How to Tell Between Love and Limerence When You Meet Spanish Women

If you’re planning to meet Spanish women for dates, then you’d most likely end up falling in love with them. But it’s not really surprising. After all, women of Spanish descent are known for their exquisite beauty and charm. However, before you even conclude that you’re falling in love with your Spanish date, you might want to consider asking yourself first: is it love, or is it simply limerence?

Before we get to that, let’s have a brief explanation of what limerence is and how it differs from love.

What is Limerence?

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Limerence is basically a form of infatuation which heavily focuses on attraction rather than that of selfless commitment which is love. However, even though the two are distinct, they’re actually very closely tied together that distinguishing between them can be hard at times.

How to Tell if It’s Limerence

That said, we’re going to help you tell how you can differentiate between limerence and love when dating attractive Spanish women. Here are some of the signs that what you’re feeling right now is limerence instead of love:

1. You constantly fantasize about your future with her

Even before you get into a relationship with your date, you have that tendency to constantly fantasize about what your future with her will look like. Such feeling tends to become even more intense once your date becomes your girlfriend.

2. You tend to become euphoric

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When you get into a date with one of the many gorgeous Spanish girls and feel that you’re experiencing physical symptoms in their presence, then you might be feeling limerence. Such feeling can be felt regardless of your status, whether you’re in a relationship with a Spanish lady or not.

Also, you might feel anxious as you wait for her call or response to your text. In some cases, you might even feel palpitations or even stutter during your dates.

3. You believe she’s your soulmate

Even though you haven’t seen each other yet, you have the feeling that the Spanish beauty you’re chatting with online is your soul mate. You feel as if there’s a special connection that binds you and her, almost as if it’s a magnetic pull. You quickly assume that she’s definitely your soul mate even though you didn’t even know much about her yet.

4. You get jealous if she’s entertaining another man

Spanish women are undeniably beautiful, so it’s not really unavoidable that several men will definitely try to win her heart. However, one of the signs that what you’re feeling is limerence is when you feel jealous of her potential suitors even though you and her aren’t even in a relationship at all.

This could also mean that you aren’t able to date any other beautiful Spanish women since you have the feeling of being “bound” to her, even though you don’t really have a commitment in the first place.

5. You idealize her

Spanish ladies as a date is certainly one of the best experiences you can ever have in your dating life. However, it gets even better when one of them gets to be your girlfriend. However, there might be instances where you tend to over-idealize her and magnify her good qualities while minimizing, even ignoring, her negative qualities.

In such a case, you end up ignoring any potential red flags since you will tolerate all those negative behavior under the guise that you are in love with her.

How to Tell if It’s Love

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On the other hand, here are the signs that will help you tell if what you’re actually feeling is love instead of limerence:

1. You want to bring her around family gatherings and events

When you’re really in love with a Spanish lady and got into a relationship with her, then one of the telltale signs would be you bringing her into most, if not all, aspects of your life. One of the most common is introducing her to your friends and family, hoping that they will like her as well.

If you plan to introduce your Spanish girlfriend to your family and friends, it’s simply because you want the relationship to last for a lifetime.

2. When you’ve transformed into a better version of you

You know that it’s love when you develop a sense of wanting to improve yourself when you’re with your significant other. If your partner continues to push you towards improving yourself in a non-negative means, and you respond to that with action, then it’s simply because you’re genuinely in love with her and want to become better for the both of you.

When you’re really in love with your Spanish girlfriend, then you want her to succeed as much as you so that both of you can have a stable future.


Sure enough, Spanish babes definitely are among the hottest ladies on the planet. However, you might develop that feeling that you’re in love with them when meeting them for the first time. By knowing which signs to check, you’ll be able to distinguish between love and limerence each time having a date with them.

Also, it helps to check some tips on how to date a Spanish girl so you can prepare yourself and make that event special and something worth remembering. It can also help increase your chances of getting a second date.

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