Russian Brides: Are Mail Order Brides Legal Around the World?

are mail order brides legal

Finding Russian brides willing to marry you is not so hard anymore. Multiple online platforms serve to connect foreign men with women in Russia. Going through a list of beautiful ladies and chat with them, knowing that one of them may be your future bride, seemed impossible a few decades ago. Now, however, it’s nothing unordinary. You can simply browse online dating sites and talk to girls. The best thing is that you know they are all looking for the same thing you do, a long-lasting romance.

Inevitably, not everyone has caught up with modern dating ways. For that reason, the question, “are mail order brides legal?” arises often.

Are Mail Order Brides Legal?

There are many hot Russian brides online that are available for marriage and look for foreign partners. If you get along with any of them and your relationship escalates, there is no reason for it not to turn into a marriage. As long as both sides agree, mail order brides are completely legal! The misunderstanding about this concept comes from the name itself. “Mail order brides” makes people think that they can just go online and order a bride to their home address. That’s not the case! You have an access to a user directory and a chance to talk to beautiful girls. However, none of them MUST marry you if they don’t want to. The whole process is completely voluntary.

Laws Concerning Mail Order Russian Brides

To protect hot Russian brides as well as all foreign brides, the US has a few acts that concern these ladies. Having a mail order bride is legitimate, as long as you fulfill specific safety measures. In the USA, marriage agencies work in compliance with certain regulations. One of them is the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA). It focuses on the protection of family violence and hypothetical dangers. This federal status includes background checks for marriage visa sponsors and limits serial visa applications. Therefore, IMBRA focuses on individuals that seek mail order brides.

The second regulation is The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). It creates and supports responses to domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. This act protects mail order brides upon their arrival to the US.

There are a variety of laws around the world that protect foreign women. If you get along with a lady you met and you start the marriage procedure, you can find out more about them. As long as you have good intentions and fulfill the legal requirements, you are free to marry the Russian bride you met online.

How to Know if the Russian Site You Use is Legitimate

hot russian brides

To ensure you don’t get scammed and you meet beautiful Russian women, the platform you use must be legitimate. Do not rush to make payments or talk to every person you see before knowing that you are using the right site.

These are the factors you need to check before trusting a dating platform:

Analyze the profiles of Russian brides

Real profiles of hot Russian girls should contain basic information about them. The description should say her location, age, hobbies, aims, etc. Also, all real profiles have photos that don’t look fake. Those are real women, not photos of some models found on the internet.

Check the payment system

Sites for Russian women dating need verified payment systems. Do not accept third-party payment methods or any methods you don’t find reliable. Above all, never accept transfers directly to a random bank account or private PayPal accounts.

Test if Russian brides are real or bots

You can easily check if women on the site are real or they are bots. When you browse down the list of users, choose a few ladies to talk to. Send them messages and wait for responses. If you receive the answer immediately, it will be the first sign that the user is not real. However, it could be a coincidence that she replied quickly so give it another try. Keep talking and see if she will still reply rapidly. Usually, bots have generated responses that they send to everyone based on the keywords in the message. For example, the answer to “where are you from?” will surely be ready. To ensure the user is real, ask her some unusual questions. You can even make some confusing statements or questions and see what she replies. If your interaction seems real and she sounds like a human, rather than a bot, that Russian lady will pass your test!

Check the support team

Every reliable Russian dating site has a responsive support team. Find the support page on the platform and get in touch with them. Contact them even if you don’t have a specific problem that they can help you with. The point is to see if they are replying and if they seem trustworthy. You can ask them simple questions like how to send gifts or how to use the website.

Once you are sure that the website you use is legitimate, no one can stop you from finding the woman of your dreams! If you don’t know why are Russian women so popular, just browse #hotrussianbrides and it will be clearer! Certainly, the next thing you will do is to choose a dating platform to join and find your other half.