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Turkish Bride – Rare Beauty, Traditional Values, and Sweet Personality that Will Make You a Happy Man

Unusual physical and personality traits of Turkey bride attract men all over the world, including western gentlemen from the United States, Australia, and Canada. Having a Turkish bride is a life-changing experience. Couples of different races or nationalities take cultural differences positively; they use them to their advantage as they learn from one another and enjoy mixing their cultures.

Turkey is a country with a notably unique geographic position. It lies on two continents – Asia and Europe, although most of its territory is located in Asia. The most popular city in Turkey, Istanbul, is mainly in Europe. Considering that Turkey has one of the oldest civilizations on Earth and that people see it as a meeting point of East and West, Turkish dating is popular among people of all nationalities.

Turkey is Not a Typical Mail Order Bride Country

Women in Turkey take marriage and family seriously. They don’t like casual relationships” and unreliable men. In histroy Turky is not a typical mail order bride country like many Eastern European countries. To marry a Turkish bride, you should be ready for a legal civil ceremony. These ladies care about being claimed as wives so do not try to avoid that part or try to get married “low-key”. Most couples in Turkey make enormous wedding celebrations.

In fact, if you want to please your future wife, you will follow the tradition and allow your woman to organize a build-up to the wedding, which is as exciting and important as the ceremony. The bride gathers her female friends and family members, they have a henna evening that the mother of the groom also attends.

Tirkish women now are looking for men online because they are attracted by the open-mindedness of western people. However, they still keep parts of their tradition, even if they live in a different part of the world. These pretty women like to treat their men well, raise children, and be dedicated to their families.

Is a Head Scarf Mandatory for Women in Turkey?

Islam is the dominant religion in Turkey. Considering that the religion not only advises but demands women to wear a head scarf, called “basortusu” in Turkish and “hijab” in Arabic language, people assume that all women will wear headscarves in this country. They get surprised when they realize that not many beautiful Turkish women are “covered”. According to several researchers, around 55-65% of ladies in Turkey cover their heads. The percentage is decreasing because Turkish women started to adopt many habits of the “modern world”. Thus, more and more girls do not wear headscarves.  

When you meet Turkish singles, especially on mail order brides dating websites, you will see that the way they dress is similar to ladies in western countries; except showing less skin. Of course, some Turkish ladies still wear headscarves and keep their full beauty in secret; allowing only their men to see it completely.

Is a Turkish Bride Allowed to Marry A Foreigner?

Marrying a Turkish woman is not difficult at all, considering that these ladies are showing great interest in western men. To begin with, girls in Turkey do not have any legal restrictions against marriages with foreigners (which would be absurd). Therefore, nothing but their own will stops them from relationships with western gentlemen. In some conservative regions, girls tend to prefer Turkish men dating only because they don’t want to cause “problems” for their families. However, even women from extremely conservative grounds started to open their minds and look for love outside the borders of their country. They like many features of western men; especially that they make girls feel secure, loved, appreciated, and respectful. Thus, they register on dating sites and hope to meet interesting foreigners.

The main issue about dating a Turkish girl could be the difference in religions. Again, not because of her unwillingness but because of her family. Most parents hope to have their daughters married to Muslim men. If you are a Christian, you may have some difficulties getting accepted by the family of your Turkish bride. Do not take it as an obstacle. If you are a good husband and you take good care of your wife, her family will accept you. After all, the happiness of your woman will matter more than the opinions of their relatives. To gain some extra points, you should be respectful to her parents and try to get their blessings before you get married. Even if they don’t approve at that moment, they will consider this action and will be faster to accept you in the future. All that matters is that you and your woman stay strong.

What Are Turkish Ladies Like?


There is no stereotype on how Turkish pretty ladies should look like. People in this country are mainly descendants of Turkic and Anatolian people. Their genes contain mixed ethnic backgrounds, which led to a huge diversity in appearance among Turkish citizens. One research of the Turkish population listed them in the Southern European/Mediterranean gene pool. On the other hand, different research analyzed the DNA of Turkish people and discovered that 15-22% of it relates to Anatolian people, with Central Asian ancestry. Dating Turkish women will be exciting because when you meet girls from the same city (for example) that are so exotic and various, you will surely be interested in reading about their origins.

Turkish beautiful girls tend to have olive, fair, or tanned skin. Women in the Black Sea area mostly have fair skin and they remind of Balkan Slavs. They also frequently have light brown or natural blond hair with blue, hazel, or green eyes.

In other regions, such as Izmir and Istanbul, popular Turkish cities, you will see more women with olive skin color, golden brown, and caramel brown hair color or dark chocolate hair color and eyes of dark color as well.

People in Anatolian provinces, also called Asia Minor, often have a darker skin color, almond-shaped eyes and long, dark hair. They have well-defined face lines and they are unusually feminine, which applies to ladies across Turkey.

In this country, people appreciate fuller body figures more than perfectly shaped or skinny bodies. Thus, you can meet women with beautiful curves; happy with them themselves and looking naturally attractive.


When good looks meet a wonderful personality, you get a Turkish bride! They are sweet, well-spoken, passionate and extremely loyal.

