Things to Know Before Taking “Should I Break Up with My Girlfriend Quiz” When Dating Russian Women

should I break up with my girlfriend quiz If you have been boggled by this question “should I break up with my girlfriend?” when you are dating Russian women, then it is a surefire sign for you to just get on with it. Once you found yourself browsing through “should I break up with my girlfriend quiz” games on the internet, then you might have just fallen completely out of love with your partner.

But breaking up with someone whom you once adored and love is never easy. However, you can at least try to be respectful in bringing up the conversation with these tips below.

1. Do it face to face.

Regardless of whether it was a short term or a long relationship, you should opt to talk with your girlfriend in person when you want a break-up. Breaking up through text may seem like the easiest and quickest way to end a relationship with someone, but it comes off as cold, uncaring, and disrespectful, especially if you’ve been together for a while. When you break up with your girlfriend in person, you are giving it the gravity it deserves.

2. Be open and honest about why you want to end the relationship in Russian dating.

Breaking up with someone is never easy if you really loved her (Read more: How to Tell Between Love and Limerence ) . However, in order to keep it civil and respectful, honesty must be the center of the conversation.

Being honest and upfront about how you feel and what you want can save you from confusion and hurt feelings in the long run. Tell her about your realizations, your priorities, and what you want and need in a relationship. Doing this allows her to understand why the break up is happening.

3. Carefully think about the things you will say and how your girlfriend might feel.

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Although being open and honest is necessary during the conversation, do be careful not to be hurtful with your words. Think through your words over and over again, and think about how she will feel or react about it.

Start with the things that made you fall in love with her in the first place. Then, move on to the reasons why you came up with the decision to end things between you two. This will also help your girlfriend answer the “should I stay or should I go” question.

4. If it’s too much. talk to someone about it. sign up

Talking it through with a trusted friend can be a big help. If you are confused and indecisive, a friend who has gone through the same experience can give you the support system that you need. Additionally, he or she can also give you an answer to the question “how do you know when the relationship is over”.


5. Do it somewhere private.

If you know your girlfriend will be emotional throughout the conversation, choosing a private place to talk things out will save you both from creating a scene in public. Moreover, it would also be unfair to put your girlfriend in the spotlight in a public area while she is being dumped.

The place of the conversation can have a huge impact on the decision the two of you will have, and it can also be a hindrance to the emotions and words that needed to be expressed at the time being.

6. Remember all the positive things the relationship gave you.

Going down memory lane may seem unlikely during a break-up, but doing this helps end things between you two on a more positive note. Talk about why you fell in love with her in the first place and how you searched the web for “how to get a girl to like you” tips.

7. Don’t drag the break up out.

Once you are a hundred percent certain about breaking up with your girl, the best thing to do would be to just get on with it. You may tell yourself to wait for the best timing or when things will change later on, but dragging the break up for too long will not be beneficial for both of you in the long run.

A lot of people who want a break-up end up feeling bad after letting their other half know directly, hence why they tend to drag it out for too long even after they figuring out how to get a girlfriend again. Doing this may seem like you are saving your girlfriend from hurt feelings, but in reality, you are just making things worse for both of you.

8. Always hope for the best in Russian dating.

Breaking up with someone may seem like a very self-centered act; however, ending your relationship when you don’t feel like things are still working out is actually the best decision you can make for yourself and your partner.

When breaking up with someone, your intention should always be the best for both parties. Think of the things that will help her take the break up on positively instead of feeling miserable.

9. Never bad mouth your ex-girlfriend to other people in the best Russian dating site.

Once you have gone separate ways, remember to be respectful of your ex. Do not gossip or shed her in a bad light with other people. This shows that you respect your ex-girlfriend, the relationship you had, and the memories you shared together. Russian women looking for marriage will not like to date men who talk badly about their ex.

10. Do not offer to be her support system after the break-up.

Being dumped by a man is probably one of the worst dating experiences women have to experience. Seeing your ex-girlfriend hurting can make you feel guilty; however, you are not the best person to help her get through it. Never offer to be her friend or support system once you break up with her because you are most definitely the last person she needs in order to move on.


Things can get pretty rough after a break-up. Some people try out speed dating while others choose to spend more time with family and friends in order to cope. Furthermore, only you know of the best way to help yourself move on.