Thai Women: The Ultimate Guide to Searching for Potential Thai Brides

Thai girls are known for their beauty. That aside, they are also known for their personalities which kind of sets them apart from other nationalities. For this reason, a lot of western men are eager to visit Thailand in the hopes of searching for beautiful Thai women whom they can make their bride.

If that is what you’re looking for, then you’d be glad to know that there are several Thai mail order brides sites which let you find the right partner with ease.

The Best Thai Mail Order Brides Sites of 2019


As mentioned earlier, you can find a number of Thai mail order brides sites online. These sites allow you to choose from hundreds, if not thousands, of Thai girls whom you can potentially become your bride.

We have compiled a list of such websites to make it easier for you to find your potential partner. They’re as follows:





What You Should Know about Thai Mail Order Brides?


Thai women are one of the most prominent in the mail order bride industry, and there are a number of reasons why a lot of western men pursue them. If you are one of them, here are some of the things you need to know about mail order brides that hailed from Thailand:

There’s no doubt that Thai ladies are beautiful. However, compared to other nationalities, particularly throughout the Asian region, their beauty can be classified as a little different.

On average, they have a different eye shape, darker skin tone, and have a taller height than most Asians – take Japanese women for example. There are also other features that set their beauty apart from other women.

The fact that Thailand is situated near the countries of Birma, Cambodia, China, and Malaysia speaks volumes of the multiple cultural influences which is evident among women in Thailand. Such cultural diversity had a profound effect on the way they dress, look, and even behave.

Thai mail order brides are extremely popular, and tons of men, mostly westerners, come to Thai girl dating sites to look for a potential Thai date. After all, Thai women are capable of doing a lot of things around the house. Add to that the fact that they are very pretty, making them a very strong candidate for becoming a foreigner’s wife.

Those things aside, what exactly makes women from Thailand perfect for being wives and mothers?

For one, they have an amazingly pleasant personality – something that you’d definitely find interesting in a woman. By nature, they are also cheery and very friendly. Moreover, if you’re able to date a Thai lady who can speak fluent English, having her around would deprive you of any dull and boring moments.

Another thing is that they have deep cultural values. As a result, you can expect them to properly take good care of you and help bring out the best in you. They also place great importance on family and ensure that you can get the love, care, and respect you’re supposed to get. Lastly, their deep cultural values would mean that they would be so devoted to you.

Remarkable Personality Traits of Thai Women


Their beauty isn’t the only thing that makes Thai women attractive. Apart from that, they also have a slew of remarkable personality traits that you’ll find interesting in the event you come across one.

Let’s dig deeper into some of them.

Owing to their deep connection to their values and culture, you can expect Thai girls to be submissive and humble. This is especially true since they are from a tradition where they’re taught proper respect, particularly respecting the opinion of other people.

Once you start dating a Thai mail order bride, you’ll find that she will never try to look down on you. Instead, she will be your companion and even go the extra mile just to make sure your relationship will work.

woman from Thailand

Since Thailand is a popular destination for foreign tourists, it’s pretty common to find a lot of western foreigners visiting the country on a regular basis. As a result, a major portion of the Thai population, especially in major cities, get well acquainted with the foreign modern lifestyle.

Young Thai ladies get to taste foreign life in major cities and make friends with foreigners, especially westerners, with ease. Such interaction allows them to become intellectually advanced, thereby adding to their overall charm. They also love the thought of men paying them attention at all times.

Despite having a modern outlook in life, women from Thailand still hold on to their culture and traditions. You’ll find most women giving importance to their partners and family. This alongside their modern outlook makes them really attractive and interesting.

Additionally, their overall mannerism is the second most amazing trait that some western men found.

Thai girls find themselves quick to adapt to a new country they visit. It’s pretty common for them to learn while working hard at the same time. In fact, most of them don’t worry about low-paying jobs as long as they can catch up to their new life in a foreign country.

Also, their devoted personality would mean that they will do all of the house chores while letting you relax or sit in the couch watching your favorite TV show.

Respect is considered a very important value in Thailand and in most Asian countries. When you’re dating a Thai woman, she will make sure that you can get the respect you deserve, even more than you could possibly think of. This stems from the tradition that they are thought not to be disrespectful toward other people at a very early age.

Top Reasons Why Thai Ladies Prefer Foreign Men


If you’re wondering why there are lots of Thai ladies in mail order bride sites, this is because they prefer dating foreign men than the locals. But of course, this one has its own reasons too. In this section, we’re going to talk about the reasons why you’ll find lots of hot Thailand girls in dating sites looking for foreigners to date.

As mentioned, ladies from Thailand don’t prefer dating their locals, and this is the reason why. In Thailand, the practice of polygamy used to be legal until 1935. As such, Thai men during that time were allowed to have a wife and a mistress at the same time. In some cases, however, he can even have a third one just for the sake of being his sex partner.

The thing is, monogamy isn’t a quality that most Thai men are known for. Even though the country has already outlawed polygamy, a lot of local men still practice the act of having a mistress – a fact which is regarded as acceptable by Thai ladies.

This doesn’t mean, however, that some foreign men don’t practice polygamy. The only difference is that Thai men often expect their wives to accept it.

