Top 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women for Marriage

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Beauty standards are constantly changing and people highly appreciate diversity right now. If you are looking for beautiful women for marriage, you may easily find one by girl’s country of origin. Every country has unique characteristics that apply to most girls. If you have a specific girl type, she may belong to some of the groups sorted by countries. Apart from the obvious physical features, cultural differences also affect personalities. Thus, you may find yourself getting along with people from one country way better than people from another country. To find out which nationality suits you the most, you need to meet girls from different parts of the world. To start forming your opinion on these women, you will surely want to see how they look like first. Ladies from all countries have something special that you may like. If you are precisely looking for beautiful women, countries from our list are known by their beautiful girls.

1. Russia

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Sophisticated Russian women usually give away the impression of “ice queens” because of their classy attitude and style. However, they are surprisingly emotional and gentle. The first associations to women from Russia are blonde hair, green or blue eyes, and pale skin. Indeed, these features are very common among beautiful Russian brides for marriage. Russians also tend to experiment a lot with hairstyles. You can find the most uncommon hairstyles as well as the traditional ones among these ladies.

Gorgeous girls from Russia regularly visit spa centers, do their manicure and pedicure, etc. Although they care about physical appearance a lot, these modern women still keep it natural and minimalistic. They don’t wear heavy makeup and their eyebrows are typically thin (in contrary to the current thick eyebrows trend). For men that love natural, gentle women, Russians are a dream come true.

2. Ukraine

Generally, Ukraine women for dating have blue or green eyes that mesmerize foreigners. Their hair color is normally light brown or blond. Understandably, they can easily dye their hair dark so we cannot rely completely on these features. An interesting fact is that many Ukraine girls that dye their hair black for example, they also dye their eyebrows. With such a change, you would never think that they are naturally blonde!

Another attractive characteristic of Ukraine girls is the slim figure. Women across the world wish to have such thin bodies without too much effort! The truth is that they do put a lot of effort into their looks and health. Ukrainian ladies are very active physically, which reflects on their bodies. They do pilates, yoga, and fitness regularly so they look beautiful in anything they wear! In recent years, Ukrainian girls started practicing twerking and pole dancing. These activities are very popular in this country! Apart from helping them stay fit, it increases the sensuality and attractiveness of these pretty babes.

3. Italy

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Italy is a country of fashion, beauty, and style. It is not a surprise that Italian women are beautiful and stylish! These lovely ladies serve as a synonym for beauty. Their most common physical characteristics are brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin. The tone of their skin is usually darker than northern Europeans and lighter than Arabs and Africans. Another distinctive feature of Italian beautiful women for marriage is the pointed nose that most of these beauties have. You may wonder how Italian women keep slim figures with all the pasta and pizza around them. The truth is, they are jogging, going to the gym and doing other sports activities on a daily basis.

Girls in Italy are not only pretty; their personalities make them even more beautiful! You will have the best time of your life with these beautiful women for marriage. They love having fun, going out, eating, and making delicious food! If you are a fan of Italian food, you will love her experiments in the kitchen and traditional dishes.

4. Vietnam


The combination of Southeast Asian and East Asian features makes the Vietnamese beauties unique and extremely attractive. Vietnam is one of the countries that beautiful women for marriage tend to marry foreign men. The stereotypical description of a Vietnamese girl includes light-colored skin, dark hair, dark eyes and a cute, rounded face. However, the influences of other cultures changed the typical appearance of women in Vietnam. Now, you can see ladies from this country with atypical hair and skin colors and face shapes. By marrying a Vietnamese woman, you will further contribute to this change. The more cross-cultural marriages are made, the more mixed-race kids there will be in the future!

Women from Vietnam are aware of their beauty and uniqueness but they are not arrogant. In fact, they are very humble! Apart from natural beauty, they steal the hearts of men with their loyalty, intellect, and modesty!

5. France

French girls are so desirable and good looking that they became icons of fashion and beauty. Women across the world try to copy the “French Look” but nobody can carry it like the authentic French beauties.  Beautiful women for marriage in France are elegant, sexy, natural, and chic! They are always clean and organized, which shows through their outfits as well. Everything around French ladies is classy and stylish; their perfume, clothes, and car, among other things. Perhaps the best thing about their beauty is that these girls are very natural! They don’t exaggerate with makeup, surgeries, or flashy outfits. Yet, they manage to look better than many girls who do all that!

