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Everything You Need to Know About Romanian Brides

Romanian women are some of the most beautiful women a man will see in his life. They have these Romanian facial features that are just hard not to look at. However, it’s not just these features that make them attractive; it’s also their interesting personalities, traditions, and customs.

If you are interested in dating a Romanian woman, you might need this guide to give yourself better chances of going steady with your beauty.

Known Traits of Romanian Brides

Romanian brides

  1. Sociable

Romanian ladies, despite their busy schedules, are sociable and fun. They like activities that they can enjoy while socializing with other people.

  1. Short-Tempered

Quite ironically, Romanian women can be short-tempered despite being fun-loving. There are some things that irritate them quite easily, so don’t be surprised to see them a bit annoyed about something small. The good thing is, they love fun and are sociable, and as mentioned above, chances are they’ll get over what annoyed them quite easily.

  1. Love Traditions

Romania women are very traditional people. They take pride and give utmost importance to their customs and traditions, so start acquainting yourself with them now.

  1. Religious

Aside from loving their traditions, Romanian girls are also extremely religious. In fact, Romania is the most religious in the whole continent of Europe.

  1. Family-Oriented

They are family-oriented. Romanian women are raised to be wives and mothers before anything else, so you can expect them to be extremely family-oriented.

  1. Appearance Conscious

Romanian women are also very particular in their appearance which is part of the reason why you can find lots of Romanian beauty.  Things may get a bit rough, but their appearance rarely does.

Encouragement Signs that Hot Romanian Girls Give

You can never be sure of her feelings until a Romanian woman tells you, but you can read some signs to give yourself some encouragement. If you see these signs below, you are most likely on the right path.

  • She smiles at you
  • She blushes
  • She constantly pats her hair
  • She entertains a conversation with you
  • She gives you her phone number

Things to Do When Dating A Romanian Woman

Romanian girls

  1. Be a Gentleman

Romanian women expect men to be quite chivalrous. This means that you would have to put your best foot forward when dating them, doing things like opening doors, pulling chairs, and offering your coat.

  1. Listen

Romanians are very good listeners, so being a good listener yourself is important when it comes to Romanian dating. This means you actually have to listen to their stories and show empathy and care. Romanian women like this very much.

  1. Learn Their Language

It’s very impressive and definitely a plus point if you learn some of their basic words. If things get serious, you can start studying it more seriously.

  1. Dress Up

Hot Romanian women love dressing up. They are very careful with how they look, so make sure that you dress up as well because they might lose interest if they see that you are not as particular with your appearance as they are.

  1. Be Generous

It’s a good thing to be dating a stable man, so being generous will really pay off. You don’t have to shower your date with too many gifts, but be sure to at least pay for the restaurant bills.

  1. Learn the Traditions

Romanian women like their traditions very much, and this means it would a plus point to you if you are familiar with theirs.

Things to Avoid in Dating Beautiful Romanian Women

  1. Stay Away from Sensitive Topics

It would be easy to talk about culture and other general stuff about Romania with these Romanian singles as they are quite open about them. However, when it comes to sensitive topics, they are still a bit hesitant. Therefore, remember to stay away from sensitive topics on your first date.

  1. Avoid Saying No to Food

Romanian women are hospitable. They like feeding people such as their guests; it’s one of the characteristics of a Romanian woman. Thus, if you’re dating one, and you find yourself being fed quite well, just enjoy it – avoid saying no.

  1. Refrain from Talking About Your Wealth and Achievements

Yes, Romanian women like stability in a man, but they don’t appreciate it when a man brags about it. When they ask, you may answer, but refrain from talking about them, especially one too many times.

Romanian Traditions and Customs You Should Know About While Romanian Dating

Romanian brides

  • Wedding Traditions

Whether you are attending the wedding with your Romanian girl as a date, or you are the groom yourself, it is better to know what to expect once you attend a Romanian wedding party.

First of all, get ready to stay up all night. Wedding parties in Romania barely, if at all, end early. If you get invited in one, ready yourself for a night of fun – until 4 or 5 in the morning, If you attempt to leave earlier than most people, people might find you funny, and you don’t want that if you’re attempting to get serious with a Romanian beauty. 

Second is the kidnapping. Don’t worry if the bride, or your bride, suddenly gets lost during the ceremony. Chances are she is kidnapped; it means that some of the wedding guests took her with her permission. In this case, the groom will receive a call from the so-called kidnappers, asking for ransom in the form of alcoholic drinks. After the ransom is paid, the party continues as if no shenanigans happened.

The third wedding tradition you should expect is the changing of the bride’s veil to a scarf. This is not really as shocking as the second tradition, but it is a symbolic one. This change signals the change of the bride from a girl to a woman.

  • Guests

Romanians are very particular in making their guests feel comfortable, so they make sure that the house is well-cleaned. They usually do it with white sage. They also give the guest a firm handshake, so make sure yours is just as firm. Also, don’t be surprised to be kissed on both cheeks if you’ve already seen them the first time. If a Romanian guy kissed your date’s hand, it’s only most probably because they still consider it as chivalry.

What to Do When Looking for Romanian Mail Order Brides 

Apart from personally meeting Romanian women, one other good way to meet them is through online dating sites. These days, with advancements in technology, getting in touch with people from anywhere in the world is possible. You can even get married to one by meeting them online in a Romanian dating site. These are the mail order brides, and yes, there is one for Romanians.

There are sites available depending on preferences such as regions and there are others that depend on preferences, both equally effective in finding yourself that Romanian wife.

These sites, the ones that cater to Romanian mail order brides, will do the search for you as long as you provide them your personal preferences.

Ideal Date Ideas for Your Future Romanian Wife

Romania is such a beautiful place, and it has breathtaking places as well, so make sure to take your Romanian to one or more of these places for a romantic date day or night:

  • Sighisoara
  • Bran Castle
  • Sarmizegetusa Regia
  • Balea Lake
  • Corvin Castle
  • Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park
  • Sibiu

The Key Takeaway

These facts about Romanian girls won’t only help you answer the question, “Why are Romanian women so beautiful?”, it will also help you understand them more, their personalities, what they like and don’t like, and their traditions. This, in turn, will help you have more opportunities with Romanian brides. So, learn well to do well.

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