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Dating Vietnamese Women: How and Where to Meet Vietnamese Brides in 2019?

The popularity of international online dating sites has been on the rise lately, with Vietnamese women continuing to soak up a significant amount of attention from single men all across the world.If you’re a foreign man looking to find a hot wife in Vietnam, you need to learn more about Vietnamese brides. What sets them apart from women of other nationalities? How to attract hot Vietnamese girls? And where can you meet them?

These are the questions that we will answer today in our comprehensive guide to dating women from Vietnam. But before we get any further, let us introduce a list of the safest, cheapest, and most trustworthy and popular Vietnam dating sites.

The Best Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Sites in 2019

A quick Google search of “Vietnamese mail order brides sites” will show dozens of Vietnam dating sites to choose from. Although you could sign up on multiple websites, it would be more productive to stick to one.

Here are some of the best online dating sites for dating sexy Vietnamese women in 2019:

Top1, AsiaMe

Top2, DateChineseLady

Top3, ThaiGirlOnline

Top4, DateVietLady

Who Are Vietnamese Brides, Exactly?


Many foreigners are not familiar with the term “Vietnamese brides,” while others have a wrong idea of what this term means.

A Vietnam girl for marriage is a dream pursued by many men from not only Asian countries, but also other continents. The popularity of Viet dating among Western men has also skyrocketed in recent years, but why?

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), an estimated 133,000 hot Vietnamese girls married foreigners between 2005 and 2010. Given that online dating sites have become a massive trend since 2010, it’d be reasonable to say that the number of Vietnamese women marrying a foreign man doubled or tripled over the past years.

In fact, tourists began to actively explore Vietnam, its culture, and its people since 2010. Vietnam has about 50 million women, of which over 68% are below the age of 60. Clearly, Vietnam has no shortage of exceptional beauties, which is great news for foreign men seeking a Vietnamese girlfriend.

Vietnam, like most other countries in Asia, has opposed the influence of westernization, which is one of the reasons why Western men are so attracted to sexy Vietnamese girls. In Vietnam, women cherish marriage, family values, and loyalty, the qualities that a large percentage of modern Western women seem to lack.

Since thousands of single Vietnamese women get married to foreigners each year, these ladies have got a name, “Vietnamese mail order brides”. However, the reasons why Vietnamese girls choose to get married to foreign men are more complicated than people tend to think.

Thus, cute Vietnamese girls marry abroad because they want:

  • Financial stability to be able to make both ends meet and provide for their families;
  • More respect and better treatment from men;
  • To escape domestic abuse, which is commonplace in Vietnamese villages and towns;
  • To explore different cultures;
  • To love and be loved;
  • A better life for their kids.

Why Do Vietnamese Ladies Become Mail Order Brides?


Still, some of you are probably wondering why Vietnamese ladies want to become mail order brides by getting married to a foreign man.

In modern dating, the term “mail order brides” no longer has the stigma that used to be associated with it. An increasing number of beautiful Vietnamese women are becoming mail order brides, though there are still many misconceptions and myths surrounding this phenomenon.

A common myth is that every Vietnamese mail order bride who is trying to get married to a foreigner wants nothing but money, passport, visa, expensive gifts, and a luxury lifestyle.

Although we aren’t going to deny that there are plenty of money-obsessed women in Vietnam – like in any other country, for that matter – it would be wrong to say that every Vietnamese girl for marriage is obsessed with money.

To understand why so many hot Vietnamese ladies are looking for a foreign husband, it’s important to explore the social, political, economic, and cultural aspects.

Vietnam’s mail order brides are women in Vietnam who are seeking a husband abroad for various political, economic, social, and cultural reasons.

In many cases, the reason why a Vietnamese girl signs up on an online dating site is that she cannot find the right man in Vietnam. Others, meanwhile, are fed up with the lack of respect toward women in their country and want to get married to a man who treats his wife with respect, listens to her opinion, and doesn’t treat her as an object or housewife.