Whether you like it or not, a lot of Thai babes consider financial security when looking for a potential partner, regardless if he’s a local or a foreigner. For most women in the country, marrying someone who is well-off could spell the difference between living in middle or upper-class life. However, since more and more Thai ladies in modern society are becoming independent nowadays, the focus has somewhat shifted.

The modern Thailand society places a heavy emphasis on beauty and style due to influences from countries such as Korea and Japan. As such, a lot of Thai women are pressured into having a handsome partner. For this reason, a lot of them turn to date foreign men.

Add to that the fact that most western foreigners are considered by Thai girls to be very handsome and attractive.

Western guys are taught to be responsible and mature even during their early years. They’ve been given tons of responsibilities which allowed them to mature both mentally and emotionally even during their adolescent period.

On the other hand, Thai men are heavily influenced by Chinese tradition where men are traditionally treated as loyalty due to them becoming the heir to their family’s legacy. As a result, the Thai society has raised men who are not mature enough to deal with their daily lives, let alone their relationships with their partners.

This has prompted women from Thailand to look for a foreign western man since their chances of finding a responsible and mature date are significantly higher.

What You Should Know About the Thai Dating Culture?


When you get into the Thai dating scene, you’ll notice several differences as you go along. Despite modernization changing the country in terms of infrastructures and technology, the Thai culture dating still remains the same.

If your main goal is to have a traditional Thai dating experience, then these are the things you should know about:

One of the things that make Thai dating unique is that their women prefer expressing themselves in a calm manner without the use of words. For them, nonverbal communication and body language are often preferred.

Also, their culture forbids them to display any shameful acts while in public places, especially during an argument. As such, if a Thai woman is upset, she will convey her feelings to you through her actions.

Based on their culture, Thai families will expect their daughter’s partner to support her and her entire family. As such, you are expected to be financially stable and secure if you want to win her family over.

If your date likes you, she should bring you home to meet her family. Meanwhile, her family will discuss the possible dowry with you.

Compared to other Asian cultures, Thai dating don’t practice arranged marriages. That said, both men and women have the freedom to choose who their partners will be. In Thai culture, women will get to decide whether their partners are worthy to be with them for the rest of their lives.

Thai women, in general, are concerned about their reputation. This only means that they are less likely to engage in casual dating. They consider the very first phase of dating to be quite important as they restrain themselves from touching their partner. Even public displays of affection are highly frowned upon.

This means that things like hugging, kissing in public is disapproved of. Also, they consider the head to be a sacred part, so unless you can get your date’s approval, you are not allowed to touch her head.

However, in recent years Thailand, as a perfect vacation destination for foreign visitors, has been influenced quite a lot by western culture as well. You don’t need to be worried about dating single Thai ladies can be boring.  In Thailand singles enjoy mingling with people as much as people in your country.

Dos and Don’ts When Dating Hot Thai Girls


When dating Thai girls, you might find things that are easy to figure out and some that are not. This is especially true if you’re not familiar with Thailand’s culture. For that, here are some dos and don’ts you want to take into account as you date Thai women:


  1. Do be polite, always– politeness is considered a big deal in the Thai society. For them, being with someone who loses his cool, especially in public, is embarrassing. If you end up losing your cool, you end up “losing face” and this could brand you as the ultimate loser.
  2. Do pick the checkthis one doesn’t have to do with the fact that she is just after your money. It’s just that in Thai culture, Thai men are the ones to pay for everything during a date. Besides, everything in Thailand is quite affordable, so it shouldn’t hurt your budget at all!
  3. Do dress properly – the way you dress in Thailandis actually more important than you think it is! Doing so will make your date be proud of having you around.


  1. Don’t talk about money– for Thai girls, men who talk about money matters is cheap. If you constantly brag about how much money you make, she might seem interested, but deep inside, she’s actually thinking that you’re a loser.
  2. Don’t complain about all things Thai – Thais can be quite sensitivewhen it comes to negative remarks about their country. Even minor complaints which might seem silly to you could make them lose their interest.
  3. Don’t ask her to bed right away – most Thai girls don’t engage in sex with their dates during the first date. In fact, most don’t even engage in sex until they’re married. Therefore, if you force her into doing the deed, she’ll most likely dump you.

Where to Find Thailand Women to Marry?


If you’re looking for Thai girls to marry, then you have to look for her in the right places. Going to Thailand could seem the most ideal option, but it can be quite expensive, and your chances of finding the right one aren’t good.

On the other hand, you can always look for Thai mail order brides from various dating sites online. There are a lot of them (we’ve included some of the best sites you can visit near the introduction of this guide). The best thing about it is that you get access to thousands of single women who are also looking for you, thereby increasing your chances of finding a potential partner.


In general, dating Thai women could be one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences you can get yourself into. However, despite most of them adapting the modern lifestyle, their traditions and culture still heavily influenced the way they date other guys, especially foreign men. As such, you are expected to try harder and make extra efforts just to win their hearts.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend thousands just to visit Thailand and try your chances of finding a partner. The presence of online dating sites and apps make it easier, and possible, for you to find a potential Thai date regardless of where you’re from.

Just make sure to choose a reliable and secure online dating site. You can read reviews from previous users who are now living a successful and happy life with their Thai mail order brides. Additionally, you want to check your options. Before you settle with paid options, go for those that don’t involve paywalls to see if the overall experience is good. Lastly, make sure you thoroughly do a background check of someone you meet online before you decide to meet her personally.

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