Dating Unlocked: Understanding East European Women

Most men like East European women because they like someone who is out of the ordinary. Their taste in women is no exception to this. It does not limit to appearance only. This includes one’s interests, taste in music or food, or beliefs. In the last couple of decades, Eastern European women have been considered as one of the most astonishing females in the world because of their exoticness.

Read on if you consider dating Eastern European girls or just simply interested after seeing or talking to them from a dating app.

dating Eastern European girls

What Women from Eastern Europe Look Like?

Common facial features of ladies from East Europe have almond-shaped and deep-set eyes. Their eye color is usually green, light, or dark brown or blue which flatters their light brown to dark blonde hair. They also have high cheekbones and wide jaws. Their skin is a bit darker compared with Europeans from the North West, but still very fair in general. They have a medium to a tall height that is around 175 cm or more.

If you happen to see women from this part of Europe from a Russian Euro dating site, you will see their striking features. Applying makeup is normal for them to look charming, but you can still see the natural beauty they possess. Without a doubt, women from East Europe like Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, and Slovakia are pretty thanks to genetics. Their beauty is not something that you’ll find easily elsewhere.

Online Dating through a Europe Dating Site

Before you travel to a country in Eastern Europe, it will be good to research a good dating site. You want your time there well spent. A good dating app will give you just that. When you meet someone there, you can take pleasure in knowing the person more and learn about their culture.

This is highly recommended. Once you know the ropes on this type of dating, you’re in for a wild and enjoyable ride.

Why Eastern European Women Are Irresistible


If you’ve tried dating women from other continents, you’ve most likely experienced playing mind games. Because of their family background and culture, Eastern European women are utterly honest about what they want and choices in their lives. Although they are upfront, their tone is still polite. This is why it’s worth a shot when you match with one from a European dating site. They will pique your interest once you start exchanging messages with them.

Low Maintenance

Women who are too uneasy and attached irritate men. Ladies from this part of Europe are different. They tend to have hopeful and happy dispositions about life. The reason behind this is probably people all over the European region know how to have fun lavishly instead of dwelling on their problems.


Eastern European women know how to carry themselves whatever the situation or wherever the location is. This is one of their most irresistible traits. Also, they are independent and know how to live in the present. You don’t have to force yourself if you’re not in the mood to hang out with them.

You may want to spend time with them more than once after your first meet up. Whether it’s a day or night date, you will be in for a surprise. If you find yourself enjoying talking to them from a Russian Euro dating site, you will have more fun on your date. You will be enticed by the way she walks, talks, and even eats.

You may notice a change in your personality when you decide to exclusively date this kind of lady. Their refinement will positively grow on you.

Femininity and Elegance

When dating Eastern European girls or Slavic women, you see that they know how to behave like a real lady. This may be attributed to the fact that modeling and ballet are common in women in Eastern Europe. Even the way they chat with you online will make you mesmerized with their elegance. Since Europe is famous for wine, fashion, and fine dining, Slavic women are stunning, calm, and poised.  Therefore, a fun date for them will be a candlelight dinner with sensible and intelligent talks. They are mostly interested in the latest global trends and issues.

Committed and Goal-Driven

Because of cases of bad relationships with men from the same continent, many women, mostly from the Eastern part, are now goal-oriented. Before, abuse such as getting beaten was common. However, now, they know how to stand up for themselves against this kind of man and the harshness of the world.

Having said this, they will never depend on you emotionally or financially. They know what they want in life and find ways to achieve. They never back down easily, so never underestimate Eastern European women.

You don’t have to look very far if you want to meet someone who knows her worth and business in life.

Advice on Dating a Woman from Eastern Europe

Giving Gifts

No matter how small or simple your gift is, you will be able to make a good impression on an Eastern European woman. For them, this means that you want to make them smile. It also means that they were in your mind earlier. You can bring a stuffed toy, a flower bouquet, or chocolates.

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Respecting her Family

In a lot of countries in the East part of Europe, family ties are strong. Therefore, don’t feel overwhelmed if she wants you to meet her parents after a few dates. Although they know what they want, parents’ approval is a big deal for these women. Assure her parents that you don’t have any bad intentions, in case this happens.

Being Active

Women from East Europe want attention from the men they’re dating. This means that if you don’t send her a message or give her a call for a couple of days, she might assume that it’s over for you two. As mentioned, you have to show that your intentions are pure. To do that, you have to make sure that there is no room for her to doubt, and you have to be persistent.

Being a Gentleman

A sure-fire way to make a lasting impression on a date is being a gentleman. This will give them a positive feeling. You have to be consistently attentive on your chats and date and make your date feel feminine.

Being Yourself

This is a universal rule in dating. Nevertheless, for Eastern European women, they enjoy being with someone who acts naturally. Remember that what you’re reading is a guide. It shouldn’t turn you into someone you’re not. They will feel a sense of positivity towards you if you show genuine sincerity.

To end, visiting or installing an Eastern European Dating site or app can greatly help improve your chances of meeting or grab a date of an Eastern European woman, Of course, this depends on the course of your date with a woman from Eastern Europe. Remember to have intelligent conversations and good private time with your date. You have to keep yourself on your toes throughout your date.

Dating Eastern European women can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your dating life. They have almost everything a man looks for in a woman, so go ahead and take that good risk.

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