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Top List of Hot Russian Girls

Hot Russian girls have always been the secret desire of Western men. The typical physical characteristics of hot Russian women trigger the protective instincts in men that love the sophisticated beauty of these ladies. Light-colored eyes, blonde hair, ideal height, and a perfect smile are the first associations with stunning women from Russia.

The hottest Russian female athletes had a great role in the popularity of several sports. Frequently, a certain sport would gain more followers only because of the beautiful players. A long list of the most attractive female sportsmen can give men more content to watch. They can check out sports they never watched before or follow the social media accounts of sexy female athletes and never miss a post by these gorgeous girls.

Darya Klishina

Instagram: dariaklishina

Darya is a great representative of hot Olympic babes. She is an attractive blonde, 5’11” tall with long attractive legs that made men more interested in long jumps as soon as they saw her for the first time. This long jumper won the hearts of many in the 2017 World Championships in London. Ever since then, loyal fans have been following the career of this beautiful athlete, hoping to see more hot Russian girls that could remind them of Darya.

Anna Sidorova

Instagram: curlme_anna

From an early age, Anna Sidorova has represented Russia at prestigious competitions as an excellent curler. As a junior, she won a bronze medal as the skip of the Russian team. At the age of 19, she was a member of the Olympic Team for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Her career continued to blossom throughout many elite competitions. Apart from being an amazing athlete, this hot Russian woman is praised greatly for her looks; especially by men. With her sophisticated beauty, gentle-looking face, and femininity, Anna Sidorova is considered one of the hottest Russian athletes.  

Ekaterina Bobrova

Instagram: eketerinabobrova

Ice dancing is elegant, artistic, and attractive and hot Russian women love it! Ekaterina Bobrova is a retired ice dancer with an impressive career. She was a champion in several categories. From juniors to the national championships, Ekaterina Bobrova is a well-known name in Russia. This beautiful woman continues to inspire people through her Instagram page. She shares moments with her family and friends and promotes a healthy lifestyle through art, sports, and a lot of love.

Anastasia Yankova

Instagram: anastasia_yankova

Sexy Russian women are not the typical snowflakes you might be used to. Anastasia Yankova is a real example of a powerful woman. She is an MMA fighter, recognized worldwide by admirers of martial arts. A real danger to her enemies and a pleasure to watch to all men, Anastasia is one of the hotties from Russia that you surely want to follow on social media.

Elena Nikitina

Instagram: nikitina1992

A skeleton racer Elena Nikitina is a beautiful young lady that has been competing in world competitions for over 10 years. Beautiful Russian women are successful in a variety of sports; skeleton racing is not too popular globally but it has gained many fans especially because of Elena. She was best noticed by the public after her appearance at Winter Olympics. Elena Nikitina is very popular on social media as she shares interesting content from her life that allow followers to get to know her better privately.

Yana Zaitceva

Instagram: yana.zaitceva

Yana Zaitceva is a relatively new name in Russian sports, with a great potential to become a national star. This athlete is ambitious and hardworking, which can be easily concluded after checking out her Instagram. Hot Russian girls take care special care of their bodies, which can be seen in Yana’s photos. Perfectly defined muscles and an attractive body get the attention of people regularly. They follow her to stay up-to-date with sensational hot updates and Yana never lets them down!

Vitalia Diatchenko

Instagram: vdiatchenko8

Ever since her Grand Slam debut in 2009, Vitalia Diatchenko caught the eye of tennis lovers that started to follow her career throughout the years. She is one of the hot Russian chicks that showed the beauty of ladies in this country. Vitalia is 5’10 tall, which itself makes her extremely attractive. In addition, her beautiful blue eyes and distinctive facial features put this pretty girl on the list of the hottest female athletes in Russia.

Victoria Gorlova

Instagram: victoriagraind

Victoria is a stunning Russian hot girl with over 70k followers on Instagram that are happy to see her photos every day. She is a long jumper, a rising star that is yet to impress the world with more than just her looks. Victoria loves to show off her perfect body on social media, she frequently experiments with her hair and posts close-up photos that let the viewers see her face even better and admire the beauty of this stunning lady. Russian sexy women like to show off the parts of their bodies that they are proud of. Considering Victoria’s photos, it can be concluded that she is proud of every part of herself!

Maria Verchenova

Instagram: mariaverchenova

Maria Verchenova is a professional golfer. Russian hot women did not use to be too interested in this sport but they have shown more interest in recent decades. Maria became a full-time member of the Ladies European Tour, being the first Russian player to achieve that. She is an attractive brown-haired lady that brought joy to the golf world with her exceptional skills and stunning appearance.

Anastasia Luppova

Instagram: luppova

Hot Russian girls are present in all sports, including billiards. One of the ladies with a great reputation among billiard players is Anastasia Luppova. She was the champion in the Russian pyramid twice, the champion of the dynamic pyramid in Moscow, and a Russian Master of Sports. After a successful career, Anastasia became a coach and continued to contribute to this interesting sport. Without knowing that Anastasia is a billiards player, you would surely think that she is one of the female Russian models.

Polina Knoroz

Instagram: knoroz__

Polina was still in school when she started her career in 2014. Today, she is a well-known pole vaulter and athlete. This pretty young woman makes us see how powerful cute Russian girls can be. Although she looks petite and gentle, Polina’s results show that she is a strong and determined woman that knows what she wants and doesn’t stop until she achieves it. She likes to share daring photos that (among other interesting content) got her over 320k followers on Instagram.

Maria Sharapova

Instagram: mariasharapova

Maria Sharapova is considered one of the hottest female athletes ever. She is a former No. 1 tennis player in the world. There is not one person who followed tennis from 2001 to 2020 that didn’t hear of Maria Sharapova. Even those that did not especially watch tennis, knew about this hot Russian tennis player. With 36 titles in total, Maria retired in 2020. Apart from her great physique, one of the main associations with this legendary player is the mental strength that helped her defeat even the most dangerous opponents at difficult times. Tennis fans were sad to say goodbye to Sharapova’s professional career but she remained active on social media where she has 4.4 million followers! She shares her self-care routine, hobbies, exercises, and interesting moments of her life with people that support her.

Karolina Sevastyanova

Instagram: karolisha.s

Hot Russian gymnast Karolina Sevastyanova is the 2012 Olympics Group All-around champion. She is a highly-educated athlete that, apart from her professional achievement, caught the attention of the public with her beauty. She was also mentioned repeatedly in the press after posting a photo with Conor McGregor, a UFC star, on social media. Karolina is a stunning woman with captivating eyes and feminine body and face features that leave a good impression on every viewer. She is definitely one of the top-ranked hot Russian girls that represent the beauty of their country in the best possible way.

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