The Ultimate Guide to Dating Asian Brides​

Many Western men are obsessed with Asian girls for several reasons or no reason at all. For many other Westerners, meanwhile, Asian dating seems to be shrouded in mystery, and yet it’s very tempting to unveil and explore it. Luckily, pretty much every man in the West has access to the Internet these days – hence, you wouldn’t be reading this if you had no access to the World Wide Web, would you? – so you aren’t expected to drop everything, catch a plane to China, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, or any other Asian country just so you can find out more about dating beautiful Asian women.

Besides, no one can blame you for wanting to date oriental girls, as any man can be stunned by the wide selection of Asian mail order brides that an Asian dating site such as AsiaMe has to offer nowadays. In fact, according to a study about racial preferences on dating sites cited by NPR, Asian women, who tend to prefer white men on online dating websites, get the most interactions on dating sites and apps.

Let’s put an end to the eternal debate once and for all: What is it like dating Asians as a Westerner? Is it worth your time and effort? And what are the pros and cons of marrying an Asian girl if you’re a Western man?

The Historical and Cultural Aspects of Dating an Asian Mail Order Bride

Studies seem to unanimously agree that relationships and marriages between Western men and Asian women tend to be the most lasting, the healthiest, and less likely to end in divorce. These are the conclusions of the studies published by the Pew Research Center and cited on Wikipedia.

An Asian wife + a Western husband seems to be the perfect formula for a healthy and strong marriage, but why? To explain the reason why interracial marriages between Asian ladies and Western men are so successful, you need to understand the historical and cultural aspects of Asian dating.

First of all, we cannot ignore the fact that an increasing number of Western men seem to be driven to hot Asia girls, which is evident from the ever-rising number of male users from the West on Asian dating sites and the popularity of the “Asian girls” category on adult websites.

The so-called “yellow fetish,” which is a term used to describe the Westerners’ obsession with Asians, is on the rise. Young Asian girls represent a perfect combination of all the qualities a family-oriented and traditional Western man looks for in his future wife and prospective mother of his children.

Why Do Western Men Want to Date Pretty & Hot Asian Girls?


Although the benefits of women’s emancipation and independence, the two phenomena that have become so prevalent and widespread in the West, cannot be ignored, let’s not deny the fact that millions of Westerns strive for patriarchal traditions.

A number of Asian countries, including China, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, still stick to patriarchal traditions, the main components of which is a husband who provides for the family and a wife who raises the kids and cares for the family. This male-centered social system, in which men hold predominant power over a woman, has fallen out of practice in the West over the past decades.

While many consider those patriarchal traditions “sexist,” millions of Westerns want to embrace the benefits that this social system has had to offer for centuries. An increasing number of Western men no longer want to put up with the rising feminism sentiments in society, and want to have a wife who would have great respect for her husband, would always choose her family and children over career, and would be eternally loyal to her man.

Where else can a Western man find a wife like that except in Asia?

Why Do Hot Asian Women Want to Become Asian Mail Order Brides?

Asian singles, meanwhile, prefer dating Westerners despite the pressure from their family members to date men locally and get married to an Asian man. But why?

Contrary to popular belief, the main reason why gorgeous Asian girls tend to prefer Westerners isn’t because Western men earn more money than Asian men and can afford cars, yachts, mansions, and expensive gifts for their girlfriends and wives. For the sake of comparison, Americans earn four times more than Chinese ($3,130 vs. $880), according to the latest statistics by Numbeo.

But Asian ladies date or marry Western men not because they are trying to get an American visa and live in luxury. In fact, many men in Asian countries are rich and live good lives, and Asian singles still choose interracial marriage over Asian marriage. The reason why so many Asian beauties want to become Asian brides is much simpler: the amount of respect and attention that Western women get from their men is much greater than an average Asian girl is used to when dating or marrying an Asian guy. They deserve the same treatment, and they can offer much more than many of modern Western women, who seem to be too focused on their career, prefer enjoying the single life until their late 20s or early 30s instead of creating a family, and take the attention and respect that they get from Western men for granted.

What’s the Difference Between These Asian Brides: Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Philippine Women?


For the vast majority of Westerners, Asians people look the same. It’s not a stereotype, it’s a fact. For men looking for a wife from Asia, it’s important to distinguish between girls from China, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. While it is true that even many Asian people cannot tell apart the difference between Asian nationalities due to their mixed heritage and close connections with each other’s ancestry, there are many noticeable differences ranging from physical appearance to culture and moral standards.

What Are Chinese Women Like?

Girls in Chinese dating are fair-skinned, petite, and tend to have delicate facial features. Chinese brides living in the north have brown eyes, while women in the south have black eyes. Here’s a brief description of a woman from China:

  • Reserved, calm and passive on the outside, but can be a bold rebel on the inside;
  • Supportive of her boyfriend or husband;
  • She might look gentle and fragile, but she has a strong character;
  • Not dating wealthy Westerners for money, but rather has a long-term goal to make the life of her future kids better;
  • Enjoys a healthy balance between work and personal life, but will always prioritize family over career; 
  • Not much talkative, but has a lot of ideas that she feels comfortable to share with those she loves and trusts.

What Are Thai Women Like?

You are more likely to see a smile on the face of a Thai girl than a Chinese girl. Women in Thailand are beautiful and are taught to maintain their youth from childhood. Among the most noticeable physical attributes that set them apart from other Asian girls are their tanned skin, leaner bodies, and wide black eyes.

Here’s a brief description of Thai brides:

  • Full of energy;
  • Knows how to enjoy her life to the fullest;
  • Has multiple hobbies such as singing, dancing, and massaging;
  • Can be very sensitive;
  • Can be both your best friend and girlfriend;
  • Eager to resolve any challenges and difficulties in life; and
  • Have a positive attitude toward life.

