Types of Guys Polish Ladies Avoid

Polish ladies are known to be elegant and beautiful. These Slavic beauties are no wonder popular among men and are especially sought-after on a lot of dating sites. If you’re a guy who’s fallen for these gorgeous women, then it’s high time that you start dating them.

However, before you begin the courtship, do note that there are some types of guys that these ladies avoid – you wouldn’t want to be in their list, right?

So, take note of these types in order to score a date with an amazing Polish girl.

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  • Arguers

Women, especially mature Polish women, hate arguers. This is because arguing over the littlest things is exhausting for them. Who would want to date someone who’ll turn every normal conversation into a debate? You wouldn’t want to I bet, so try to ease your debating skill to an all-time low unless the situation calls for it.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that women don’t enjoy a good debate, but this is only applicable when both of you are on the same page. That’s why, unless you know the girl enough to realize that she’s up for a little debate, never argue with her as this will instantly be a turnoff for her.

  • Liars

White lies are forgivable, but lying about every facet of your life will not only complicate things but will also make you appear untrustworthy. Especially when you’re still starting to date, it’s understandable why some men lie here and there. This may be done to impress or to cover up an unpleasant part of their lives to appear much more ideal.

However, this will definitely plummet you down to chaos the moment your date finds out. How to date Polish girl? Start by being honest. You’re not only being honest to her but to yourself as well. It makes acceptance easier and dating simpler.


  • Creeps

A typical Polish woman won’t tolerate creeps. They’ll avoid you like you’re the plague. In fact, all girls do, and you wouldn’t want to be labeled as one. That’s why keep the creepy perverted talks all to yourself unless it’s her thing too.

Women hate it when they’re objectified. That’s why you’ll have to proceed with caution when talking about such matters with her. Instead, why not let the conversation flow smoothly and wait for the topic to naturally come up. Don’t appear too desperate as she’ll think that this is the only thing that you want from her.

  • Stalkers

Next to the creeps are the stalkers. Those who can’t take no for an answer and are borderline controlling will never have a chance. This behavior will actually creep out single Polish women. Yes, persistence is a good trait when applied in different situations – getting a job, working on a hobby, etc., but when you apply this in a romantic context, it’s a different story.

Definitely, there are times when a girl would play hard to get, but you certainly have to learn to read signals. When she doesn’t want any of your attention and doesn’t text you back, those are already clear signs that you need to back off. Wait for her to reach out when you think she’s playing hard to get. You wouldn’t want to be known as a dangerous person, so don’t waste your time on one girl who’s not interested. Move on and start over again.

  • Jerks

The classic bully, one who thinks he’s so alpha that he can do what he wants, will never win a date with single Polish ladies.  There’s nothing much to say about this type of guy. They’re basically avoided by pretty much all genders even.

That’s why you must learn to tone down your aggressive side. Emotional maturity and flexibility are what’s needed when you want to attract a woman. They’re much more appreciative when you know how to compromise and act cool at the same time.

  • Braggarts

First of all, there is nothing wrong with being proud of what you do and what you’ve achieved. However, there’s a fine line between casually sharing your success stories and constantly bragging about yourself all day long. Men think that doing so would impress a lady, but the effect is actually the opposite.

When you often talk about yourself, this would bore a woman. In Polish dating culture, or even in other parts of the world, it’s not cool to always do all of the talking. Instead, why not allow a free-flowing conversation – one that’s not only focused on you but her too. Casually ask her about what she does and what she has achieved. You’ll be surprised at how the conversation would just go smoothly compared to when you’re just only yapping all about yourself.

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  • Mopers

While the braggarts are avoided, the polar opposites of them are not safe as well. The mopers are equally annoying and are avoided by pretty Polish girls. Certainly, we can get away with one or two self-deprecating jokes. We get it; it’s funny. But too much of this can be tiring as well. This may let girls feel like they’re constantly appeasing a child.

Though being able to express one’s self is great, do note that there is room for levity too. Ladies would appreciate it more if you’re sensitive and expressive during moments that are ideal, not when you’re on a date supposedly having fun!

  • Sexists

The last ones in our list are the sexists. To those who don’t respect women – don’t even think about marrying a Polish woman. This one is very serious as it involves stereotypical beliefs that would make women turn away from you.

Sexism does exist, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t be aware of it and minimize it. Being mindful is the first step when you want to reshape your thinking, and being informed is a great move when you want to broaden your awareness. Remember, women like it when they are respected. Once you do, you’ll be treated the same away too

P.S. Not sure about Europen women? It doesn’t matter. You can meet people from other countries. For example, a girl from Thai or a woman from Vietnamese.