Why Russian Brides Are Just More Attractive? – Explained

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The beauty that Russian brides are known for makes them tremendously attractive to men worldwide. Whether we find it fair or not, it’s undeniable that physical appearance plays an important role in society. From an early age, it’s notable that good looking kids have more friends, they get many presents and compliments. When they grow up, it’s easier for attractive Russian brides to have suitors and partners, and have other benefits over people that aren’t so physically attractive.

Beauty and sexiness lie in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone finds the same people attractive. However, some points typically make a person attractive to many, according to science.


Facial symmetry is one of the most important beauty factors. A face that is equal on both sides is eye-catching and gives away an impression that the body contains good genes. The faces of Russian girls are fairly symmetrical and typically men find them extremely attractive. Apart from being pleasant for the eye, facial symmetry is also associated with extraversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. For that reason, people that look good typically find friends easily and get jobs quickly.

Femininity of Russian Brides

Men are incredibly attracted to feminine women, which is why they often register to the best Russian dating sites, knowing that these ladies are very feminine and beautiful. The more a girl pays attention to her thoughts, feelings, and needs, the more feminine she looks and behaves. In Russia, women take care of themselves greatly. They give special importance to their minds and hearts, which is why femininity is enhanced. It reflects on the outside and attracts men like a magnet!

Healthy Appearance

Russian Pretty

Naturally, people are attracted by someone that looks healthy. That can include a clean face, good body shape, and overall healthy look. Considering that girls in Russia take care of themselves in every aspect, including their physical appearance, it is not a surprise that men all over the world are attracted by them. The beauty can be seen on hot Russian brides photos, which is why dating sites that connect Westerners with Russians are exceedingly popular.

A healthy appearance makes a man subconsciously think of a certain woman as the future mother of his kids. The mating instinct works in ways that people cannot always understand. They know that “something” attracts them but they aren’t always sure what. With Russian pretty women, the healthy look is widely present. You will hardly see a girl from this country that looks unhealthy, especially on dating apps.

Russian Brides Have Blonde Hair

Blonde women look slightly healthier and younger compared to ladies with darker hair color, according to various studies. They also appear fragile and feminine, which encourages men to protect and take care of them. Russian mail order brides are mostly blonde. It is one of the main associations to Russian beautiful girls so it is not surprising that Russian dating sites are full of Western men looking for their Russian matches. Women with blonde hair also look gentle and more approachable. It gives members of dating sites a green light to say hello, which can turn into an interesting conversation that could lead to a relationship or even marriage.

Personality Traits


Although you cannot see the personality traits from the photos of Rusian girls, it takes no longer than one conversation to notice them. A woman can look stunning but once she starts talking and showing some unattractive personality traits, you may lose interest in her immediately. When it comes to men that date Russian women, they rarely complain about the personality features of their ladies. In fact, Russian attractive women often appear cold at the start and show warm, loving personalities after a while. Physical appearance attracts at first but what makes people stay is kindness, honesty, compassion, humility, and respectfulness, among others. While girls in Russia are generally kind and respectful, every person has unique personality traits. To get to know someone well, you need to talk to her and get your conclusion. You can either find your lady even more attractive or you will still like her appearance but won’t be attracted by her personality so much.

Russian Brides Are Stylish

Another point that tells us a lot about someone is the style. Russian girls hot items make them look urban and they express their personalities in a distinguished way. People that like to look into details can learn a lot about pretty Slavic girls if they look into their clothes and accessories. Mostly, Russian ladies prefer the elegant style. They look sophisticated, which makes men more responsible and respectful when they approach these women.


People in Russia care about education immensely. Parents prepare their children for a good academic future from an early age; finding the fields that their kids are interested in and helping them pursue the careers of their dreams. Many girls also study abroad, which is why their English proficiency is great. Russian dating sites in USA are also popular partly because Americans love the nice Russian accent and nature of Russian ladies. Such dedication to studies makes Slavic women great communicators that men can learn a lot from. Talking to intellectual women is interesting and engaging. There is always something new to learn. Men that like to impress others take this as a challenge because educated, smart women are not easy to impress. They need someone of equal or higher intellectual level to amaze them.

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