Your Guide to Valentine’s During Your Colombian Dating Adventure

Valentine’s day is celebrated around the globe on February 14th every year, but the way it’s celebrated can differ from one place to another. In Colombia, Colombian dating during Valentine’s could be a lot different due to several traditions and customs. Let’s find out how exactly it’s celebrated in some Latin and Hispanic cultures.

Valentine’s Day in Colombia

Compared to the traditional Valentine’s day celebration which is held on February 14 every year, Valentine’s day in Colombia is a bit different. In fact, the Colombian Valentine’s day is held every September 20, and it’s a time when people exchange gifts as they would during Christmas. Even though the gifts are often exchanged between secret admirers, the celebration is also called the Love and Friendship Day or the El Dia de Amor y Amistad.

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Accordingly, it’s been said that the celebration was only created in order to boost the country’s economy. Despite the many celebrations they hold throughout the year, there was really none in September, and this explains why Valentine’s day is celebrated in Colombia during September. Regardless, a lot of Latina girls and boys sincerely celebrate this day.

During the Colombian Valentine’s day, it’s pretty common to see people going on romantic dinners and fancy roses to celebrate the event. The fact that there are bouquets of flowers available for as little as £2 makes dating Colombian women really affordable and practical.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Colombian Date

Now that you know a bit of Colombia’s Valentine’s day celebration, let’s now talk about how you can celebrate the event with your Colombian date. If you’re looking for a relationship with a Colombian woman and want to take her out on Valentine’s date, then you should know how the event is celebrated in the country.

Throughout the entire weekend, and even a few weeks before, bars, shops, houses, and restaurants all throughout Colombia will be filled with heart decorations in honor of the celebration. It’s pretty common for places to hold special promotions including two-for-one meals and free drinking for all Latin American girls and even tourists.

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All in all, the celebration is quite festive, since the celebration will mean love and friendship, so it means that no lonely hearts will end up peering through windows longingly. If you’re single at this point, this will also be a good time to meet Latina women and get to know some of them. Who knows? One of them could end up as a potential date.

If you want to set up a romantic dinner for your date during the celebration, then you have to make a reservation in advance. This is required by many restaurants since they’ll mostly end up filled with people during the actual event. There are also some restaurants that don’t take reservations. If you want to take your dinner, then you have to make sure to get their early.

If you plan to meet Latin women for the first time during the event and haven’t reserved a table for a romantic dinner, you can instead ask her to go on a Latin dance experience. However, this event is technically held a day before Valentine’s day but normally carries on to the next day.

This experience will normally involve couples and singles, thus increasing your chances to meet Colombian women personally.

Gifts You Can Give to Your Date

The type of gifts you can give to your date during the Colombian Valentine’s day will vary depending on your budget. Some of the most typical romantic gifts are just the gifts given in the US during a typical Valentine’s day.

These include roses, chocolates, sweets, cards, flowers, a romantic dinner, jewelry, perfume, clothing, and more. Fortunately, all these gifts are fairly affordable in Colombia, and as mentioned earlier, you can find one for as little as £2.

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What to Expect During Your Colombian Valentines’ Day Date

During the celebration, you can expect a lot of eating involved. After all, the celebration is filled with tons of food and party. If you’re dating a Colombian, you can opt for reserving a romantic dinner instead. While you can be creative with the gift you want to give to your date, you don’t really have to bother too much about your budget. Colombians are very generous by nature, so it’s not really a major issue if the budget you have for a gift is just a couple of thousand pesos.

If you’re not dating Colombian women yet, you can try your hand on Colombia’s tradition which is the “amigo secreto” or the “secret friend”. This game involves choosing a name randomly from a bag then buying them a gift during the agreed date.

Final Thoughts

The Valentine’s Day celebration in Colombia is indeed a lot different than the rest of the world. Apart from the fact that it’s celebrated every September 20, it’s also a day of love and friendship, and the entire country tends to get festive. If you want to celebrate Valentine’s day twice a year, then celebrating yours in your hometown during February 14 and celebrating it again in Colombia during September is definitely an option.

If you haven’t been to Colombia yet but are willing to go there and find some Colombian ladies to date, then your best option would be to join Latino dating websites. This way, you can find potential Latina matches whom you can go out with regardless if it’s Valentine’s Day or not.