Russian Women Vs American Women: Who Is Better?

A lot of men debate about the differences between Russian women vs American women. Nevertheless, a lot of western men have imagined dating women from Russia. There has even been an increase among American and European men who try to find Russian brides online.

Nevertheless, when asked why they are attracted to these women, most of them respond, “They’re pretty.” There is no deeper understanding or reasoning why these ladies are popular in the dating realm.

American women

There are a lot of reasons behind this, and you’ll be surprised to know that they are more complex. If you’re interested in going out with a girl from Russia, then you better continue reading to learn more about the aspects in which Russian and American women differ.


The US is known for its own comfort culture. Therefore, women in this country don’t make much of an effort to impress their partners with their appearance. This is why American women typically go out wearing casual clothing and light makeup. One good reason for this is they give more importance to their life achievements and their inner world than their fashion or makeup.

Although Russian girls also give more value to the other life aspects than their looks, they consider appearances as something important for them as well. This is probably due to the influence of a Russian proverb. It means that in reality, it’s hard to give a good impression with intelligence because one will be judged physically first.

That’s why women in Russia don’t step out of their houses without wearing makeup, spending a lot of time making sure they look good. They also like donning fashionable and expensive clothes and high-heeled shoes. You can even see women wearing fancy clothes in public transportations. The way they pay attention to their sense of style and their natural inner attractiveness will make you like them on the best Russian dating sites.

Dating Many American women are liberated and independent, so they don’t mind making the first move when they’re interested. However, if you prefer traditional dating and like making the first move in relationships, you may find women who approach men first less attractive.

Because of this, you might prefer engaging in Russian dating. Women in Russia are more traditional when it comes to going out with men. They don’t ask men out first even if they like them. Thus, even Russian women looking for American men are not aggressive.

Moreover, age is indeed just a number for them since they don’t mind going out with more mature and older men. In fact, most women from Russia find older men more attractive.

Even after connecting on a Russian dating site, she will not make it easy for you. You have to give her months before she decides if she wants to have dinner with you. In case she accepts your invitation, you can’t just go and assume that she likes you. You have to keep giving your best when it comes to how you treat her.

Family Values

Many women from western countries such as the US don’t want to have children because they have different life goals. Most of them want to focus on attaining their personal goals, so having a baby is often out of the question. While some women can balance work and family, there are just some who can’t imagine taking care of a child while focusing on their career.

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However, when it comes to dating Russian women, you can expect they give a lot of importance to their family as well. Influenced by how they were raised when they were young, their goal is not only to be a loving and caring wife but also a loving and caring mother.

Because of this, they consider having a child and becoming a mother as a milestone. You can just imagine the sadness if they find out that they can’t be pregnant.

If you marry a woman in Russia, you’ll realize how important making sacrifices is in their culture. You can expect that she will be completely faithful and responsible to you and your children. Therefore, you can have a great family in the future together because of her.

Education and Manners

Russian girls

Russian women are highly educated and most hold a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. Nevertheless, education in Russia is less obligatory compared to the US. However, around 80% of women in Russia still enter college. Because of this, holding a conversation with them won’t be difficult, and you’ll never find your discussions boring because they have a lot of things to share.

Russians have a lot of varying opinions about themselves. Thus, most foreigners consider them mysterious. In terms of manners, they are hard to explain. Although Americans’ characters can’t be fully identified, Russians are often considered aloof and exotic. Therefore, if you’re dating a Russian woman, it’s best if you don’t rush things.

Women from Russia are known to be calm, quiet, and conservative. However, they don’t hide what they feel or think even if they’re at a public place. When it comes to giving and receiving opinions, they are considered open-minded and are usually willing to discuss things.

Another Russian manner you need to keep in mind is how they sort out troubles. For example, if a Russian woman has a neighbor throwing a noisy party, she will call the police instead of talking to that neighbor. They believe that the police should be the ones to intervene in this kind of situation.