Turkey has been more conservative in the previous decades than it is now. This country is becoming more and more open-minded, which also applies to Turkish ladies. However, you should not forget that even if they are not so conservative right now, their families probably used to be or their parents still are. Thus, these girls still have some old-fashioned habits or beliefs. For example, some girls in Turkey like to play hard to get. They will wait for men to make the first move and you might not have an easy time winning their hearts. However, they will pay attention to everything men do; even the things unintentional. If you are determined to make the woman you like be interested in you, you just need to stay consistent and your efforts will pay off.

Once you win the attention of your Turkish girl, you will have a reliable and supportive partner; a woman that will respect you, appreciate you, and make you feel like a king!


Parents can be very protective of their children in Turkey. From an early age, girls are taught to be conservative, religious, and care about their families (a lot). Sometimes, these values soften up over time and sometimes they become even more important, depending on the girl. In any case, most of them share the same beliefs but on different levels.

Family is involved in most aspects of a Turkish girl’s life. She supports her family, her family supports her and she looks forward to forming her new family with the man she marries. Whatever you do, never disrespect her family.

You will see their unity and connection from the first time you meet her family members or at your wedding. For example, if you’ve been wondering why do Turkish brides cry, you will be surprised by the reason behind this tradition. One part of the wedding celebration specifically focuses on making the bride cry. During the henna evening, women walk around the bride, singing traditional songs. They sing the most touching ballads about new beginnings, family, and life. Only when the bride gets moved to tears, the ceremony can continue.

Women in Turkey respect their parents, and husbands and they are extremely dedicated mothers. They are perfect wives that put family first, which is one of the top reasons Western men find happiness with Turkish wives.

Turkey Has the Youngest Population in Europe

The average population age of Turkey is 31.55 years. Although the number increased in the last 70 years (in 1959 the median age was 19.69), Turkey has the youngest population in Europe with 12.95 million people aged 15-24. High birth and fertility rates are the top reasons for this title. Turkey women are happy to become mothers. The fertility rate in Turkey is 2.4, which is higher than the rate in the United Kingdom (1.87), Australia (1.8), the United States (1.64), and Canada (1.57). This rate refers to the number of births per woman.

 In 2015, the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜİK) reported that 63.8% of young people responded that they were “happy” in then-conducted research. 69.5% of young women said they were happy, while the percentage for men was 58%. Taking this information into account, we can conclude that one of the reasons a Turkish bride is open to having 2+ children is simple – she is happy and she thinks that the world is a happy enough place for her future kids! Therefore, you will probably not have a problem when talking about having children with your Turkey bride; she will be totally open to it.

Oil Wrestling in Turkey

Oil wrestling is a traditional Turkish sport, also called grease wrestling. Both men and women love getting and wrestling tirelessly! They strip down, oil up, and start wrestling passionately until one of them wins!

For male spectators, watching Turkish women hot  oil wrestling rounds is like heaven! Women covered in olive oil wrapped around one another and showing perfect bodies is a dream come true. The popularity of the sport extended outside the borders of Turkey. Foreigners love watching these matches and it’s surely not because they appreciate the sport itself!

A Turkish Wife Could Leave His Husbands for Coffee

Coffee has a cultural role in Turkey; it is associated with hospitality and friendship. Drinking tea and coffee in this country is an essential part of people’s lives. Turkish coffee is so well-known that people all around Europe refer to “black coffee” as “Turkish coffee”. Women from Turkey have special ways of making coffee and tea, which makes them so unique and recognizable. The favorite part of a day of a Turkish wife involves making a coffee or tea for her husband and herself and enjoying a nice conversation. She also likes doing the same with her friends, which are typically other wives from the neighborhood. They gather up when their husbands are at work and have a pleasant “women’s time”!

Turkish Brides Get Married Young

Turksih women typically get married between the ages of 18 and 24. These girls follow family values so they are very excited about starting their own families as soon as they become adults. The average age of marriage for women in Turkey is 25.1 and 27.9 for men. Ideally, these ladies like to have at least 2 kids, which matches the fertility rate in Turkey (2.4). It also explains why the population of this country is so young.

Turkish bride does not put her independence first, the way most western women do. She prioritizes her marriage and hopes to have kids as soon as possible. The results of this mindset are visible in the population rates. If you have only been seeing girls from your country so far, dating a Turkish girl will be a totally different experience. Say goodbye to the uncertainty and being less important than something else in the life of your girl. Your Turkish pretty woman will put you on top and she will happily start a family with you soon after you get married.

Where to meet Turkish Women for Marriage?

The safest and most efficient way to meet a Turkey bride is to join an international dating app. Wherever you are, you can connect to women from Turkey within minutes. All you have to do is find a website that seems reliable, make a profile and start searching for your match. Quality sites have advanced filters that will make your search quick and easy. Choose proper categories and you will gain access to an enormous user base of Turkish beauties.

One of the factors that women appreciate about a Turkish dating site in USA is the security. These women care about their privacy and they don’t want to deal with fake profiles. Thus, they only use legit mail order dating sites. These legit dating sites also run verification of female users’ account to avoid dating scams.  This aspect is also very beneficial for men. You can be sure that the girl from the photos is the same person you are chatting to. No fake photos, no fake profiles.

Turkish bride dating sites allow you to interact with more than one girls. You have a chance to meet many Turkish beautiful girls and see why they are so special. Most of them are ready for a serious relationship and marriage but you don’t have to rush. Take your time to find “the one”. Enjoy your online dating experience and marry the person that truly makes you happy.

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