Vulnerability is MANLY and It Attracts Russian Women

Russian dating It is well known that many men feel the need to hide their emotions and always must play it strong, but that long-standing myth is about to be busted. Russian women want to know who you are not be talking to someone with their walls up. The reason for this is that the strong silent type has for a very long time been hurting relationships and not helping them. In these days of online dating, it can be very easy to want to protect ourselves from getting too attached when there are so many dating apps and so many options out there. But these old habits really stop you from getting to know your new Russian Girl. It is time to explore how manly your vulnerability can be and how it can help you with women.

Emotions are normal

In Russian dating and in life, in general, there is a huge misconception that emotions are abnormal and that they make you weak. But as times have changed it has become clear that showing your emotions and letting your guard down is not a sign of weakness. We will often avoid emotions and talking about topics that are more meaningful so that we can protect ourselves from disappointment or heartbreak. It has always been such a battle to keep up a manly front and there has always been so much focus on being manly. But it is a new decade and the times have changed. Vulnerability is the new manly and it is far more attractive.

Learn how to connect

When you let your guard down you will be able to show your emotions and this will help you connect with any partner on a more intimate level. You need to find what you can talk about with a Russian woman. Showing your vulnerability has often been viewed as a weakness but it is very important for getting to know more about the person you are seeing. There has been so much change in the way relationships are started and developed. With the increase in online dating and dating apps, we have more access to make genuine human connections. It is very important to make sure you can take the time to talk openly. Emotionally mature people can show that vulnerability is the ones that are able to build stronger relationships. You will find your connections with beautiful Russian women will be stronger when you are open and honest. They will see that there is somewhere for the relationship to go and that they have found someone they will be able to talk to.   

Russian women Trust yourself

One of the main things women value is honesty. Being honest with yourself about how you are feeling and being open to the idea of expressing that can change so many things in the way you will be interacting with Russian babes. This does not mean you need to pour your heart out or cry on the first date it just means you do not have to hold your cards so close to your chest. If you have already barred and locked the gate to your heart before you meet then there is little room for them to get to know you. If a Russian lady feels there is no further to go with a conversation, they are likely to lose interest fast. You know yourself best and you will know where your limit is. If you are not normally someone to talk about things or show any kind of vulnerability you can take it in small increments when working on this very attractive trait. Perhaps if it is very new for you to try one little thing per date.

Take care of yourself

Often these manly fronts and inability to communicate can stem from insecurities. You need to tell yourself that there is nothing wrong with you and if you have had past dating failures that may have caused you to put up these walls that it is OK to let them down. If you ever feel you have let down too far or gone into a topic that might be too sensitive it is OK to rein it back and ask to revisit another time. Be sure to practice self-care being vulnerable does not mean opening old wounds and letting all the skeletons out of your closet in one hit. Take it one step at a time and you are the one who knows yourself best and will know when to stop.

Take the moments

When you take down those walls you will appreciate so much more. Take the time to be in the moment with your date instead of trying to keep them away. Some dates will lead to a second and some will not. If you have your heart set on a Russian wife then continue on your way enjoy the moments that you share and take it for what it is. A date. Yes, it is nerve-wracking but it is supposed to be fun. Russian singles are interested in getting out and having a good night and if they must sit across from someone who keeps themselves so guarded the chance of a second date will fade away. So be sure to show them a softer side of yourself because keeping the walls up around your heart could be stopping the right ones from getting in.

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