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Irish Brides: Reveal the Myths of  the Stunning Irish Redheads

Irish breweries and pubs are not the only things that people associate with Ireland. Irish brides are also very attractive to men from different parts of the globe. The charm of these ladies and their exotic beauty contribute to their popularity worldwide. However, there is a whole list of factors that give advantage to Irish singles in comparison to other girls. In this article, you will learn everything you need and want to know about hot Irish girls. With enough knowledge about these beauties, you will know how to approach them properly.

Irish brides

About Ireland

Ireland is an island located on the westernmost side of Europe. It is the second-largest island in Europe with a population of 5,068,050. The capital of Ireland is Dublin – a welcoming city with friendly people and its famous craic (“crack”). It is a mixture of humor, intelligence, repartee, and acerbic. Writers, adventurers, tourists, and intellectuals have been visiting Dublin because of those features for centuries. This city is an extremely popular destination with over 9 million visitors per year. Sexy Irish girls may be one of the reasons why so many people visit the island every year. Now, however, there are alternative options to meet hot Irish babes; online dating is the first and most effective one.

The lifestyle of Irish Singles

Beautiful Irish women are very funny and lively! They make amazing companions as they are always ready for new adventures. In this country, young people get independent quite early. Thus, girls from Ireland typically start living alone at the age of 18. Thus, they have more time and space to explore life and build themselves. Generally, these ladies think about getting married and starting a family at around 30 years old. Those thoughts, of course, are not definitive. Some women get married sooner, some later; depending on the time they get to meet their other halves. Dating Irish women seems to be an unforgettable adventure that applies to men from most countries in the world.

Irish singles

Physical Features of Beautiful Irish Girls

The stereotypical appearance of a pretty Irish girl includes the alluring ginger hair, green eyes, and freckles. In the past, ladies from Ireland mostly had long, thick hair and they were very tall. Mixed-marriages contributed to major changes in appearance among Irish people. However, there are still certain Irish physical characteristics that describe women in Ireland closely.

Physical features of Irish beauties include:

  • Red, blond or dark hair
  • Oval visage
  • Green or blue eyes
  • Freckles
  • Sunken cheeks
  • Pronounced jaw
  • Smallmouth
  • Neat flat-nose
  • Nice teeth
  • Alluring smile

hot Irish babes

Personality Traits of Beautiful Irish Women

As a result of their independence and lifestyle in Ireland, Pretty Irish women have developed several typical Irish characteristics that are very useful for men getting involved with these beauties. With prior knowledge about personality traits, men know what to expect from a lady in Ireland.


According to a survey conducted by Conde Nast, hot Irish women are among the friendliest women in the world. Cork took the third place on the list, Galway the fifth and Dublin the eighth place on the list of the friendliest girls in the world! These ladies love to have a good chat. They are outgoing and easy to have a conversation with.


The sense of humor in Ireland is unique and perhaps hard to understand for some people. Namely, Irish ladies love the craic, also known as banter. It is a dry and sarcastic humor that may be perceived as mocking in some countries. However, people that understand it enjoy the smart jokes exchanged between friends, family members, or spouses. Craic allows people to make jokes at someone else’s expense but they also have to be ready to make jokes at their own expense. Every man that is dating an Irish girl should be familiar with the craic. Otherwise, she will not be fulfilled in a relationship as she won’t joke the way she likes to.

Good manners

Ireland women have great manners. Thus, people from this country show gratitude to bus drivers, sales assistants, cashiers, and just everyone they come across. Surely, foreign men tend to be surprised by the level of good manners of these ladies. To impress a woman from this island, they need to show amazing manners as well. Frequently, the first date with a girl from Ireland never gets the second date because the man doesn’t show good manners.


Single Irish women have outstanding social confidence. Their eloquence allows them to find solutions and make impactful contacts wherever they go. They are not afraid to speak their minds and they also like to listen; the good balance between listening and talking makes these girls unique. An Irish wife can find a way out of any situation, which is also beneficial for a foreign husband. Not many people can be as eloquent so having a woman with great communication skills is extremely beneficial.


