Ukrainian Bride vs. Russian Bride, Similar Yet so Different

“Ukraine bride or Russian bride?” is the “To be or not to be” of the dating world! The thread has been going on for years among men because there is no clear response to it. Ladies from both countries are stunning and have amazing qualities. The final choice only depends on individual preferences. Some men find more comfort in Ukraine women, while others prefer Russian women. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong! The answer to the question varies from one person to another.

To find out if you are more into Russian or Ukraine bride, you need to learn more about them. Only with enough information, you will be able to make the right choice.

Ukrainian Bride Vs Russian Bride Typical Physical Features

Ukraine Women

For Westerners, the difference between Ukrainian and Russian might be unnoticeable at first glance – until they look again! As you get involved with these girls, you will notice more differences.

In Ukraine, you can find women with all kinds of physical features. From Ukrainian beauties with brown eyes, black eyebrows, and dark hair to “ice queens” with silver hair and sterling grey eye color. The differences of Ukraine bride mostly depend on the region. Girls from the Southern area which includes Zaporizhia and Odesa typically have a circular, long face shape and dark-colored eyes that originate from Scythian-Sarmatian tribes and Turkish nomads.

Ukrainian girls from the central area of the country that includes Kyiv, Sumy, and Kharkiv have round faces, almond or monolid eyes whose color varies from baby blue to chestnut while ladies from the northern region are the “blondest and palest” of all groups, which is expected considering they come from the north. Check any Ukraine dating app for Ukraine bride they typically have natural light hair colors and beautiful blue-green-grey eyes.

Russian Women

If you are into Finnish-Baltic types of women, Russian girls will mesmerize you. They look like ice queens waiting for their kings. The most common feature of Russian pretty ladies is natural blonde hair. The color ranges from platinum blonde to ash blonde and caramel blonde. Their eye colors go from aqua to violet-green and no man can be immune to the beautiful eyes of these Russian girls.

Russian women typically have smaller faces compared to girls from southern countries. They also have refined facial features and look irresistibly feminine. With rosy cheeks and lips, light skin color, and shiny blonde hair, they look angelic, which triggers men’s protective instincts.

Of course, there are no strict rules on what women in Russia or Ukraine should look like. You can meet girls that look completely different than described above. With many mixed marriages and changes through the decades, the diversity in Slavic countries has increased significantly.

Personalities and Values

There are no two identical human beings on Earth. Even if two girls looked completely the same, their personalities would differentiate them; the same applies to nationalities. Even if pretty women from Ukraine or Russia were raised similarly, they do not have to be alike. However, certain traits frequently appear in Ukraine wives and most Slavic wives. With a small difference between Ukrainians and Russians, pretty women from these countries tend to have some similarities.

Family Comes First

Family is the top priority of Slavic women. They are loving daughters, sisters, and wives. Before getting married, Russian and Ukrainian girls contribute to their families in various ways. From helping their mothers with housekeeping to adding their share to the house budget, Slavic girls are very family-oriented.

Once they get married, Russian and Ukraine bride take amazing care of their new families. Also, both of these groups tend to get married early although the age of marriage has been slowly increasing in recent years. Before, it was much more difficult to find a woman in her late twenties or thirties that isn’t married. Now, that’s not the case. More and more Slav girls are waiting for the “right ones” for as long as needed.

The way a Russian and a Ukrainian girl perceives family is almost the same. The only small difference is that women from Ukraine started to be more Westernized in recent decades. Thus, they are finding more balance between traditional and modern values.

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In Russia, people like the good old ways of doing everything. From day-to-day activities to raising kids, beautiful women from this country usually prefer to follow long-established ideologies than to seek new, modern ones. Thus, if you are looking for a girl that will respect you and won’t push the feminist and new-world talks too much, you will be happy with a Russian wife. Of course, she needs respect and as long as you are a good husband she can rely on, she will be the perfect wife you always wanted.

Ukrainian brides, on the other hand, are slightly more open. Over the years, they began to look more into Western values, which you can also see in the recent political issues. These girls are balancing the traditional and modern ideas. While they also care about their husbands and treat them with affection and respect, they also seek some independence and freedom.

