What Sexy Russian Women Actually Think About Top 4 Men’s Insecurities

Whether we realize it or not, but we tend to compare ourselves to other people on a daily basis. In the world of Instagram frenzy, it can be very easy to go down that road. Nowadays, even sexy Russian women have lots of insecurities, even though they are – justifiably – considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.

If you’re a woman and are looking at an Instagram page of some super hot Russian girl who has hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of likes, the thought, “What is it that makes her so much better than me?” will definitely cross your mind.

The same can be said about a man browsing a Facebook page of a successful businessman who poses with gorgeous supermodels on yachts with his biceps the size of the supermodels’ thighs.

As you can guess, every time we compare ourselves to someone more beautiful, successful, or wealthier, our self-esteem takes a huge hit. This is how insecurities are formed. And, unfortunately, social media has been a major culprit behind the problem of developing insecurities. The most bizarre part is that we know about the effects of social media and yet we cannot seem to stop using social media apps 24/7.

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Social media linked to insecurities

A 2018 study published in BMC Psychology found a link between relationship insecurities and using Facebook in “problematic ways.” In the preceding year, TIME proclaimed Instagram “the worst social media for mental health,” citing the findings of a study that associated the photo-based social media platform with high levels of anxiety, depression, bullying, and FOMO (“fear of missing out”).

For many people, social media is their way of meeting new people and socializing, but for all those who look for single women dating, online dating sites would be a much more efficient and healthier alternative. But let’s get back to the topic of insecurities.

charmdate What are the things that men feel insecure about?

While society tends to focus more on female insecurities, some of us tend to think that men don’t feel insecure about anything. This is plain wrong. While it is true that men aren’t always open about their insecurities and most of them wear a mask to make sure that their insecurities never surface for the public to see them, it is fair to say that all men are insecure about one thing or another.

Real Russian women are insecure about their beauty (yes, really), acne, desirability, the number of their Instagram following, the size of their breasts, weight, cellulite, career, age, and a plethora of other things… But what are the things that men feel insecure about? And more interestingly, what do sexy Russian beauties think of these insecurities? If this sounds interesting, let’s hop right into it.

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4 things men feel insecure about (and what sexy Russian women think of these insecurities)

Insecurity about weight.

Obesity has become a huge problem nowadays had a major obstacle for men looking for a Russian girl for marriage. Sure, there are many men who couldn’t care less about the impact of their weight on their chances of meeting the woman of their dreams, but the vast majority of men with excess weight suffer from low self-esteem due to insecurities about their beer belly, also known as “love handles.”

Turns out, the fact that you could lose a few pounds does not affect your desirability in the eyes of a Russian or Poland girl for marriage as much as you think it does. “I don’t mind that my boyfriend or husband will have a beer belly,” admits Natasha, 24, whom we found on CharmDate, the leading sexy Russian dating platform. “The fact that you aren’t in the best shape shows that you’re human and relatable. In fact, consider the alternative: if you had the body of a Greek god with abs of steel and all that unrealistic stuff, your woman would feel very insecure about her own weight when she’s around you!”

Insecurity about what other people think about you.

charmdate.com sign up If your fear of what other people might think about you dictates your actions and life, you might have a problem here. If you feel insecure about what this cute girl might think about you and refuse to approach her for this reason, you have a big problem. “There’s nothing worse than a guy who cares too much about what other people might think, even attractive guys who have zero flaws have this insecurity,” says Katerina, 26. “In my humble opinion, this insecurity makes guys very unattractive and unapproachable, so you might want to work on getting rid of this insecurity.”

Insecurity about facial hair.

Judging from the number of men who sport facial hair, you probably know by now that beards are a major trend nowadays. The truth is that many men cannot grow a proper beard, and this makes many of them feel insecure. “Really, many Russian women prefer smooth face to a guy with a full beard,” says Karina, 21. “In fact, if you chat with Russian ladies, you will find that some women can’t stand the presence of facial hair on a man’s face, especially when making out! It can be very tingly and uncomfortable, trust me!”

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Insecurity about finances.

If you’re wondering how to meet Russian women when you’re unemployed or don’t make as much money as you’d like, this section is just for you. “Unless you want to date a gold-digger, the size of your wallet and how much you earn shouldn’t be a major factor if you’re looking for a Russian girlfriend,” says Marina, 31. “Unfortunately, there are many girls who will date you only for money, so the fact that you’re unemployed or don’t have much money could be a good test to see if the girl is dating you for money or not.”