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Hot Spanish Women Who Stole Men’s Hearts

You will never run out of choices for hot Spanish women. They are everywhere – entertainment, broadcasting, business, fashion, charitable causes, and more.

Many of them have found fame on an international scale for being the best representation of their origins. It’s understandable that many men fantasize about these  Spanish women and have even stolen their hearts.

Guess what? You can keep yourself updated with the latest about these gorgeous ladies on Instagram. 

Let me present the top eight señoras known for their beauty and allure and where you can find them online.

Top 8 Hot Spanish Women Many Men Fantasize About

Penélope Cruz

Penélope Cruz is among the lucky Spanish babes who seem to never age. She still looks as hot as when she hit it big internationally when paired with Tom Cruise in the critically acclaimed film Vanilla Sky in 2001.

Speaking of Cruise, he was among the top guns (pun intended) who was enamored by Cruz’s beauty. The two reportedly had a whirlwind romance that lasted for three years.

If she was hot in her youth, nothing much has changed until this day. This charmer continues to be one of the hot Spanish women who fill the fantasies of many men constantly searching for hot-looking girls with to-die-for bodies.

It’s a plus factor; Cruz isn’t only beautiful outside, but this gal is brainy and has a good heart.

At 48, Cruz is now happily married with two kids and continues to enjoy fame in and out of the limelight. She’s an entrepreneur, model, and advocate of different causes.

You can keep up with her life on her Instagram page, where she shares a bit about everything. She posts about work, family, endorsements, and life quotes. 

You can also catch her strutting sexy outfits photographed by famed pros on her Instagram, with more than six million followers. 

Lorena Duran

  • Instagram username: @imlorenaduran
  • Occupation: Model
  • Birthdate: October 23, 1993

She is one of the sexy Spain women with the most voluptuous form. Lorena made more eyes look her way when she became part of the Victoria’s Secret campaign.

This beautiful Spanish woman broke the stereotypes of models. She made it big internationally despite being curvy.

She broke into the world of the fashion industry, which used to be filled with thin figures. Her breakthrough was a statement, and she deserves all the attention she has gotten.

Her Instagram page is filled with posts to show off all the curves she’s got in the right places. 

She used to work as a chemical laboratory technician but has dreamt of becoming a model since she was young. It was a good thing that her mother supported and went with her through most of her casting calls.

From Barcelona, where she was discovered, she has rendered her services for big brands, including Intimissimi, L’Oreal Paris, and Vogue.

Lorena is now among the top models of her generation after being part of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. 

However, aside from fame and all the sexiness displayed on her Instagram page, this lady is also good behind the camera and loves dancing.

Susana Molina

  • Instagram username: @susana_bicho
  • Occupation: Television star, influencer, entrepreneur
  • Birthdate: February 24, 1990

Her claim to fame may be Big Brother 14, but it was only the beginning of the more adventure-filled life that awaited her. Her charm and looks have gained her a following, and many men consider her among the hot Spanish babes.

After her Big Brother stint, she started a nail venture with Anabel Pantoja. At the time, she moved to Seville and became part of La Isla de las Tentaciones, a reality show made by Telecinco and Cuatro.

She’s not only a beauty; this gal knows where to put her talent and money into. She’s an entrepreneur who is not afraid to try things. She takes risks – in life, business, career, and love.

Her one million followers on Instagram prove that she still makes it to the list of hot Spanish women. The page is generous with sexy photos of Susana. Check it out to get updated on what she’s been up to and what’s more to come.

Ana Moya

  • Instagram username: @anamoyacalzado
  • Occupation: Designer, model, DJ, influencer
  • Birthdate: October 11, 1990

Her name will always be included in many men’s lists of Spanish sexy women. But she has more to her name than her beauty and voluptuous body.

Ana is a jewelry designer and the person behind the Ana Moya Collection. She does not only sell but is also the genius behind the creative designs of her jewelry line.

