oriented with a focus on providing moral, financial, and emotional support to their families. A sexy Chinese girl won’t mind cooking dinner for her husband or cleaning the house. A Japanese woman, meanwhile, is more influenced by feminism which dictates that household duties should be split between a man and a woman.

What Kind of Men Do Chinese Women Looking for Marriage Want?


What is it about Western men that Chinese women looking for marriage enjoy so much?” some of you are probably wondering. There are quite a few qualities that Western men possess while Chinese men don’t.

First and foremost, Chinese girls aren’t used to chivalry from men, while it’s a common practice among Western men (holding doors, giving up their seat, helping with the coat, etc.).

This kind of behavior is not prevalent among Chinese men, which is why Chinese ladies are pleasantly surprised every time men hold the door for them.

Other qualities of Western men that make them more desirable than Chinese men in the eyes of Chinese women is that foreigners show their affection more openly, are less jealous and more accepting of divorce, children, or past relationships. In other words, Western men are more mature in terms of relationships.

Another reason why beautiful Chinese girls want to date men from the West is because they are perceived to be more interesting and possessing a good sense of humor. Making Chinese ladies laugh is crucial when communicating with them online, as this is the “skill” that most Asian guys lack.

Any Chinese lady looking for husband also appreciates the fact that Western men are more caring, funny, and  chivalrous than local men.

Chinese women also like the fact that Western men tend to be stronger physically and emotionally, and are more respectful to family, parents, friends, siblings, and other people in general.

6 Golden Rules of Dating Chinese Women


When dating Chinese women, it’s crucial that you learn more about Chinese dating and marriage culture.

Although you might have heard that arranged marriages still exist in China, it’s not entirely true. The outdated practice of parents arranging marriages for their children is nowhere to be found in urban areas and major cities in China.

Nowadays, hot Chinese women are free to select partners on their own and date or marry whoever they want. But in no way does it mean that Chinese babes are “easy.” You’ll still have to put an effort into conquering a Chinese girl’s heart.

For the most part, Chinese ladies prefer long-term and committed relationships. Casual dating and one-night stands are not as prevalent as they are in the West. If you want to learn how to date a beautiful Chinese girl, make sure that you follow these six rules of Chinese dating culture:

The first golden rule of dating in China is that if you set your foot in her house, it means a lot. Typically, a Chinese girl never invites a stranger into her house, nor does she arrange a meeting between her family and a potential partner unless she’s certain that he’s the one.

It’s not advised to play with a Chinese’s girl feelings or deceive her about your intentions. It’s important to be upfront about your intentions before giving her any hope for a romantic relationship. As we’ve mentioned earlier, Chinese women aren’t big fans of causal dating, one-night stands, and affairs, which is why they prefer not to waste their time on men with no serious intentions.

Chinese ladies aren’t used to be treated with respect by men because, sadly, a large percentage of Chinese men tend to treat women as an object or their “housekeeper.” So make sure that you respect your Chinese girlfriend, her feelings and emotions, and, more importantly, her family, culture, and language.

Many Chinese women think it’s “weird” that men from the West fetishize Asian women or have the so-called “yellow fever.” Instead, make it more special about heras a person, not her race.

It’s true that many foreign men are looking for a wife specifically in China and other Asian countries because women there tend to be more accepting of their “traditional” role in society as a housekeeper and mother rather than a career-oriented, independent lady. However, focusing on your Chinese girlfriend’s housekeeper role would be unwise because she might be one of those modern Chinese girls who have been inspired by the Western feministic culture. Don’t do anything that suppresses her rights or freedom.

Be very polite and considered when discussing controversial topics such as politics, culture, lifestyle, language, society norms, etc., or avoid these topics altogether if you have conflicting views on these issues.

Where Can You Meet Chinese Brides?


Sure, you could fly all the way to China to meet some of the most beautiful Chinese brides, but an easier, more efficient, and an affordable alternative would be to try online dating.

In fact, the vast majority of single young and mature Chinese women have an active profile on one or more online dating platforms, not to mention that many Chinese ladies are reluctant to meet strangers on the streets.

So what makes online dating so much more advantageous than other methods of meeting Chinese mail order brides?

  • More options. A 2019 study showed that most couples now meet via the Internet. If you combine this fact with the fact that there are literally hundreds of thousands of single women on a Chinese dating website (some dating platforms boast millions of singles), you don’t need to be good at math to understand that more options equal a higher chance to meet a partner.
  • More effective. How manyChinese women could you possibly approach if you went on a trip to China? A few. In fact, most of them would probably refuse to talk to you because they aren’t exactly excited about having a complete stranger stop them in the middle of a street, interrupting their plans and invading their personal space. Alternatively, you could message dozens of Chinese brides per day if you go online, and see where all the flirting, chatting, and Webcamming leads.
  • More affordable. Whether you’re on a budget or not, online dating allows you to cut all the unnecessary expenses associated with catching a flight to China. Think about it. No need to book a hotel or apartment. No need to spend long hours in an uncomfortable plane seat. All you need to do is go on one of the best Chinese dating sites, sign up, and chat with single ladies right away from the comfort of your home (while wearing a comfy T-shirt and sipping on tea).

Which Chinese Dating Sites Are Trustworthy and Legitimate?


When selecting a dating site to meet Chinese women, you’ll notice that there are literally dozens of Chinese dating sites to choose from.

Although it might seem that all of these dating websites are a scam and not legitimate, don’t be quick to power off your laptop or phone and cry yourself to sleep because your dream to date hot Chinese girls cannot come true. It can, and it should.

There are a few quick tips to follow when choosing a trustworthy Chinese dating platform:

  • Read their terms and policy – check if they protect users from scam or have an advanced anti-scam systemin place;
  • Check how many active profiles of Chinese ladies for marriage it has;
  • Check if there is a verification system to ensure that all profiles are real (there are many sites that havefake profiles of Chinese women);
  • Check if registration is free (it’s not a red flag if some of the top-quality services on the website cost credits; these services and functions are there to enhance your communication, but you’re free to enjoy the basic and free functionality of the site without having to pay anything);
  • Check the site’s reviews on the Internet;
  • Make sure that the website is easy to use and has user-friendly navigation; and
  • Make sure that the dating site guarantees a high level of security and protects your personal data.


Dating Chinese girls was an unachievable dream for foreigners just a few decades ago. Today, with the help of Chinese dating sites, that dream is just a few clicks away.

It’s vital to choose a Chinese dating website wisely before signing up. You need to find the most legitimate and trustworthy dating site that has a large database of active profiles, uses an advanced verification and user protection systems, and has anti-scam policies in place.

It’s a bold decision to be dating a woman from a different country or even continent, but online dating sites make the process safer, easier, and less complicated.

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