What Are Vietnamese Women Like?

Girls from Vietnam are nothing like other Asian women. In terms of physical appearance, Vietnam brides tend to be tall, slim, and golden-skinned. Women from Vietnam are known to embrace their natural outer beauty, which is why plastic surgeries are less prevalent among women in Vietnam compared to China and Thailand. That is also one of the reasons why Vietnamese girls are so popular among rich Asian men.

Here’s a brief description of a girl from Vietnam:

  • Not easy to get upset or offended;
  • Joyful and won’t let the negativity to take over her;
  • Always cheers up her boyfriend or husband;
  • Respects and supports her man no matter what;
  • Lets her man hold the primary power in the family;
  • Very intelligent; and
  • Extremely loyal and faithful (kissing in public is considered a taboo in Vietnam).
Chinese Woman
Philippine Woman
Thai Woman
Vietnamese Woman

What Are Philippine Women Like?

Philippine brides tend to have different skin colors, ranging from white to dark and even black. Many women in the Philippines have darker skin tones because they are descendants of Spanish immigrants. Among other physical attributes of Philippines girls are petite bodies, curly hair, small noses, and dark brown eyes.

Here’s a brief description of a girl from the Philippines:

  • She might look soft and gentle, but she’s very brave and socially independent;
  • Very caring and supportive of her husband;
  • Can be affectionate;
  • Very emotional (don’t be surprised if she starts crying when she doesn’t see you just for a day); and
  • Energetic and enthusiastic because she has Spanish blood running through her veins.  

12 Differences Between Western Dating vs. Asian Dating


In order to understand what makes so many Western men drawn to Asian ladies, it is critical to understand the key differences between Western women and Asian women. Here are the 12 differences that encourage millions of men from the West to choose Asians over locals when it comes to dating and marriage:

Unlike many Western women, an Asian lady cares about maintaining her beauty for decades to come, which is why so many Asians look gorgeous in their 40s, 50s, and beyond (this is usually achieved through having healthy habits in life, eliminating bad habits, and eating a clean diet);

Asian singles tend to have more feminine physical attributes compared to women in the West (delicate facial features, small feet, petite bodies, etc.), which makes a man feel more masculine and strong when he’s with such a woman;

Unlike many American women and other women from the West, Asian brides are not attention-seekers and don’t need to go to nightclubs and bars with their girlfriends all dolled up and looking super hot to get a portion of male attention every once in a while;

Asians are more family-oriented than Western women because they prioritize starting a family over pursuing a successful career;

Asian girls are better mothers because they would never choose anything over raising her children (unlike many Western girls who don’t mind giving their children to grandparents just so she can have fun or travel);

Unlike most feminist-driven and independent Western women, beautiful Asian women won’t shy away from cooking food for her man or running household errands;  

Unlike many Western girls, single Asian women won’t lie about their physical attributes on Asian dating sites just to be more “appealing” to men and to get more messages from potential suitors; and

Oriental girls are not as needy and “spoiled” as their Western counterparts because they aren’t used to being showered with expensive gifts from their childhood.

What Can You Expect from Asian Mail Order Brides in a Relationship or Marriage?

If you are determined to meet Asian girls through dating apps and sites, be prepared to expect the following things in a serious relationship and marriage:

  • According to a survey published by NBC News, more than 40 percent of Chinese people say it’s not a big deal to date two or more partners at the same time before getting into a serious relationship, which clashes with traditional Asian norms.
  • According to the same survey, Asian brides still expect men to foot the bill on all first dates.
  • Asians tend to be polite and respectful.
  • Asian girls arevery loyal to their boyfriends and husbands, which is a direct consequence of family-oriented values that are so prevalent in Asia.
  • Asian ladies feel obligated to take good care of their husband and children.
  • Asian women are grateful for all the respect and attention they get from their man; they never taking anything for granted.
  • Pretty Asian girls are not dependent on their husbands; rather, they do whatever they can to support their husband and family.
  • Women from Asia expect their man to treat them as a person.
  • Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Philippines women don’t like it when men focus on how amazing it is that she’s “Asian.” They don’t think too much about their cultural or physical peculiarities. Rather, they want you to think about how amazing she’s as a woman.
  • When Asian singles meet someone they genuinely like, they can become very devoted because Asians have a deep sense of loyalty for the people they have feelings for.
  • When dating an Asian girl, do expect the subject of kids to come up at some point in your relationship rather sooner than later.
  • A hot Asian girlfriend would want her man to be open to exploring her country’s culture, language, and history.
  • Since Asian parents tend to be rather traditional, they might not be excited about the fact that their daughter is dating a foreigner (but a Westerner can win the approval of his Asian girlfriend’s parents over time).
  • When you find a beautiful young Asian girl for a relationship, forget about all of the stereotypes that you have heard about Asian people. Rather, focus on her personality.

The Pros and Cons of Dating Young Asian Girls

Where to Meet Young Asian Women?

There are many ways to start dating an Asian girl as long as you are brave enough to make the first move. Asian women tend to be less talkative, less initiative, and shier than their Western counterparts, which means approaching women on the streets in China, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, or other Asian countries is not the most efficient method to meet Asian singles.

Asian dating sites, on the other hand, seem to address these three issues perfectly. Since single Asian women aren’t very talkative in face-to-face interactions, try chatting with them. Once you’ve established trust and the girl feels comfortable enough, such dating sites as and offer users to communicate over the microphone and webcam.

Since Asian women dating foreigners aren’t very initiative, she will be glad to wait for you to make the first move on an online dating site to start a conversation. And, finally, since Asian brides tend to be shy, communicating online allows them to get used to the flow of the conversation with the opposite sex and think about the responses more carefully than in a face-to-face conversation, which gives her the comfort of being in control of her emotions and words.


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