Russian Women vs American Women: How Do They Differ?

Because of cultural differences, many men have gained interest in Russian women vs American women. Many western guys want to go out with Russian women. Men from America and Europe search for a significant other from online dating sites and apps.

Nevertheless, when they are asked why they want to date a woman from Russia, they just simply say they are beautiful. They don’t have much reasoning or analysis on the Russian-woman craze. If you are interested to know the difference between Russian and American women, or you want to meet Russian women, you’ve come to the right place.

beautiful russian women


Most western women are comfortable with how they look, so they don’t give much effort to it for their partners. They usually wear casual clothes and light makeup because they know that there are more important things to tend to than their looks.

Hot Russian girls also give much value to their inner selves, but their appearance is vital for them as well. They believe that leaving a good first impression is difficult with intelligence alone because others judge you visually first.

They don’t step out of the house without any makeup on their faces or not wearing high heels. They give much importance on how they look. That’s why they also like trendy and classy clothing. Don’t be surprised if you see them wearing elegant dresses and pumps on regular days. You can even see them wearing this in public transportation. This fashion style and their natural charisma make it no surprise many men swoon over them.


Feminism is the first aspect where Russian and American women differ. Many western men have the same complaint about women from their country: they are too independent. Some western men choose to accept it, but others are adamant about doing so. It’s a different case in Russia. Although there have been many feminist movements since the 19th century, women from this country are different compared to women in America on how they approach it.

Because they are more liberated, American women are more focused on their careers than their families. In the US and other countries, it’s not unusual that women aim to be successful with their chosen careers. The woman being the family’s provider and the husband being the housekeeper and babysitter are roles conventional in a western household.

For Russian women, their patriarchal upbringing is the reason why feminism didn’t evolve. A Russian woman is taught from a young age that the man is the primary member of the family, and her role is to be a dutiful wife.

Dating Culture

Since western women are generally independent, they don’t wait for the men; they like to make the first move. Therefore, some men feel more comfortable approaching them. Nevertheless, some men prefer the traditional approach to dating. They think that the values of conventional dating decrease if women make the first move.

When dating Russian ladies, you will have a better understanding of their dating perspective. It won’t be easy if you consider going out with a Russian after chatting online. You have to talk with her for a couple of months to know if she’s interested in going out with you. Once she decides to go out with you, it doesn’t end there. You have to put your best foot forward and plan the date well.

Russian women don’t make the first move on western men. Thus, they wait until you do something. They don’t mind dating older men. In fact, most of them are attracted to mature men. If you’re someone who believes more in the traditional style of dating, you’ll never go wrong with hot Russian women.

American Women

Religion and Education

Education in Russia is not as mandatory as education in America. During Soviet times, education was considered a stature, so many people aimed to graduate from a university. Most women from Russia have a bachelor’s degree or post-graduate diploma. The percentage of Russians who attend universities is 80%. Therefore, if you talk with Russian ladies on a Russian dating site, you’ll find yourself having fun communicating because you don’t run out of things to talk about.

In the religious aspect, there is no difference between Russian and American women. Most Russians are Orthodox Christians. In case you want a Russian wife, and you have a different religion, this won’t be an issue since they will not force you to convert. This makes them flexible as well.

Family Attitude

Emancipation in many western countries is the reason behind women not wanting to have their children. They become very driven to their careers that they haven’t considered the idea, or they realize that they won’t have enough time to take care of another human being. Nevertheless, some women can juggle career and family life well.

Beautiful Russian women consider their families to be their topmost priority. Besides being a good wife, their goal is also to be a good mother. The reason behind this is how they were nurtured in their childhood. They can honestly say that they have their own family once they have children. Thus, it makes them exceptionally down if they can’t bear a child.

Sacrificing oneself is another culture influential in Russia. As a result, women there are entirely committed and devoted to their husbands and children. It is safe to say that if you marry one, you will have a great wife and mother of your future children.

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