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Interesting Facts about Eastern European Brides

In the past, Eastern European brides from countries such as Armenia, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Moldova, and Ukraine had a negative reputation. They are seen as women who marry for practical reasons instead of being genuinely in love with their partners.

This was the case before because life for women in Eastern European countries used to be very difficult. They didn’t have equal rights to men in terms of access to education and treatment in workplaces. The economic conditions of these countries were also difficult, so it is hard to find a partner who is able to take care of a household financially.

sexy european women

As a result, there was a surge in women who chose to be mail order brides for a better future. This is because husbands from first-world countries can provide them with what men from their country couldn’t, whether it is better treatment or a financially stable household.

However, that is not the case anymore. An Eastern European woman of today is different. Because they are now educated and empowered. At the same time, Eastern European countries have found economic stability, making citizens’ living conditions much better than before.   

European Facial Features by Country

There’s no denying that Eastern European brides are beautiful ladies. However, their facial features differ mainly from which country they are from.

Here’s an in-depth overview of a foreign bride from Easter European countries:

  • Moldovan women

Eastern European girls from Moldova have very delicate facial features, which makes them look kind and approachable. They mostly have glowing, fair skin paired with light-colored eyes.

  • Ukrainian women

Ukraine women are known for their tantalizing gray or blue eyes and glossy light brown hair. They mostly have fair skin together with a well-defined nose line.

foreign bride

Most Armenian ladies that you will encounter will have captivating dark eyes and gorgeous full eyebrows. Many of them also have prominent noses. Although they have larger noses than other Eastern European women, these are often a perfect fit with their round facial structure, giving them an asymmetrical look.

Bulgaria ladies are known for their dark, curly hair. Compared to other European women, their skin is a little bit more tanned because they live near beaches and enjoy sunny weather most times of the year.

In general, a typical Bulgarian lady has a petite face with dull lips that makes them look seductive. This is made even more prominent by their small cheeks and nose.

Many Greek women have olive skin, but there are also many of them with fair complexion with peachy undertones, which makes them look radiant and glowing. Their eyes, nose, jaw, and chin closely resemble the idea of perfection of Ancient Greeks because they are very symmetrical.

Eastern European Physical Characteristics

Eastern European girls have stunning facial features and attractive physical characteristics that make them look sexy. The average height for a European woman is 5 feet and 6 inches. Despite being quite tall, they have a slim figure and the right amount of curves.

Moreover, many sexy European women do gymnastics as children since it’s a very popular sport in their region. This makes them very flexible and physically strong as well because of their athleticism.

Top Reasons Why Many Men are Looking for Eastern European Brides

In recent years, the number of men searching for Eastern European brides has increased. The following are the most common reasons behind this:

eastern european wife

Eastern European brides make an effort to maintain their body and appearance even after marriage. This makes them beautiful and always sexy. This is why every time husbands of Eastern European brides look at them; they are reminded of how lucky they are.

An East European wife is trained to do household chores and cook delicious meals from a young age. As a result, those who are lucky enough to marry them will not have to worry about going home to a messy house or eating bland food. Instead, they can fully relax when they get home because their surroundings are clean and well organized. They also come home to a deliciously cooked meal prepared according to their preferences.

Another reason why Eastern European mail order brides are extremely desirable is that they care for their partners. Your well-being is a top priority for them. Eastern European wives will find ways to feed you healthy meals and encourage you to stay fit with them.

At the same time, they are also considerate. They will not mind if you want to hang out with your bros without them. Instead, they will even encourage you to take time for yourself.

American Women v.s. European Women: What’s the Difference?

eastern european brides

There is a huge difference when you compare an East European Wife with an American woman.

Eastern European brides are way slimmer than American women in terms of appearance. Their fashion style is also different because European women tend to style themselves more even if it’s just an ordinary day, but American women prefer comfort above all.

Their personalities are also different. Traditional European women are calmer and reserved, while American women are more assertive in what they want.

The Myths About European Women

There are plenty of stereotypes about Eastern European Brides. Most of them are misconceptions, including the following:

This stereotype is mostly because Eastern European women have beautiful faces and sexy bodies. However, just because they have these does not mean that they are cheaters. Although many might be attracted to them, they are extremely loyal to their partners once they are in a committed relationship.

This myth is quite surprising given that Eastern European ladies are known for their high self-esteem. This means that they understand their worth and won’t settle for less, making them the complete opposite of someone who is easy to get.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions when dating Eastern European ladies. Just because they are dating a foreigner does not mean that they are poor. In fact, many Eastern European countries are of weak economy. However there are also women with stable careers, which means that they are financially independent.

Where to Find an East European Wife?

The best way of finding an East European wife is through mail order bride sites. Here are the advantages of entering Eastern European dating scene using mail oder brides sites:

  • You Can Save Money

Flying all the way to date Eastern European brides face-to-face cost a significant amount of money. It also means that you have to leave your responsibilities to fly to another country. But, with mail order bride platforms, you can date and get to know them in the comforts of your own home.

  • It is More Straightforward

One of the first things that you do when you sign up for a mail oder brides site is to list down your preferences so that you can be matched with  Eastern European single ladies who are most compatible for you. By doing this, you are significantly saving time because you are being straightforward about what you want which is something that is hard to achieve with traditional dating.

  •  People in Eastern Europe Dating Platform Have the Same Intentions

Another reason why dating Eastern European brides using mail-order sites is the best way to meet them is that those who sign up for these platforms mostly intend to look for a long-term partner.

These are just some of the benefits of finding East European wives using mail order bride sites. However, when signing up for these types of platforms, make sure that you do proper due diligence with the website first to ensure that it is legit. Remember, it is better safe than sorry later on.

Final Words

There is no denying that Eastern European brides have plenty of attractive and endearing qualities that make them ideal matches. They have beautiful facial features, sexy bodies, along with wonderful personalities.

Unfortunately, old stereotypes about them outshine their real attractiveness. But, since you now know those are not true, nothing is stopping you from searching for Eastern European mail order brides.

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