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10 Brazilian Sexy women to Follow in 2023

Brazilian sexy women have always been irresistible to men across the world. Their vivid personalities make these ladies delightful to be around. Most of them have a great sense of humor, beautiful white teeth, and sexy laughter. When they communicate, girls from Brazil love to gesticulate. Thus, even if you don’t speak the same language, the woman you talk to will get you to understand what she wants to say.

If you visit Brazil, the free spirit will infect you! You will get along with people well and it will be an experience that will change you positively. Although they love to party, have fun and feel free, Brazilian women take relationships seriously. They are very committed and loyal so dating a Latin girl will require your full commitment as well. In return, you will have a loving woman that will take care of you at all times.
Brazil is an extremely diverse country. You will meet people that were born in the same city and look completely different so don’t be surprised; they are all locals but with different backgrounds. However, most women you meet will be “too hot to handle Brazil girls”, regardless of their origins.
To get more familiar with Latin ladies, you should follow some influential, beautiful Brazilian women on Instagram. Stay up-to-date with their posts and the Brazilian spirit will grow on you slowly and bring joy, passion, fun, and a lot of sun into your life!

  1. Claudia Sampedro

Instagram: @khloe

Occupation: Playboy Model

Birthdate: May 7, 1993

Location: Toronto, Canada

Khloë Terae is not one of the hot Brazilian models because she is from Canada but that doesn’t make her any less popular in Latin America. In fact, this #yogagirl worked in Cancun at the age of 18; she was employed at the Playboy Club, which helped her decide to follow the footprints of her mother, who was a Versace model. Khloë then started shooting for Playboy Mexico and she rose to fame all around the world, which was not difficult as people were happy to see a new wonderful #blonde in sexy clothes. She was an International Playmate in Venezuela, Greece, Romania, and South Africa, among others.  

Khloë has 3.5+ million followers on Instagram, which makes her an extremely influential person. If you follow her, you will watch her beautiful body, #fitness videos and exciting adventures frequently because Khloë doesn’t miss a chance to share everything with her followers.  

2. Bianca Anchieta

Instagram: @anchieta

Occupation: Model

Birthdate: January 27, 1994

Location: Brasilia, Brazil

If you love Brazilian sexy women because of Adriana Lima, you will be happy to follow Bianca Anchieta; there is a huge similarity between these two. Brown hair, stunning body, and beautiful smile attracted 2.7 million people to her Instagram account.

Bianca is also active on TikTok, where she shares interesting videos, dancing choreographies, and sneak peeks at her sexy videos on Only Fans. This woman loves to show off her body but she gives follows just enough skin to make the viewers want to see more. Hot Brazilian girls are hard to resist. The beauty of this woman will make you excited to see her new posts every day.

3.Yanet Gutierrez

Instagram: @thesexyyanet

Occupation: TV Host and Model

Birthdate: 1997

Location: Denver, United States

The long hair and sexy curves of Yanet Gutierrez made her a huge Instagram Star. She gained around 800k followers on this social network before she had to make a new account. However, it took her only a month to get 25k followers on her new account so Yanet will surely grow her numbers on Instagram soon and be among the most influential Brazilian sexy women.

Yanet has 11 million followers on Facebook! She is also very active on TikTok. While posing in short skirts and underwear, she makes the days of her followers way hotter with every photo and video she posts. Hot Brazil women love to tease men and Yanet is a great example of that.

4. Claudia Alende

Instagram: @claudialende

Occupation: Model and TV personality

Birthdate: October 9, 1993

Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil

You would never think that this sexy Brazilian lady used to be a “tomboy” as a child. She never thought of becoming a model and was more interested in video games instead. However, people around her saw great potential in Claudia. They encouraged her to pursue a modeling career and she gained great fame from it!

Claudia Alende is a founder of an international talent entertainment company. She is an ambitious woman that knows her worth and wants to help girls succeed in the modeling world as well. In 2017, Claudia was the judge of the Model Scout ID event, where she participated in the winner selection among 100 gorgeous contestants. This pretty #businesswoman has been featured in Forbes magazine; she has 9 million followers on Instagram!

5. Vivi Wanderley

Instagram: @vivi

Occupation: Instagram Star

Birthdate: April 4, 2001

Location: Miami, United States

Vivi was born in Miami but she grew up in Brazil, which made her the owner of dual citizenship. It is one of the Brazilian sexy women with an enormous follower base on Instagram. Almost 14 million people follow Vivi Wanderley on this social network! One of them is Neymar Jr so why wouldn’t you be the next?

