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Comprehensive Guide About Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian Women are one of the most notorious girls in the world. Their stunning beauty and femininity make every normal man on earth curious about Ukrainian girls.

Even if you are from a western country, I can assure you that you will be shocked and awestruck by how Ukraine is different from anything you see in other western countries – in a good way. When you are walking down the urban streets of Kyiv and Odesa in the summer, you may see the most amazing things, such as gorgeous Ukrainian babes everywhere, walking around in beautiful sundresses and high heels. The style, elegance, and effort of a high school ball happen every day on the street, so there is no doubt that your head will keep turning in the first few days of being in Ukraine.

In terms of selection, there is a pretty wide range of women to choose from – from redheads to blondes to brunettes to black-hair girls. Most Ukrainian girls are thin, so you won’t find curvy bodies that you would find in other countries. This said anyone should be able to find a Ukrainian woman with their preferred physical characteristics in Ukraine.

Characteristics of Ukrainian Women

Because of the geographical location of Kiev, located 375 miles south of Moscow, the climate is warmer and milder, making Ukraine sunnier than Russia, in turn making it easier to make friends. Ukrainian ladies also have a strong sense of humor when communicating with others. Being born in such an environment, Ukrainian women have a different charm to western or other European women, including those from Russia.

Ukrainian babes are charming, fun, witty and independent. They like to be free, and usually, have very unusual views on life, and getting to know such women can be real fun. In addition, Ukrainian girls are very welcoming to foreigners and are not shy to chat with men from other countries. Most Ukrainian women can more or less speak English, so there are no problems with language.

Differences in Appearance of Ukrainian Singles

Ukrainian girls

Ukrainian girls can be divided into several types in terms of appearance according to which part of Ukraine they come from – the southern region, central region, northern region or western region.

The majority of Ukrainian babes living in the South, such as in Yangko, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia and Mykolaiv, have dark hair and dark eyes; those from central Ukraine are blonde; most girls in western Ukraine have fair hair and dark eyes; and women in Kiev, Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Lviv, and Ternopil have also had fair hair, but gray or blue eyes and a tendency to medium height. However, in the northern part of the Chernigiv region, ladies rarely have light eye and hair color, which is untrue for the rest of Ukraine. These features also tell Ukrainian women apart from Russian women. But wherever you go in Ukraine, you will see hot and beautiful women, and Ukrainian women are really feminine, which is one of their main characteristics.

Untrue Myths about Ukrainian Women

your ukraine girl

A lot of things are said about Ukrainian women – most of which are true – but not all of them are. Let’s look at some common misconceptions and myths about Ukrainian girls:

The era of female dependence has disappeared. Modern Ukrainian ladies are extremely skilled in many ways and can manage their lives without the help of men. So why are they looking for foreign men to marry? Because of love and hope to build a happy family. If you want a wife with a strong personality who can make decisions for themselves and know how to live a good life, then marry a Ukrainian girl.

You may believe that education is only a major trend in western countries and Asia, but it is also extremely widespread in Eastern European countries, such as Ukraine. Many women have master’s degrees – sometimes even a few. Ukrainian ladies can apply their knowledge successfully, are hard-working and can converse in English without a problem. It is always interesting to talk to Ukrainian women as they always have an interest in what’s going on around the world.

Ukraine dating

There is a misconception that Ukrainian ladies do nothing and just sit there waiting for some rich and handsome man to turn up and marry, so they can live a life of luxury. This kind of woman can be found anywhere in the world and shouldn’t be considered a characteristic of women from a specific country. On the contrary, Ukraine is full of hot ladies who are smart as well as attractive and can make their own money. Some even start working from a young age to help pay for little things they want to buy.

Unfortunately, the impression that all Ukrainian girls are gold diggers is extremely common. It is believed that women from Ukraine are only interested in money, which is why they want to find themselves, foreign husbands, to marry. But it is in fact not true. Ukrainian women find foreign culture and men interesting and different from their own, so they look for men from other countries. Also, they believe love can be found anywhere in the world, so they don’t limit their search for their soulmate just to Ukraine. They will not marry a man for money as they believe it is important to build a relationship based on love and real feelings.

Ukrainian singles put a lot of effort into their appearance and into looking the best they can. They wear beautiful clothes and even high-heel shoes for the most casual events. People from other western countries may believe they look too overdressed as this is not common in other countries. However, this is just part of their personality – they want to look their best all the time. Apart from looks, Ukrainian babes have plenty of other good personality traits, which can be uncovered if you spend time to get to know them better.

When compared to women from countries such as Latin America, Ukrainian girls may seem emotionless as they are not so affectionate and are more reserved when you first meet. You will know this is not true after you get to know them better; you will find that they are even more caring.