Some people may have also caught her in the band Marlon’s music video of Tequila y Candela. She also graced her influence to boost the brand image of adults-only exclusive hotels, Amare, in the summer of 2021.

She continues to explore her options while trying her hands at different ventures and collaborations. Aside from being a designer and influencer, she’s also a DJ and model.

Ana is a talented lass who knows how to maximize her time to fulfill everything she hopes to be. While at it, she gives in to her fans’ wishes and shares a collection of her seductive poses on her social media pages.

Her Instagram page proves why she’s among the hot women in Spain. You can check it out to get updates about her life in front and behind the camera. She may be a mom, but she still has the body of a top model.

Aretha Fusté

  • Instagram username: @arethalagalleta
  • Occupation: Model, influencer
  • Birthdate: November 14, 1992

Aretha is another constant in many men’s hot Spanish women lists. She is from Barcelona and goes by the name Aretha La Galleta as an influencer.

She loves the camera, and it’s obvious the camera loves her back. It’s evident on her Instagram page, with half a million followers.

The page features her life, travel photos, sexy poses, and everything else in between. But aside from Instagram, she also shares tidbits about her life on YouTube and her blog.

More than the fame, Aretha said that she enjoys posting on social media because it feels personal. It’s a way for her to reach out to people and feel closer to them.

As much as she would like to share everything and be open to her followers, she tries to stick with posts that promote positivity. She’s a fan of people who are true to themselves, a big factor she always looks for when invited to be a judge for EML Spain.

Her Instagram is proof of why many men adore her. Aside from her smile being infectious, Aretha is sexy. She knows that, and she is often gracious in sharing her alluring side with her male fans.

Victoria Lomba

  • Instagram username: @victorialomba  
  • Occupation: Fashion model
  • Birthdate: February 22, 1979

If your definition of a hot Spanish girl is tattooed and curvy, then Victoria Lomba may be who you’re looking for. Her sexiness landed her in different magazines, including Iron Man, Australia’s Swimsuit Models, Maxim, Frontline, FHM, and Playboy.

She’s among the hot Spanish models lucky to be tapped by top brands. She has modeled for Motufashion Sexy Clothes Online and Revtech Power Nutrition.

Victoria is an international fitness model based in the US. But she was born and raised in Spain.

Her Instagram page, with nearly five million followers, is a delight to browse through. She loves playing with colors and the imagination and fantasies of those who adore her.

You can check her photos and reels to get a glimpse of why she continues capturing the hearts of her fans.

This gal is beautiful, and she knows the poses and photos to take to satisfy her fans and make them want to see more.

Lorena Bernal

  • Instagram username: @lober99 
  • Occupation: TV host, actress, and model
  • Birthdate: May 12, 1981

You will likely get her name when you search for models from Spain. It was her first job, as she started modeling at the tender age of seven.

She has been a dreamer since she was young. At 13, she began attending drama classes. At 17, she was crowned Miss Spain 1999, which landed her in her first international pageant, Miss World, where she was among the ten finalists.

She’s among the pretty Spanish women who captured the hearts of the US audience thanks to her fluency in English, Spanish, and French.

She has worked as an actress, TV host, and model in Spain. While in the US, she landed roles in shows, including CSI: Miami and Chuck.

She’s now a mom of two and the wife of Mikel Arteta, a former Spanish footballer. More than her beauty, she represents successful women who know what they want and persevere to get it. She serves as an inspiration because of how she evolved through the years.

Her Instagram page is filled with her everyday life and a showcase of her beauty that simply gets more intense as she ages.


These are only eight of the many hot Spanish women many men from around the world fantasize about. They may be different in styles and how they project themselves on their social media pages, but they all are top-notch representations of the allure they all have.

All these ladies share parts of their lives on Instagram, so you can keep yourself updated about them and what’s keeping them busy.

Above all, they all promote body positivity and influence others in their own way to be true to themselves.

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