What do European Brides Find Attractive in Men?

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A large study conducted by Chapman University gave us some interesting information about what heterosexual men and women find attractive. Although the research was conducted in the US, it is safe to say that the results apply worldwide, especially European brides because of the cultural similarities.   

28,000 heterosexuals between the ages of 18 and 75 participated in the mentioned survey. The research supports the belief that people with several desirable traits have better options and they are more selective when it comes to love interests. European wives are also very selective. They try to use their hearts and brains when choosing partners. If you are interested in women from Europe, only your charm might not take you too far. You need to have a combination of traits they find attractive for these pretty ladies to decide to date you.

Men’s Physical Appearance is Not Top Priority for European Brides  

Hot Eastern European women do not fall for men who only look nice. They look for gentlemen that make them feel protected and loved. Chapman University’s study reported people to give more importance to their partners being attracted to them than looking attractive. Thus, your girl will care more if you make her feel sexy and pretty than if you look handsome!

While physical appearance is not something you can influence too much, you need to pay attention to the way you dress and your hygiene. Girls are attracted by clean men that smell good and dress well.

Sexy Eastern European Women like Financially Stable Men

97% of surveyed women answered that they care about the steady income of their partners. Also, 69% of female participants reported that they would prefer dating men that made (or will make) a lot more  money than they do. Eastern European women like to feel safe with their chosen ones. The steady income of a husband means stability for a woman from Europe. That does not mean that she is a gold digger; she simply doesn’t want to struggle through life. This point doesn’t apply to herself only. She also thinks of the kids she would like to have with you and wants to secure their future.

You don’t necessarily have to be wealthy to become a part of the European dating culture. Even if you didn’t have a spectacular business success so far, your woman will support you as long as you are ambitious and you are willing to work hard to succeed. Girls in Europe don’t like lazy men. If your girl sees that you are not bothered by not being successful or you don’t have any goals, it will be a huge turn-off. Your lady will encourage and support you in everything you do, as long as you try to do something!

On the other side, if you are wealthy indeed, she will not try to abuse that. Your girl will be safe knowing that her future and the future of your children are secured. Anything else you do outside of providing elementary things to your family is up to you. Women on European dating sites do not ask for any money or gifts. You decide if and how much you want to spend on making your lady feel special.

High Education is an Advantage but Not a “Must-Have” For European Brides

If you are a highly-educated man, you certainly have an advantage on dating sites in Europe. Not necessarily because women care about your degree too much but because (understandably) you will be very informed about a certain field that you can discuss with her. Also, you will appear more serious, and responsible and you may have a better career because of your education.

However, your education won’t get European Brides to like you. Women will be attracted to your way of talking, your charm, and the way you treat them. Even if you don’t have a prestigious degree, these factors will make your lady respect and love you.

Can You Find European Wives on Dating Sites?

If you are not from Europe, registering on a dating website will give you the best chance to meet your future wife. These ladies use dating apps actively. You can utilize advanced filters to talk to girls from different countries. Thus, if you are looking for a beauty from Eastern Europe, most sites will allow you to search through that category. You won’t have to browse profiles of other women from Europe – you can go directly to the user base of Eastern Europeans.

Some of the best-known Eastern European woman traits are feminine looks, high cheekbones, light hair color, light eye color, and noticeably pale skin color. You will be mesmerized only by looking at the photos of European beauties. These ladies are very photogenic, which isn’t surprising considering that their ocean blue and hazel eyes look astonishing – in person and the photos.

You can create a profile on a dating website and try your luck! Take into consideration all the attractive features Eastern European pretty ladies care about. Do not be arrogant, do not put your physical appearance in the first plan (even if you look very good), and don’t be lazy! You can win the hearts of women in Europe just by being yourself, full of life, and willing to work hard. Be caring towards them and they will return with affection, support, and a lot of love.