What it’s like dating a Ukrainian girl

dating a Ukrainian girl

With the increasing popularity of international dating and the development of transnational marriages, more and more Western men beginning to date Ukrainian women. So what’s it like dating a gorgeous Ukrainian babe? The dating culture in Ukraine is very different from other western countries. Once you start getting to know some Ukrainian women, you will be in for some surprises – good and bad.

Women in Ukraine are of the highest quality; they will put a lot of effort into their appearance, behavior, and relationship with their partners – normally 100%. However, some people believe Ukraine is a cold culture, compared to many cultures in other western countries. But if you look at it from a different perspective, isn’t it better than being warm but fake, like in many other cultures?

Ukrainian girls will not reveal their life stories on their first date. In fact, it may even take a month or longer for a Ukrainian girl to really start opening up to you. This may be an insurmountable obstacle when you first start to date Ukrainian women, but with enough practice, you will master it very quickly.

Ukrainian women’s views on dating

You may be wondering why so many Ukrainian girls are looking for love or even long-term partners abroad, why they don’t date men in their own country. In fact, some do or already have, but others have realized Ukrainian men are not for them. Often, Ukrainian men don’t cherish their women as they should. This is why a lot of hot Ukrainians turn to foreign men for foreign relationships; they believe that they will find someone who will truly appreciate their beauty and personality in another part of the world. Others do it purely because of love – Ukrainian girls are extremely romantic and believe their true love and soul mate can be found anywhere in the world, so they don’t limit themselves to just their own country. They also find foreign things exciting and more fun, which includes a foreign partner. Whatever the reason may be, it is because of love.

How to date Ukrainian women

date Ukrainian women

Generally speaking, it’s best to take the first date slowly – it should be casual and fun, and, unlike in America, there is no hookup culture, so you shouldn’t do anything too much over the top.

If you’ve already seen her before, you can buy her flowers, except if you found each other online, then I wouldn’t recommend flowers in case you find out she doesn’t like you and you go your separate ways within the first half an hour. There’s no point in wasting money.

The best thing you can do on the first date is to have a simple coffee or drink. Not a lot of beautiful Ukrainian girls actually drink, so coffee is a great choice. If you really can’t help but have a drink, you can go to a café and have a beer yourself. But you should not drink liquor. Ukrainian women don’t like men ordering vodka on their first date so stick to beers or wines.

The first date should be no longer than one or two hours, which is more than enough to determine whether you and your Ukrainian girlfriend are right for each other. And you don’t want a first date which is too long, as you should try and charm her and make her look forward to meeting you again for a second date. Take advantage of your time together and she’ll be craving for more.

As for kissing, Ukrainian girls tend to take it slow and will refuse to be kissed for a long time, as opposed to Latin culture, where you should kiss your woman within the first half an hour of your date. You can kiss your Ukrainian babe on your first date (or try to), but it’s not necessary.

When you first try to kiss a Ukrainian babe, there is an extremely high chance you will be rejected. This is what Ukrainian women like to do – she doesn’t want to feel easy, and she wants to see how manly you are. Are you the kind of man who gets nervous or petty easily when this happens? Or a man who doesn’t give up easily? So keep trying if she turns you down, as long as you’re not turning her off, of course.

On the second date, you can do some more advanced activities – enjoy drinks and snacks in a cool wine bar or something similar. Likewise, there is no need for a luxury dinner just of yet.

One thing Ukrainian girls love a lot is going for walks. If a Ukrainian girl asks you to take a walk with her, then do it! You may be going for a walk for an hour in the afternoon without doing anything else. It’s all about making her feel comfortable around you so walk as much as possible. It will bring you huge returns.

A very important thing to bear in mind is you mustn’t be too aggressive to get her into bed. If you mess up your second date, your Ukrainian girl will be on guard on future dates, so take things slowly.

Once you have established intimacy with your Ukrainian girl, she will open up a lot more and you will find that they are not as cold as they seem. Although Ukrainian girls will start being willing to let you into their hearts and share more about themselves, it will take weeks or months before she fully trusts you. Be patient and take things slowly; it will be worth the wait.

Where to meet Ukrainian girls

Although you can fly all the way to Ukraine to meet gorgeous Ukrainian babes the old-fashioned way, there is also the online route. Taking advantage of online resources, such as social networking, like Facebook, etc., or online dating websites can save you a lot of time and money. For example, a lot of online dating websites nowadays provide advanced searching functions to help filter out potential matches according to your preferences so you can find someone who matches you better.


The beauty, femininity and overall elegance you can find in Ukrainian babes is not something that women of any other country have. Although it may be a long, difficult and frustrating process, it’s worth all the effort if you think about what amazing results you can achieve. Yes, you will get tired of all the testing, you may feel frustration or heartaches, but you will also get a beautiful gorgeous Ukrainian babe, who give up everything to spend her life with you.

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