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We are looking for unique guest authors’ guest posts and infographics for our BestBrides.net blog. In return, you get a profile bio, with one backlink to your website, you can get extra through our social media channels exposure.

Who are we and what is our purpose?

BestBrides.net is a free site which offers online dating tips about dating Eastern European girls, Asian girls, Latin girls and ladies from other countries for men. Our goal is to create, produce high-quality online dating tips, and recommend reliable online dating websites, and finally help men successfully date, meet, create relationships and even get married to Eastern European ladies/Asian ladies/Latin women.

What kind of article we are looking for?

The writings we are looking for include dating guidance, advice/tips, personal experiences, and any courses related to dating, love, romance, and relationships. It is worth noting that we focus on Eastern European dating, Asian dating and Latin dating. We hope that writers have the insight and experience of dating and romance, and hope that the author’s article is effective and helpful to users. romance dating

We welcome these sample topics:

Eastern European/ Asian/ Latin dating/relationship research and opinion polls Eastern European/ Asian/ Latin dating advice for men How to impress Eastern European/ Asian/ Latin ladies 10 new ways to date Eastern European/ Asian/ Latin ladies Tips for marriage What do ladies want in their relationship? Mature dating rules Tips for dating Eastern European/ Asian/ Latin women using a dating site (your experience) Meet mature singles from Asia/ Latin or Eastern Europe First date with Eastern European/ Asian/ Latin lady ….

Request for submitting an article

Number of Words: no less than 800 Originality: All guest post articles must be original, not previously published anywhere, We reserve the right to edit slightly for stylistic and topic/keyword purposes. After your article is posted on our site, You can, of course, quote an excerpt from it or link to it on your blog, website or social media. However, you cannot republish the article elsewhere. Article Category: Your article must have at least one category, and you can see a list of categories here on our homepage. Article Links: We do allow links in articles, but only use links to references to authoritative and trusted sites when articles need to be cited that cannot be summarized in the article. We are very strict with the links and we will be highly opposed to links to websites that primarily sell products or services. We do not accept links to sites that are essentially spam (SEO spam), affiliate links, low quality, thin or mostly blank, xxx rated sites or sites that target specific keywords.

We may make changes to your article

Please note that we may make changes to your articles without notice. We rarely need or want to edit articles, but these changes may include: Change the title – If the title is as consistent as possible, we will try to keep the title. However, if the article can communicate with the reader in a better way, you can change the title. If the title is too similar to other topics already written on BestBrides.net, we may modify it slightly to make the article more unique. Spelling/Syntax Errors – Obviously, if there are misspellings or grammatical errors, we will edit them as soon as we notice them. Broken Link – If the page you are linking to no longer exists or is replaced with something that is no longer relevant to the article, we will remove the link or replace it when a similar page is available. Spam link – If the linked page looks like spam, it is xxx rating, affiliate link, promotion of our competitors, the main purpose is to buy products/services or very aggressively locate specific keywords in their domain name (SEO garbage Mail), we can delete these. Paragraph/Structure – In very rare cases, if it is too much trouble for the reader, we may split the paragraphs that are too long, or reorder the flow of the article. Add a link – In some cases, we may find a strategic phrase in your article and add a hyperlink to another article on BestBrides.net if it matches the topic. For example, if you have an article titled “How to Dating with a Spanish Lady,” it will mention the personality traits of a Spanish lady. We might link to another article titled “Quick Guide to Spanish ladies” or “Is it worth dating with Spanish Women?” if it helps readers.

How to submit your article to BestBrides.net?

To submit the article to BestBrides.net, please have your article in a word file and send it as an attachment to datingrussiangirl58@gmail.com with the subject: “Article Submission – BestBrides.net“, or just contact us by email You have any questions. If your article is accepted, we will want your name, photo and author’s biography to add along with your guest post. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing with us how to make a date successfully with a woman from Eastern Europe or other countries! Sharing your dating and relationship knowledge on here!