For other women in Vietnam, the reason why they are eager to meet a foreigner is purely social. The long and bloody war in Vietnam resulted in the gender imbalance in the country, as the ratio of men to women there is 3:5.

It’s also common for Vietnamese women to want to escape the low standard of living in Vietnam, domestic abuse, and the barbaric conditions in their villages and towns, which is why they choose to look for love online to expand their search.

Why Are Foreign Men Dating Vietnamese Women?


So what’s all the hype with dating Vietnamese women? Why do so many foreign men are obsessed with the idea of marrying a Vietnamese woman?  

The reasons why Western men get into Vietnam dating vary from one Westerner to another, but more often than not, foreigners are looking for Vietnamese girls because they’re:

At a time when so many Western women go under the knife to alter their physical appearance with plastic surgeries, Westerners appreciate the fact that beautiful Vietnamese ladies maintain their natural beauty. They are petite and blessed with good genetics.

Western society seems to forget that women are supposed to be feminine. Vietnam hasn’t been influenced by all the feminism trends originating from the West. Obviously, femininity is an attractive feature in any woman, which is why Western men, who keep seeing more a higher level of masculinity in Western women, are so attracted to Vietnamese beauties.

The literacy rate in Vietnam is incredibly high. Currently, it’s nearly 95%, according to Wikipedia. Statistics also show that Vietnam is ranked sixth in the world in terms of the number of students studying in U.S. universities. The only problem is that Vietnam’s traditional gender roles (a woman is a housewife; a man is a breadwinner) prevent Vietnamese women from putting their diplomas to use.

Vietnam is considered to be a “lower-middle-income country,” with millions of people in the country living under the poverty line. This leaves Vietnamese men and women no choice but to work hard to earn a living. Therefore, it’s not common for a Vietnamese woman to be lying on the couch, watching Netflix, or browsing her Instagram feed. These women are hard-working and are used to spending their time productively.

If you’ve ever talked to a Vietnamese girl, you might’ve noticed that women from Vietnam just can’t seem to stop smiling. Friendliness, optimism, hospitability, and openness are some of the most valued and sought-after qualities in Vietnamese women.

Vietnamese beauties are also known for being low maintenance. Meaning, you don’t need to earn tens of thousands of dollars to afford to date a Vietnamese girl because, unlike Western women, women in Vietnam don’t care about expensive handbags, shoes, and other fancy stuff. Your Vietnamese girlfriend will love you, not your wallet.

These are the three qualities of Vietnamese babes that make them feminine and attractive. Unfortunately, most Western women seem to have forgotten that a woman is supposed to be humble, modest, and shy by her nature.

Western society teaches Western women to focus on their career, putting their family and children on the back burner. For gorgeous Vietnamese women, this kind of approach seems bizarre because girls in this country are family-oriented. Although most of them have a job, they prioritize family when they’ve found the right person to create a family with.

Why Do Western Men Want to Marry Vietnamese Girls?


What is it about Vietnamese girls that seems to act as a magnet for Western men?

Unlike women in the West, where cheating and one-night stands have been normalized in the society, Vietnamese girls are extremely loyal as wives. Faithfulness is what sets these women apart from Western women.  

In the West, it’s no big deal for a woman to get married in her early 30s, 40s, or even 50s for the first time. In Vietnam, however, it’s not possible to find a woman who wouldn’t treat marriage seriously or would postpone marriage or childbirth for the sake of her career.

For many Western women, the only “educational” activity is watching YouTube and reading inspirational Instagram posts written by rich Insta girls. For Vietnamese women, meanwhile, it’s not uncommon to know two or more languages, have multiple degrees, and be able to maintain a captivating conversation on pretty much any topic.

Although we’ve mentioned earlier that Vietnamese brides are humble, modest, and shy, it doesn’t change the fact that these women also have a strong personality, which is cultivated by the need to survive and make both ends meet in Vietnam.

