How to Interpret Dating Profiles of Spanish Women

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Beautiful Spanish women are typically bright, kind, and communicative. Talking to these ladies is a real delight as conversations are very interesting and ongoing. However, even if they have the same backgrounds, there are different types of women in Spain. They all have their preferences, unique personality traits, and lives. Typically, there are certain profiles of women on dating sites that give us some clues about how they personally are. We divided these profiles into three common groups based on the style and information these ladies provide.

The Romantic Spanish ladies

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Barely any girl will say that she is not romantic by nature but some are more than others. From the basic information on Spanish dating sites, you can recognize the romantic souls that look for unconditional love. Some examples of thoughtful romantic’s profile include information and posts similar to these:


The description shows she is looking for a deeper meaning of life and love, enjoying the blessings of everyday life, and looking for a partner to share them with. Hopeless romantic, movie lover, and book reader.

What makes her happy 

  • Helping others, putting smiles on their faces
  • Looking for happiness in the smallest things
  • Being generous
  • Family, friends, and love in all forms


  • Reading
  • Writing/Songwriting
  • Watching romantic movies
  • Netflix
  • Volunteering
  • Spending time with family

What are you looking for on a dating site?

  • Love at the first letter that knocks you off your feet! But also the connection on a different level after getting to know each other as love is not only attraction and desire.
  • Loyal partner, ride or die.
  • Commitment, mutual respect and trust
  • Romantic love expressions, quotes, and surprises that never grow old.

The Adventurer spanish girls

Adventurist Spanish girls like to explore life and get the best out of every day. Relationships with these ladies are full of adrenaline, fun, and joy. They are up for crazy adventures at any time and they make life more exciting.


Names or flags of all the countries she visited, motivational text and descriptions of her lifestyle; mostly leading toward one quote: “You only live once.”.

What makes her happy

  • Traveling the world
  • Meeting people of different cultures
  • Exploring life
  • Exotic food and drinks


  • Traveling (again)
  • Hiking
  • Parachuting
  • Several extreme sports

What are you looking for on a dating site?

  • Looking to date in Spanish way! That is – enjoy the long summer nights by the beach together and traveling around the world at all times.
  • Hoping to meet a partner with similar interests to share all these adrenaline-driven moments.

The Comedian

If you want to find a Spanish for wife, a humorous girl will fill your life with laughter! These beauties have a great sense of humor and they show it through dating profiles as well. By scrolling down their pages, you get the impression that you can talk to them immediately. The funny messages on their profiles makes them more approachable and easier to start conversations with.


Funny description of herself, including emojis. Some “meme” related text that shows how much she likes sarcastic jokes. It could be something along the lines: “Dating in Spanish be like: Go ahead, say something smart, and watch what happens next”.

What makes her happy

  • Movies with famous comedians
  • Stand-up comedy
  • Memes
  • Friends
  • Sarcasm
  • Nice days surrounded with people with the same sense of humor


  • Sport activities
  • Blogging/having an active Twitter account with funny tweets
  • Writing

What are you looking for on a dating site?

  • Someone with a good sense of humor
  • Long talks filled with positive vibesand laughter
  • Good company and connection

NOTE: date in spanish

The examples of profiles written above only show approximately how women from Spain represent themselves online. From their profiles, you can get some conclusions but not all, of course. They could all be romantic, funny, and adventurists at the same time. To learn more about them, you need to get involved in conversations. The information they provide on their profiles can serve you to start chatting with an interesting topic.

How to Get a Girl to Like You?

Talking to girls online is all about showing good manners and personality. To approach them, you need to be attentive and interesting. If you are good enough, you may even marry in Spanish capital in the future! If a girl from Spain likes you enough, she won’t hesitate to start a new life with you. To get to that point, you need some tips.

Be original

It is extremely important to say hello in an original way. Analyze her profile carefully and pick up something that could serve you to start a conversation. For example, if you are talking to an adventurist who has a list of countries she visited in the past, ask her something about one of those at the beginning of the conversation; it’s better to replace the classic “hello” with a question!

Be charming

Another question that you can ask your Spanish crush is “how to say I love you in Spanish?”. When she responds, you can say you already knew but you just wanted to hear it from her. Smooth things like that will bring a smile to her face and interest her.

Listen and talk

Keep the balance between talking and listening. Do not talk too much nor too little. Tell the girl you like enough to keep the conversation going and listen carefully when she is telling you something. When she feels that you care about what she is saying, she will open up even more and you will develop your relationship. From that point, you will be sure that she already likes you.