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8 Super Sexy Colombian Models to Not Miss on Social Media

When you think of sexy and beautiful, Colombian models come first to many people’s minds. 

Many sexy Colombian personalities have gained global popularity due to their massive appeal. They are everywhere. You will see these ladies gracing international beauty pageants (and winning the crown). Many have become well-known in different fields, including acting, hosting, newscasting, you name it.

They have made their nation synonymous with beauty, brains, class, and sexiness. 

Thanks to technology, you can keep up-to-date with these gorgeous ladies by scrolling through their Instagram feeds.

Want to know where in the vast cyberspace you can find them? Read on.

8 Super Sexy Colombian Models on Social Media

Here are ten of the sexiest models hailing from Colombia you can follow on social media:

  • Sandra Valencia

  • Instagram username: @sandrisvalencia23
  • Occupation: Fashion model
  • Birthdate: December 29, 1987

Sandra is among the top pick when searching for hot Columbian women. This influencer and fashion model made appearances in many prestigious events and advertisements.

She’s loved by many for her alluring appeal and classy features. She is the embodiment of sexiness despite having given birth.

This mother of two loves traveling, photography, and reading. Her Instagram feed is a mix of personal, family, and modeling photos.

This pro came from Medellin, Colombia, and has graced campaigns, including Diesel and Besame Lingerie. Her beauty, along with other top Colombian models, has also appeared at big-time modeling events, such as the Ecuador Fashion Week.

Check her page out if you want to splurge on Sandra’s sexy pictorials, travel and food posts, and more.  She’s quite gracious in sharing sexy pictorials every so often – the images showing off her hotness but still done in taste.

  • Ariana James

  • Instagram username: @ariana
  • Occupation: Bikini and fitness model
  • Birthdate: September 10, 1990

This sexy Colombiana is a fitness and bikini model born in Bogota, Colombia. She spent most of her young years in Venezuela before her family decided to settle in Bogota.

Like most hot Colombian girls, it was Ariana’s dream to become part of the modeling world since she was young. She had her breakthrough when she was in high school.

She started with fitness modeling and worked her way up. 

Ariana is more than her physical looks. She may be a hottie, but she gained everything she has now through perseverance and hard work.

She did not allow her medical condition to stop her from pursuing her passion. She suffers from hypothyroidism, a condition that makes her easily exhausted and prone to gaining weight.

Her Instagram page is filled with more than enough modeling and sexy photos for her over 4 million followers. Whether you’re an old or new fan, you will be delighted to see what she constantly shares on her page.

Ariana has that appeal and looks that many men find sexy, and her body, which she often photographs wearing skimpy bikinis and dresses, is to die for.

  • Jery Sandoval

  • Instagram username: @jerysandovaloficial
  • Occupation: Model, songwriter, singer, and actress
  • Birthdate: December 18, 1986

Jery is among the Colombian models who have ventured into various media branches. Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, this Catholic school-raised gal demonstrated her artistic skill at the young age of 12. It was then that she started pursuing her love for music.

She started gaining more popularity as among the prettiest Colombian babes when she starred in local television shows at age 16. In 2006, Jery became the first actress from Colombia to be given a big role in a Mexican television series, Codigo Postal, released by Televisa.

You can keep up with her daily happenings and check her fiery modeling photos by scrolling through her Instagram feed.

Her Instagram page never disappoints. She makes sure that she offers a bit of everything to all her followers.

Jery even posts reels showing off new bikini lines and the curvaceous body flaunting the skimpiness of the attire. Many will have a grand time scrolling her feed. She knows how to keep her followers coming back for more.

  • Luisa Fernanda W
  • Instagram username: @luisafernandaw
  • Occupation: Model, entrepreneur, content creator
  • Birthdate: July 16, 1993

Luisa not only qualifies as among the top Colombian beauties, but this lady is also a certified entrepreneur. And she capitalizes on what she does best. She’s pretty – so it’s sensible for her to come up with her own makeup line.

But that’s not all; this hot Colombian chic is everywhere online. She’s uploading content not only on Instagram but on many popular social media sites to widen her reach.

You will get a glimpse of what she’s been busy with upon searching her name. It appears like she’s everywhere. Her Instagram page even has her email address if you are interested in her makeup line and want to connect with her.