Fidelity and Commitment : Can You Trust a Ukrainian Woman?

Russian and Ukraine women fidelity seriously. They do not look at it superficially so if you ever cheat on your Ukrainian date, she may never forgive you. It is a matter of respect, appreciation, and love.

As a result of such views on fidelity, these pretty ladies tend to get possessive or jealous but they don’t go over the healthy level. Just be careful. Do not test their limits because once you pass them, you might not be able to come back.

Ukrainian brides are somewhat more tolerant when it comes to your friendships with females. If you have female friends that you cannot leave behind and you convince your Ukraine bride that you are indeed only friends, she may not make a problem over it. Russian ladies, however, are skeptical about it. It will take some effort to make your lady believe that you have friends that are girls and there is nothing else between you but pure friendship.

High Education and Intelligence

You will have many topics to discuss with girls on Russian and Ukraine dating sites because they are usually highly educated and smart!

From an early age, parents encourage their kids to study and prosper. In 2014, the Pearson/Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Russia’s education as the 13th best in the world and the 8th best in Europe. They take education very seriously.

In Ukraine, there are more than 40 million people with high education. The results of this country are not as impressive as Russia’s mainly because of the changes in power and political circumstances that keep the educational system unsustainable. However, that doesn’t stop a Ukraine girl for marriage from obtaining prestigious diplomas in Ukraine and other countries in the world.

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Ukrainian Bride and Russian Bride: Perfect Husband by Their Standards

Why are Beautiful Girls Foreign Mail Order Brides?

The reason why beautiful women from Ukraine and Russia become mail-order brides on sites like Ukraine cupid is simple – they want a partner with a different mindset than the one of a typical Russian or Ukrainian man.

What does that mean? – The opposite of conservative is liberal and that’s exactly what Slavic girls look for in Western men! They want adventurous lives and new experiences. The stories about traditional Ukraine date and marriages that they listened from their mothers and grandmothers are old already and they want something innovative and refreshing.

Where to Meet Ukraine Bride and Russian Bride?

It’s surely not recommended to visit Russia or Ukraine at this moment to look for a Ukraine bride or a Russian girlfriend considering the political situation. Good news is that the internet never stops. It is always active and you can find these girls online anytime! In fact, now is a great time to approach ladies from these countries. They need support and care more than ever. The best way to get close to someone is to be there for them during difficult times. This is your chance to show how caring and supportive you can be.

How to Find the Legitimate Ukrainian Dating Sites

There are many international websites and Ukraine brides agency that you can use to talk to Ukrainian brides and Russian brides. You can register to any certified platform and look for ladies from these regions.

The most effective method, however, is to register to websites that specifically work on connecting Slavic women with Western men. By using advanced filters that will show only the profiles of girls that meet your criteria, you won’t lose much time looking for the right girl!

Filters are extremely important. They help you get the results you want quickly, without any mess. Just enter your preferences, click Search, and then enjoy scrolling down the lists of beautiful girls. Not every man of any age only date Ukraine women of their 20s. Some men would rather date or marry a woman of their age. So they can filter out Ukrainian brides over 50 easily on these dating sites. Feel free to message them and start conversations and it won’t take long until you find your perfect match.


Whether you marry a Ukraine bride or a Russian bride, you cannot go wrong! These ladies are real gems of the dating world. Men across the globe are attracted to them because of their attractive looks and valuable personalities. They are keepers that will make your life better in every possible way.

If you are looking for a girl with conservative views that won’t mind being led by you, her alpha male, you will love dating a Russian girl. To get her attention, you will need to be patient and approach her like a real gentleman. These ladies do not open up easily but once they do, they have a lot of love to give.

Ukrainian brides are perfect for Western men that are not entirely happy with girls in their home countries but they don’t want wives with views that are too conservative either. Girls from Ukraine keep a great balance between two different sides of the world! You will get space and open-mindedness while keeping family values, commitment, and affection.

Every woman is different so you cannot certainly conclude that all Ukrainians nor all Russians are the same. Once you start talking to them online, you will look into individual personality traits that will help you make the final decision and find the right woman for you.

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