Wife in Spanish: How to Identify and Handle Trust Issues

wife in spanish

Wife in Spanish environment is a warm, supporting, fun-loving woman that any man would be happy to have. Ladies from Spain are loyal and extremely devoted. Wife is Spanish culture is usually the house keeper and care giver. When they love someone, they give their all to those people. You may think that nothing could go wrong in relationships with these beautiful women. However, certain issues could still happen, unfortunately. One of the main problems could be the lack of trust, just like it could happen with women from any other country.

If you notice that you have trust issues, you should work on solving them before making a mess out of your relationship. Often, people don’t give the trust issues enough importance and they don’t try to solve them properly. Instead, they pressure their partners and create problems that disrupt the peace of the couple. Spanish brides don’t like to be in unstable relationships. You need to identify your trust issues and learn how to fix them if you want to keep a beautiful Spanish lady by your side.

Assuming and Expecting Betrayal

If you are assuming betrayal when dating Spanish woman even if she didn’t do anything to make you feel that way, you may have a problem. Perhaps you’ve been betrayed before and you are now expecting to be backstabbed again. For that reason, you notice even the smallest details that could make you think that your loved one betrayed you in some way or that she will do it in the future. As a consequence, you use the word “betrayal” too often, even when it’s completely unnecessary. You tell your girl that she betrayed you even if she just went out with family and forgot to tell you. Out of such enormous fear, you will put nonexistent betrayal in the focus on your relationship. The effects of doing that could be horrendous. You could push your woman into betraying you in some way just because you talk about it too much.

Being Overly Protective


Hot Spanish women are pretty strong and independent. They like to feel protected by their men but they don’t need babysitters. If you feel like watching over your girl all the time because you are afraid of her doing something that could affect your relationship negatively, you surely have trust issues. Therefore, you could notice that you want to know every step of your bride in Spanish. For example, if you are meet her on a dating website, you will track every activity on her profile. You might even want her to give you access to her account or social media profiles. You will not believe that she won’t do anything to harm the relationship; instead, you will want to be in charge of every aspect of her life.

Avoiding Commitment

As a consequence of trust issues, you could avoid commitment with Spanish women at all costs. Even when you feel you are getting attached to someone, you will try to stop it. In your mind, getting committed to a Spanish girl will make you have less control over your emotions. The thought of disloyalty and betrayal will scare you out. Not being committed to anyone and staying single, however, will be your safe zone. Nobody will have control over you and nobody will be able to hurt you a lot. While you are avoiding commitment, you will unconsciously deny many good feelings that you would feel with the right person.

You Magnify Other People’s Mistakes

Getting angry when someone makes a small mistake, not being able to forgive it although you know it’s not a big deal deep down, also indicates that you have trust issues. You overthink everything and look deep into those mistakes as signals that something even worse could happen. To date in Spanish circumstances, you need to be more flexible. Girls in Spain are very chatty and relaxed, they could perhaps say something that upsets you even though it wasn’t their intention. You cannot take it all to heart. Sometimes people say innocent things that sound wrong or do something that hurts you unintentionally. If the problem is not too serious, don’t make it serious. Talk it out and accept the explanation/apology or a different way of thinking.

How to Deal with Trust Issues?

Admitting that you have trust issues and being willing to handle them properly is an important step. You couldn’t find a solution to those problems if you never wanted to recognize them. Thus, you could be single in Spanish dominant websites without knowing why. Talking to many beautiful girls would never end up well because something would always stop you from maintaining a relationship. Now, when you identify that the problem is your lack of trust, you can do your best to improve.

  • Admit your mistakes and apologize sincerely. While you are learning to trust more, you might have moments when you lose control. When that happens, recognize the issue and apologize for it truly. Of course, do your best not to repeat it.

  • Don’t pressure your girl. Give her time and space. Do not try to follow and control everything she does.
  • Rely on your woman in Spanish environment. Even if she talks to people and she is an outgoing person, it doesn’t mean that she won’t stay loyal to you. Learn to believe in her.
  • Face your fears. If something from the past is disturbing your present and causing trust issues, face it. Find what made you lose trust in people and try to forgive and forget it. Do not compare everything with a hurtful situation. Isolate it as an unpleasant experience and learn from it.
  • Communicate clearly. Don’t keep things to yourself. If something is bothering you, tell your partner truthfully and find a solution together.