A typical Irish woman is very loyal and respectful. She doesn’t need any pressure to be faithful, she is that way naturally. Loyalty is definitely one of the most appreciated factors in every relationship. Men highly praise Ireland girls because they are not troublesome and they are loyal.


In the case of women of Ireland, family-oriented does not mean living with relatives until getting married or getting married early. It means that once a woman from this island decides to get married, she is very devoted to her spouse and her kids. She will not insist on marriage before time as people from Ireland prefer to explore life unmarried and then proceed to the next chapter. Once they get to that stage, gorgeous Irish women are even more excited about starting a family. That is because they have already enjoyed life as singles a lot so they will savor every family moment.

Beautiful Irish women

Do Irish Girls like American Men?

The authenticity of Irish girls is very attractive to Americans. That’s why many of them wonder “do Irish women like American men?”. We cannot claim that all girls from Ireland like American men, we can only make conclusions based on what we know. Namely, both Irish and Americans are generally independent; both nations like to drink from time to time and explore life; they speak the same language and they don’t rush the marriage. Instead, Americans and Irish prefer to get to know their partners in a relationship and then decide to get married. That being said, the starting points for an Irish lady and an American man match. Surely, girls from Ireland like the charm and adventurist nature of Americans. Therefore, these beauties are open to meeting men from America. The rest, however, depends on how well their personality traits match.

How to Attract Single Irish Women?

  • Geography knowledge

The first thing any man needs to know when talking to a girl from Ireland is where exactly Ireland is! Showing more knowledge about the island, Europe, or geography would be an enormous advantage on a date.

  • Finding a good place for the first date

Irish singles enjoy dates where they can talk (a lot). They like to have a good conversation so a nice dinner or even a walk is better than inviting a girl to the cinema.

  • Moderate compliments

Women of Ireland do not like receiving too many compliments at the beginning; especially if all those compliments are related to their looks. Men should save their compliments for the time they get more comfortable.

  • Sense of humor

Humor is extremely important in a relationship with a girl from Ireland. Showing her the understanding of the “craic” and good utilization of it is an amazing plus for a man!

Any man can know when an Ireland girl is into him. She will start joking more, she will be more comfortable, chattier and she will never say “We will see” when asked about the second date. Instead, she will look forward to it and confirm it as soon as possible!

Dating Irish women

Meeting Girls on an Irish Dating Site

International dating agencies started becoming popular a few decades ago. In the beginning, they were offline and men chose brides from catalogs provided by the dating agency. Today, men can find women online; Irish mail order brides were never more available. While registering, users enter their information and preferences. Typically, dating sites use that information to connect users with ladies that match their criteria. That is how easy it is to meet Irish singles!

Advantages of Irish Dating Websites:

  • Advanced Matchmaking

Filters on most dating platforms automatically eliminate brides that do not match user’s preferences. Thus, users that want to meet hot brides will get the results of all the candidates that meet their requirements.

  • Availability

Dating sites simplify Irish women dating. These sites are always available so users can talk to ladies in Ireland anytime. There are hundreds of beautiful ladies always ready for a nice conversation and hopefully romantic relationships.

  • Great potential

Irish dating can quickly turn into marriage on dating websites. Every person that registers on these platforms is looking for a soulmate. That being said, everyone is single. Once two people start a relationship, it gets serious quickly and it can easily turn into a marriage.

  • Comfort

Irish mail order wife is just a few clicks away thanks to reliable dating sites. Without leaving the comfort of their homes, Irish American singles can connect to their future spouses.

The adventurist nature of Irish brides makes these ladies great for mixed marriages! They enjoy learning new things and meeting people from different countries. Thus, Irish singles are easily approachable and easy to find as there are thousands of pretty girls registered on dating websites. Any man in the world can marry an Irish woman just a few months after meeting her online. The first and most important step is simply to create a profile and all the other steps will follow smoothly!

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