Her Instagram page may have toned down a bit with the bikini-clad photos, but when she posts them, she makes sure they rock.

Lately, she’s been focusing on her family and is gracious to share the happenings with her followers. It somehow gives a personal touch to her page, especially to her long-time followers.

  • Sofía Vergara 

  • Instagram username: @sofiavergara
  • Occupation: Model, host, artist
  • Birthdate: July 10, 1972

Sofia may have 26.9 million followers on Instagram, but her fame has gone beyond social media. She’s among the top of the list when you search for women from Columbia.

She is well loved worldwide, thanks to her wit and projects that catapulted her to fame, including Modern Family. This TV series earned Sofia hordes of nominations from prestigious award-giving bodies.

She has a long list of filmography and television shows and series. They are proof that she is way past being among Colombian models. 

In fact, Sofia was recognized as the highest-paid actress in the US in years 2013 to 2020. 

Her personal life is as colorful as her Instagram feed, or maybe even more. She has had a lot of tough intrigues thrown at her, but with Sofia’s wit, she continues her reign as a well-loved personality in many parts of the world.

Check out her Instagram page and see sexy and success personified. Sofia posts photos and reels of her professional events and shows.

Her feed looks fun, and she doesn’t have to bare it all to be recognized as sexy. She is, after all, the Sofia Vergara.

  • Laura Sanchez H

  • Instagram username: @laurasanchezh_
  • Occupation: Model, content creator
  • Birthdate: August 24, 1997

She is among the sexy Colombians you’ll find online. Her Instagram page is oozing with appeal with sexy posts, most of which are NSFW.

Laura may look innocent, but when she flaunts her body (which she does a lot), she transforms into a goddess. You’ll have a feast at her Instagram feed if you love sexy women or you simply cannot get enough of Laura.

She is a model and among the many Colombian hotties who found more fame by posting on TikTok and Instagram. Aside from her photos and videos in bikinis and super sexy dresses and other outfits, her Instagram also has a peek at her lifestyle and favorite food.

She also shares her travel photos and several photos with her equally hot-looking friends and colleagues. She even had some behind scenes of certain photos or video shoots that are too enticing to ignore.

  • Jessica Romero

  • Instagram username: @jessicaromerorod
  • Occupation: Model, content creator
  • Birthdate: January 20, 1996

Jessica may be known to many as a YouTube star because she first became known as a passionate vlogger. She started in 2013 when vlogging was still not as saturated as it is now.

This is why she has retained loyal followers through the years; most of them check her out on her other social media pages.

She’s famous for her Jess Fearless channel and LovingYourself blog. She showcases her quirky personality in her pages, which her fans adore about her.

Jessica is among the beautiful Columbian women who broke the language barrier in cyberspace. She made even those who aren’t fluent in Spanish adore her.

Her Instagram page contains a collection of Jessica wearing alluring dresses and sexy bikini lines. She also shares reels from her TikTok page, teaching her followers ideas on how to put makeup.

Whether you want to learn how to apply cosmetics or only after the face behind the colors, you will have a grand time scrolling through her page. This sexy lady has got the looks to make you look and linger.

  • Paola Usme

  • Instagram username: @paolausme
  • Occupation: Model, influencer
  • Birthdate: September 23, 1993

Paola is undoubtedly on the list of those who love Colombian models simply because – what’s there not to like? She’s known for her love for fitness. One look at her body will make you understand all the hard work she does to retain the curves in the right spots.

In fact, it paved the way for her global popularity. She first went viral on YouTube for posting a bikini fitness video.

It happened in 2016 when YouTube was not yet as saturated with vloggers from all walks of life. It was also her third year on the said platform.

Paola still runs her YouTube channel, posting her daily life, as well as tutorials and pranks. She’s currently an ambassadress of different companies and brands.

This Colombian fitness model knows how to set her Instagram page on fire. She’s sexy, and she makes sure you know with each of her posts.

She is quite gracious in posting photos, especially for her male fans. She also features reels that will make you understand why she has 3 million followers and counting.

Final thoughts About Colombian Models

They are only some of the Colombian models who share what it’s like to be them on Instagram and other social media platforms. These beautiful Colombian ladies are out there to prove that they are not only pretty or endowed but also successful and recognized worldwide.


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