France is a country of love so the charismatic French girls are very romantic and gentle. They dream of the Prince Charming and eternal love! To date these classy women, you need to be a gentleman that will understand and respect the high standards of French women.

6. Moldova

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Moldovan girls are growing their popularity among foreigners. The top reasons are their exceptional beauty, and the warm nature that Western men lack in their countries. In Moldova, the beauty standard for girls includes dark hair, olive skin, brown eyes, and a distinctive facial structure. They like to follow fashion trends and always make sure they are showered and clean. Moldovan women for marriage tend to appear overdressed for Western people. However, they are not shy! Your girl may wear a fully closed outfit one day and then a revealing outfit the next. In both cases, you should not complain! Be happy with her personal choices and let her know what you think of them.

7. Turkey

Wonderful Turkish girls are setting new beauty standards in the world! In this country, the color of the skin is irrelevant but skincare is very important! Thus, a typical Turkish girl has flawless, natural skin. Dark hair and eyes used to be the first associations to Turkish women. However, the situation changed in recent years. If you take a look at the most beautiful women for marriage on dating sites in Turkey, you will notice the diversity immediately. For example, you can find actresses with dark, blond, or ginger hair, together on a list of the most beautiful women in Turkey!

Curves are also very popular in Turkey. Natural, attractive curves. Girls don’t need to obsess over being skinny here; Turkish women know that being sexy is not related to body weight. It’s about sensuality and spirit, which are their strong attributes!

8. Spain

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A hot country like Spain could not have any other kind of girls but hot as well! There is not a list of specific features that Spanish girls mostly have; the diversity in this country is enormous. They are, however, slightly tanner than women from colder European countries. Tan looks amazing on these ladies and they love to show it off. From a young age, Spaniards spend a lot of time in the sun. Summers are their favorite seasons as they can enjoy life and let the world see their beauty!

On Spanish dating sites, you will find many girls that look for foreign partners. Their vivid spirit makes girls in Spain look for adventures and fun! You will have a great time with a Spanish girl. Apart from the stunning physical appearance, they are very comfortable to chat with. Once you start a conversation, you will realize that Spain women are not only pretty. They are good companions, reliable friends, and amazing partners!

9. Colombia

In Colombia, a variety of racial mixtures resulted in great diversity! You cannot tell whether someone is Colombian only by their looks. Thus, people divide girls in this country by groups. There are Morenas (mix of black and white partners), and girls of Arabic African, Black African, and European origins, among others. However, they all share a passionate attitude and way of living! Dance shapes the figures of these girls from a young age! Hence, they look sexy effortlessly! Additional sports activities only enhance their attractive bodies that look breathtaking at all times. Whether Colombian girls are dancing, wearing elegant or casual clothes, they grab the attention of everyone around!

Latin brides for marriage are looking for partners with similar views on life. They think of life as a great journey that they need to use to the fullest. If they have a companion with the same interests, Colombian girls will never stop doing something fun and excited! If you date a Latin girl, you should prepare for great adventures! Do not limit her in anything she does. Free spirit and fun-loving nature are the ornaments of Colombian beauties; do not try to take them away.

10. China

Chinese culture highly values the physical appearance of women. The beauty of Chinese girls influences all aspects of their lives. Apart from (obviously) the dating part, their looks have an impact on the business and social environment. For that reason, Chinese women take great care of their bodies. It is very hard to find an obese Chinese girl. Everyone in this country is encouraged to follow healthy diets and be disciplined. The captivating beauty and comforting personalities appear to be very attractive to foreigners. This attraction is two-sided so we can often see an Asian girl looking for American man.

Pale skin, large brown eyes, dark-colored hair, and narrow jaw are the most frequent links to Chinese women. While these features can vary, one famous characteristic applies to almost every Chinese bride – they all look very young! It’s usually difficult for people from other countries to guess the age of Asian women. Their genetics blessed these beauties with “eternal youth”. Girls from China are becoming very active in dating platforms. They are not shy to show their beauty anymore. Luckily for Western men, they can easily meet Chinese precious girls online now.