Topics to Avoid if You Want a Second Date with Colombian Brides

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The first date with Colombian brides is a nerve-racking affair for most people, mainly because it can either be the start or end of everything. Not only do you want to present the best version of yourself, whether it is through what you wear or how you smell, but you’ll also want to pick the right topics to improve your chance of having a second date with Colombian brides.

You don’t want to make your first interaction with the person you like to feel like a job interview but you should not also miss out on any chance to figure out the important details about her. So, to help you understand what you should and should not talk about, here are some of the topics you should avoid on a first date!

The Number of People You’ve Been With

You can brag about how many Colombian brides you’ve been with when you are with the boys. This kind of thing will probably make you feel more skilled and experienced. But, when it comes to interacting with someone from a Colombian dating app, you should keep in mind that they don’t actually care about it.

Moreover, you should also not ask the same topic to your date. There is a fine line between having a fun first-date conversation with unreasonably digging into someone’s past. Bringing up such a topic during an initial encounter will not only make things awkward but may also stem insecurities for both parties.

If you believe that this information is necessary to make sure about her health, then you should keep the question for the next meetings. Still, you should ask about it in a nice and non-judging way. If truth be told, it is best if you ask the other person to get tested without ever asking about how many people she’s been with.

How Heavy You Can Lift

You probably got the chance to meet Colombian women of different versions. Some of them like bulky, muscled men, while others prefer those who have a beer belly. But, regardless of which category you are in, it is pretty safe to say that these Bellas will not care about how many kilograms of steel plates you bench press at the gym.

That being said, you should also avoid rattling about how many scoops of protein powder you put in your smoothies every morning and how many miles you usually run before you hit the office. Yes, some women prefer strong men that can give them a sense of security. But, that’s actually all they care about and the rest means nothing to them.

How Much You Make

Another common mistake made by men when they meet sexy Columbian women is talking big about how much money they’ve earned. Many men believe that Colombian brides will never value them if they don’t make a certain amount of income. However, the fact shows that this is just their way of projecting their insecurities.

Studies have shown that women don’t really think that way. These Colombian girls don’t want to meet someone with seven figures in his bank account. What they really want is someone who is dependable and, at the end of the day, equal to them. So, if you don’t want to be seen as a snobbish smuck, you should keep your mouth quiet about how much you make.

Asking About What She Brings to the Table

Last but not least, this is the worst thing you can do that will completely abolish your chance of scoring a second date with Colombian models. Since the day they were born, women have been told that they are the prize. Thus, it is you who should be concerned about what to bring to the table and not them!

Getting asked such a question by a man can definitely be an off-putting experience for beautiful Columbian women. They will take it as if the man is asking them to prove “their worth”, which is undoubtedly annoying to hear. It is not your place to judge their value and, more importantly, it never feels right for one to explain their self-worth to others.

If you really think about it, you will realize that no relationship is the same and each one will require different things to be “brought to the table”. So, the best way to approach it is by taking a step back and trying to see everything in an objective manner. Take time to know each other’s needs and see what the two of you can do to make a strong and healthy connection.

The Takeaway

Choosing the wrong conversation topic on a first date with Colombian brides can surely make things go wrong. It will make the two of you feel horribly uncomfortable and, chances are, one of you will vanish immediately after the meeting. Thus, if this ever happened, you better forget your chance of having a second date!

Thank goodness, you already got the guide above to figure out the things you should never talk about on a date, especially if you are planning to have a Colombian wife. While some of the topics above may seem obvious and feel like a no-brainer, a lot of men actually failed to dodge them and totally screw up the occasion.

No, you should not be afraid about making a mistake during your first encounter with a Colombian. However, you should keep in mind that there are actually a lot of topics you can choose other than the ones mentioned above. Who knows, maybe that first meeting can lead to you marrying a Colombian woman.