Vietnamese babes know how to overcome obstacles and be emotionally strong, and any foreigner would prefer marrying a woman with a strong personality to a woman who gets depressed the second something goes slightly wrong in her life.

Many men from Western countries also seem to be obsessed with the idea of dating a Vietnamese girl because they cannot seem to find a woman with a strong sense of family.

According to The Independent, childless women in the West are on the rise. The median age at first marriage is 27 for Western women while finding a woman with strong family values can be difficult in the West.

In Vietnam, where the median age at first marriage is nearly 23, the vast majority of the women realize the importance of starting a family and make it their priority to be excellent wives and mothers.

Tips for Dating Vietnamese Mail Order Brides


Dating hot Vietnamese girls isn’t the same as dating women from the West due to cultural and social differences between Vietnam and Western countries. If you’re currently searching for Vietnamese mail order brides on dating sites, you might want to learn how to attract these hot women.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to date Vietnamese girls specifically (after all, the differences between Vietnamese women vs. Western women make it obvious why so many men from foreign countries are interested in dating Vietnamese brides. However, don’t get into the so-called “Vietnamese fever,” when you’re dating a Vietnamese girl simply because she’s from Vietnam. Focus on her personality traits, moral and family values, as well as other qualities.

If you’ve signed up on a Vietnamese online dating site and wonder why not a single woman has messaged you yet, you’re doing it wrong. In Vietnam, it’s not a common practice for women to make the first move. Instead, it’s part of a Viet culture for guys to approach women and initiate conversation.

In the West, meeting your girlfriend’s family isn’t a big deal, but in Vietnam, it’s a critical moment in every girl’s life to introduce her boyfriend to her family. So you better be prepared to make a good impression and treat her family members with respect.

Vietnamese women are used to working hard to provide for their families from childhood, but you can convince her that she doesn’t need to worry about income and can take care of the household instead by showing her that you’re capable of earning a living.

In recent years, Western women are beginning to shame and ridicule men who open the doors for them, help them with the coat, and do other things gentlemen do. Fortunately, you don’t have to hide your gentleman side when dating a Vietnamese girl. In fact, women in Vietnam aren’t used to being treated like “ladies” and have a guy hold the door for her, give up his seat for her, give her his jacket, or engage in other behaviors of a gentleman.

Tips for Marrying a Vietnamese Woman: Where to Find a Vietnamese Wife?


In 2019, people still haven’t come up with a better way to meet a lady from across the ocean than to use online dating sites. Marrying a Vietnamese woman doesn’t require you to go to Vietnam, as the vast majority of Vietnamese singles prefer meeting foreigners on dating sites.

But what are the benefits of finding beautiful Vietnamese ladies on online dating websites?  

Everyone is there for a purpose, so don’t expect a Vietnamese girl to reject you by saying “I have a boyfriend” or “I’m not looking for a relationship” (as many of them do say it as an excuse to not meet strangers in real life due to their natural shyness).

Search algorithms on dating sites allow you to find your perfect match. You don’t have to go on first dates with dozens of women to determine which one is a good fit for you. All it takes is reading a Vietnamese girl’s profile and chatting with her.

When using one of the trustworthy Vietnamese mail order brides sites that we listed at the top, you are guaranteed that all profiles there are real and verified. Many of these websites offer different communication tools to help you make conversations with a single lady as realistic and effortless as possible.

With online dating sites, your search doesn’t have to be limited to the number of women who can be encountered in one place and at one time. Instead, you have access to an extensive database of beautiful single women to choose from.

The cost of mail order brides services vary from one website to another, but in most cases, the premium membership’s price is equivalent to just a few Starbucks coffees per month. Paid dating services are recommended to enjoy all the benefits of online dating and get the upper-hand by having access to exclusive and premium features that bring your communication with Vietnamese women to a new level.​

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