Top Online Dating Tips: How to Successfully Date Czech Girls

Czech girls are known to be affectionate people. They carry themselves with more grace and pride than girls in other parts of the world. In fact, according to Marianne Ferber, a University of Illinois professor, the Czech woman is a striking mixture of personal independence and strong family values. Most of all, they are known for their beauty. It is for these reasons that a lot of tourists visit a country for a chance at love. If visiting Prague is not an option for you, you can luckily get your chance online.

dating a Czech woman

Many people dream of dating a Czech woman online. If you are one of them, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are top tips that you can use when you want to be in a successful relationship with one:

1. Add good photos on your profile

You might have noticed how beautiful Czech women are. Because of their history, Czech babies are born with a mixture of Western European and Slavic genes. They are not only blessed with great facial features and physique, but they also know how to carry themselves confidently. They are also not afraid to take fashion risks. They put in an effort to look good. You will notice this in their profile photos.

In the same manner, you are expected to present yourself well. Choose photos that show your personality and highlight your best features.

2. Be assertive

Czech dating is more traditional. If you are dating in real life, women would expect you to pay for their meals. In general, they would appreciate guys who take the lead. In online dating, this means that you have to make the first move. If you get a match, then you must take that as a hint and grab the opportunity to impress her. Don’t wait for her to message you first.

Your first message does not have to be anything elaborate or fancy. Even a simple hello would suffice. Expect that you are the one who will lead the conversation. Don’t be afraid to ask her questions.

Czech girls

3. Know how to woo a woman

One of the things that you must know about the Czech Republic girls is that they are not your average, easy-to-get women. You will have to earn them. In fact, at the beginning of your conversations, you might find them blunt and icy. They initially carry themselves with a frosty bearing. However, this might not necessarily mean they are not into you. You only need how to make them open up to you. A bit – or lots- of humor will not hurt.

The upside of this no-nonsense attitude is that you’ll know their exact opinions on things. Despite this, don’t expect them to ask the question. If you want to date them, you must ask them out yourself.

latamdate sign up 4. Engage in intelligent conversations

Czech ladies value both femininity and feminism. What does this mean? They are independent and focused on work. At the same time, they are gracious, family-oriented, and caring. They won’t mind cleaning the house and cooking food for you. They just don’t think men are above or below women. What does this mean for you?

Czech ladies dating men online would be impressed if you put an effort to know and understand her lifestyle and culture. Show that you are not only into her physical appearance. Find common interests and engage in smart and deep conversations with her.  

5. Give small gifts

A Czech girl will know exactly how to take care of you. In return, you must know how to treat her well. Despite the distance, she would be impressed if you find a way to send her gifts. They don’t need to be expensive. A bouquet of her favorite flowers or a box of chocolates would be enough. No matter how small it is, she will appreciate it. In fact, if you immediately give her expensive gifts in the first couple of weeks of dating, she might think that you are trying to buy her.

Note that if you are giving flowers, make sure that you give an odd number of blooms. Czech has their superstitions, and an even number of flowers means that you are mourning.

beautiful Czech women

6. Learn their expressions of love

The English phrase “I love you” can be translated in different ways. One way to say is “mám tě rád” which can both mean “I like you” and “I love you”. This is something that you say when you are still at the beginning of knowing each other. The second way to say it is “omikuji tě.” This is a very serious expression of love that is not used as much. You must wait several months before you can say this to your girl.

Czech also has different terms for being in love and loving someone. The first one is “zamilovat se” while the latter is “Milovan”. While it is not necessary that you know these, the Czech woman you are dating will surely appreciate it.

Bottom Line

As online dating has reached different parts of the world, it’s easy to find a good Czech dating site nowadays. When approaching Czech women on these dating sites, be sure to remember the tips mentioned above. Whether or not you end up dating a Czech will depend on your approach. Being sincere and honest in your approach will never hurt you.