Wanderley loves to dance, share videos with her Brazilian hotties friends and have fun on camera; she also loves to share all that on her Instagram. The quality of her content keeps the engagement rate on her profile very high. Once you follow Vivi, you will be beautifully entertained and amazed.

6. Vanessa Lopes

Instagram: @vanessalopesr_

Occupation: TikTok Star

Birthdate: July 5, 2001

Location: Recife, Brazil

Vanessa Lopes is a TikTok star. She makes engaging #sexydance and lip sync videos indoor and outdoor. Her great content gained 770 million likes on this network and 24.4 million followers! Brazil hot women are great dancers and Vanessa is another living proof of it.

Although her main social platform is TikTok, Vanessa Lopes is also active on Instagram, where she has over 12 million followers. If you are not a fan of TikTok, you won’t miss out on her videos if you follow her on Instagram instead. Apart from Vanessa, you will also see other beautiful Brazilian women on her profile as this beauty loves to share photos and videos with her friends and other models.

7. Jaqueline Carvalho

Instagram: @jaqueline

Occupation: Volleyball Player

Birthdate: December 31, 1983

Location: Recife, Brazil

Brazil takes #1 in the popularity of volleyball in the world. Although we all know that the first sport in this country is football, volleyball occupies a strong second place. Brazilian beach volleyball women always made men watch this sport even more than maybe they would do in other circumstances. If you like sportswomen, you will be pleased to follow an ex-professional #athlete with a great influence – Jaqueline Carvalho.

Jaqueline was a part of the winning team in volleyball at the Olympic games in Beijing 2008 and London 2012. After being a #volleyballplayer of the national team for 18 years, Jaqueline retired in 2018 and decided to enjoy life to the fullest! She shares interesting photos and videos on her Instagram profile and promotes fitness and good humor! Jaqueline will show you the great spirit, power and dedication to her family that Brazilian sexy women are known for. Be prepared for active lifestyles and lots of sports if you ever date a Brazilian girl.

8. Maya Gabeira

Instagram: @maya

Occupation: Wave Surfer

Birthdate: April 10, 1987

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Maya Reis Gabeira is a famous big wave surfer from Brazil. She broke two Guinness World Records after #surfing a 22.4m high wave in Portugal. This famous #athlete has many major achievements in her career that she is extremely proud of.

Brazilian sexy women are passionate about everything they do. Maya was always an adventurist that decided to follow her dreams. As she continues to enjoy the life she created, Maya doesn’t miss a chance to share pieces of her life, motivating content, and impressive surfing videos on her Instagram account, followed by around 620k users.

9. Isa Sudat

Instagram: @isasudati

Occupation: Gamer/Streamer

Birthdate: November 11

Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

If you like Brazilian chicks and you love to play games, you must follow Isa Sudati! This charming #gamer is making men all around the world play video games even more. With a bubbly personality, cute looks, and great skills in CS:GO, Isa gained a great follower base on Instagram and Twitch. She is an experienced streamer that just became a part of a reputable streaming team.

Brazil hot women are great companions because they think and act “outside the box”. Thus, you will find a gamer girl, a woman that loves football, and a lady that loves weightlifting. Just go through an interesting Instagram account and you will be impressed; start with Isa Sudati!

10. Emanuela de Paula

Instagram: @emanueladepaula   

Occupation: Model

Birthdate: April 25, 1989

Location: Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Brazil

Beautiful #Brazilianmodel Emanuela de Paula worked with world-known brands across the globe including Victoria’s Secrets; she was the face of Next, a UK retailer, Pirelli Calendar, and Gina Tricot clothing store and she had several successful projects that grew her influence and fame internationally.

By following Emanuela, you will subscribe to a daily dose of beauty. Apart from her pretty face, you will see different parts of Brazil, heartwarming moments with her family, and even some recipes for traditional Brazilian dishes! Emanuela is a mother of two; by watching her posts, you will see the great relationship that women in Brazil build with their children and partners. This pretty lady is a great representative of the Brazilian culture.


By going through rich social media accounts of the listed Brazilian sexy women, you will surely fall in love with Brazil even more! The diversity of this country is impressive so you can follow ladies from different regions, of different professions, looking completely different but being united by one feature – mesmerizing beauty.

If you ever plan to date a lady from Brazil, it would be highly convenient to learn about the country first. Start by reading curiosities about Brazil, learning the basics of Portuguese (the official language in Brazil), and following the beauties from this list! Get familiar with their spirit and you will be ready to meet more women from this wonderful Latin country.

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