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Moldova Brides: The Anatomy of Dating Moldova Women

A lot of men nowadays are not happy with the choice of women in their own countries, and therefore turn to women from more exotic parts of the world. When you think of exoticism in Eastern Europe, do you think of Russia and Ukraine? How about Moldovan women? You probably have never heard of Moldova before or just go for Russian or Ukrainian women because they’re more popular, but think again. Moldovan girls offer just as much to potential lucky men and deserve more attention.

So where is Moldova? It is a small Post-Soviet republic located between Romania and Ukraine. Historically, Moldova had been on the path of many powerful conquerors who had not only looted their land, but also enriched them in terms of culture and genetics. As a result, Moldovan women have inherited the best features from these rich backgrounds, which is also why they value family much more than anything in life.

Characteristics of Moldova Women

It is important to remember that Moldovan women are in fact Eastern European women, so they are indeed the best of the best. Moldovan women are mind-blowing. They tend to have high cheekbones, long straight hair, and a slim body. You will mostly find one with dark hair, but you may occasionally come across a blond one. Women in Moldova also tend to have that dusky appearance – a different kind of beauty – which is hard to describe, but you’ll understand when you meet one.

It is undeniable that countries like Moldova suffered tremendously under the Soviet rile, but there are still advantages. For example, the Soviet Union liberated Moldovan women and did everything in their power to combat illiteracy, which is why today’s Moldovan girls can enjoy quality and convenient education. They normally understand multiple languages and are generally familiar with most topics. Not only does it make them excellent people to chat with, it also means that they already know a lot about western life. As a result, when you take her to your country, she shouldn’t encounter any cultural shocks or disappointments. Neither will she irritate you with countless questions about the most mundane details of your daily life, because she’s already well-informed.

Moldovan Women vs Other Slavic Women

Moldova women

Most Moldovan women value education and have a strong work ethics, so most go to college and work extremely hard there. They are curious about the world and dream of living a more fulfilling life overseas.

Moldovan women are strongly aware of their country’s position in the world. As they feel unsafe and believe most people have never heard of Moldova, they like to say that they are from Russia when they are abroad.

Despite the great influence of Russian culture, Moldovan women consider themselves more like Romanians or Europeans as opposed to Slavic. Their culture contains more Latin heritage as Dacia (today’s Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria) was occupied by the ancient Romans. Ukrainians and Russians, however, follow the Russian ordinal culture.

What Moldovan Girls Expect from a Western Man

dating Moldovan girls

You’re probably wondering why such beautiful girls are looking for husbands in the west. You’re probably also think they must be looking for an escape route as there is no doubt that Moldova is not a booming country but one of the most unstable ones in Europe, with Moldovan girls leaving to seek a better life elsewhere. This may not be true. Women are the same wherever they come from in the world; they just want someone who is caring, understanding and loves them for who they are.

The worsening conditions in Moldova is having huge effects on women in terms of relationships. The increasing pressure in life has led some Moldovan men to ignore their women and, to make matters worse, turn to alcohol as the coping mechanism. Women who have grown up in Moldova are increasingly finding that family life is being ruined, and traditional patriarchal methods are becoming so exaggerated that domestic abuse becoming more and more common. So, when a Moldovan girl is looking for a western man on a dating site, it means she is eager to find a kind and gentle man who loves her, and not abuse her.

Dating and Marriage Culture in Moldova

date Moldovan women

Arranged marriages were common in Moldova a few centuries ago, but today’s Moldova is a modern country that is rapidly moving towards a truly democratic social structure. However, the inheritance of the past still exists. The opinions of a Moldovan woman’s future husband are crucial; if you are successful with a Moldovan woman, it doesn’t always mean her parents will like you. So, you must try your best to make a good impression on a Moldovan woman’s parents.

Traditionally, the dating period carries huge importance. During this time, if your Moldovan girl lives locally in your country, you should try to invite her to participate in various gatherings and social events as much as possible, take long walks, and even dance traditional Hora or Perinitsa. Before you get married, you should visit her family and get permission from her father to marry his daughter. But if you don’t want this hassle, you can try to find a woman from a bigger city, such as Chisinau, where people are less traditional and conservative, and more westernized. Living together before marriage is still frowned upon in Moldovan society, so if you plan to achieve long-term success, you need to take your intentions seriously.

After the formal civil wedding ceremony, marriage is sealed in the church. Godparents are considered members of the new family and guardians of the new marriage, so the godmother stands next to the bridegroom and the godfather beside the bride, both holding white candles.

After marriage, the newlyweds usually live in the bride’s home. Western men might like this tradition as they don’t need to worry about buying their own house or renting one. And this could be another reason for marrying a Moldovan woman! Traditionally, maternal grandparents are more active in caring for their grandchildren as opposed to paternal grandparents. As both parents usually work, grandparents are essential in raising children in Moldova. The authority of the father plays the most important role in a Moldovan family.

How to Date Moldovan Women

Russian single dating

To understand Moldova girls, you need to know more about their culture and identity. Like most Eastern European girls, you might think they are a bit cold, but on the other hand, it’s better than being warm but fake. Moldovan girls will be passionate, but it may take one or two dates to break the deadlock. As long as you have patience, you will succeed. Here are some important tips on dating Moldovan women:


  • Moldovan women care about their man’s appearance.


Like all attractive women, Moldovan ladies look for men who spend time and money on themselves. So, make sure you smell good and are properly groomed. Be sure to also choose a perfect outfit or you may feel out of place as the Moldovan girl you are going to see is likely to be wearing someone beautiful. Apart from this, Moldovan girls are very concerned about their physique and clothing; they like to look and dress well and so they will expect the same from you. Doing this will not only make you look better, but it will also let her know that you have also put some effort in the relationship, rather than being lazy or hasty to make things work.


  • Being a gentleman will take you a long way with Moldovan women.


They like their men to treat them like queens, so remember to open the door for her, pull out her chair for her to sit down, pay the bill at the restaurant, tell her how beautiful she is, make her laugh etc. If you don’t pay the bill at the restaurant, then forget about winning the heart of a Moldovan girl. They believe a man is responsible for earning money and spending it for the comfort of his loved ones. In this sense, Moldovan women are no different than most women in the world; ladies want to know how important they are to you and you would do anything for them. Also, Moldovan women find well-educated, romantic gentlemen irresistible, so use your charm!


  • Moldovan women like men who know are interested in their culture.


So, before you start talking to Moldovan women, make sure you have studied the traditions and other basic information of their country so you know your stuff. Having knowledge of their country and culture means having respect for them, and will definitely impress them, winning yourself some points. If you don’t have time to learn about their culture beforehand, you can still show interest by asking them , but don’t forget to show you’re really interested.


  • Moldovan women care a lot about the status of their men.


Most Moldovan women like to look good and dress high-class whenever they can. They want a man who can provide for them and improve their overall lifestyle so they are likely to ask you about your work and how much you earn very early on. Don’t feel they are gold-digging because they’re not. They just need to know if there is a future in this relationship or not.

How to Meet Moldovan Women

meet Moldova women

Before you go to Moldova in search of your beautiful Moldovan girl, we suggest registering on an online dating site first, such as Flying out to foreign country to find a woman is not an easy thing to do. You may get deceived, or make serious mistakes if you’re not familiar with local culture and customs. Language is also a problem.

On, you can find and chat with thousands of Moldovan girls looking for western men for a deeper understanding on local dating culture and to improve your chances of success when you really get to Moldova. Most sites like provide free translation services which solve communication problems. You will save yourself effort, time and money in the long run.

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