To Date Ukraine Ladies, 7 Outdated Dating Rules to Bring Back

Ukraine ladies are well-known for being old-fashioned and loving the little details about men they go out with. If you are into them as many men in the entire world, you have to dive deep and come back up with these outdated dating techniques. Don´t give up on these old-fashioned tips that will set you apart from the rest. Be a true gentleman, surprise them, and let them love you for who you are. Read on as we unveil the best seven tips for the perfect old-fashioned date.

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Chivalry Never Goes Out of Date

Ukrainian women as well as many other women in the world love a man who makes chivalry an asset in their personality. For example, opening the car or restaurant door for them with one hand and a smile might be a little gesture for you, but it means the world for most women. In fact, bringing chivalry back into dating involves some other actions like moving her chair, and making compliments about her looks, among many others.

Think of chivalry as a show of love, respect, and care in a way that is closely related to manners. Yes, pour that glass of wine for her and wait for the smile in return, you won´t regret it at all.

Call, Don´t Text sign up Texting is okay when you are in the previous stages of going out with someone, but when you are single dating, you need to show your true colors. Take the initiative, show her who you are, and give her a good old-fashioned call.

Perhaps, the best thing is to ask her with a message about what time she will be available to talk showing your initiative and also caring for other people´s schedules. According to Kimberly Seltzer, a well-respected dating coach, this text first and call later is the modern edition of giving her a call.

The bottom line is that nothing beats a good old voice conversation over the phone, just be careful when you make the call not to disturb her.

Ask Her Out on a Real Date

This is an important move for the 21st Century in which all get together are based on “chilling”, “hanging out” or watching Netflix on the couch. Most females, including Brazilian women, love the idea of going on a proper date and such a request will change the way they think about you and your intentions.

For Jenny Apple, a famous matchmaker in Los Angeles, asking someone out on a real date is a way to show your true intentions and don´t play seek and hide as most people do. Sometimes all it takes to plan the perfect date is to have a good game plan and follow it to engage her wow-factor. You can choose something fancy like a two-tablecloth restaurant or something funnier like bowling or playing mini-golf.

The trick to pulling this one off is to have everything planned beforehand and trying to stick to the plan as much as possible, engaging her curiosity.

Leave Friends Out if you are not Serious

If you are dating gorgeous Ukrainian women, chances are you will be tempted to present her to all your friends right away. If you have very dear friends and pop up with a different companion every time you get together with them, they will stop paying attention.

The importance of your friends when you want to form a true couple is crucial because they can mostly see the red flags and warning signs way before and clearer than we can. Let´s say that you share hobbies, interests, and expectations with your date the first time and don´t realize she is utterly possessive because you are intoxicated with your own body´s dopamine and oxytocin. It is very likely that your friends can see that in her and in your interactions way better than you can.

The key is not to burn their opinion by presenting a different girl on a weekly basis.

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Work on that Sexual Tension and the Mystery Element

If you are into free chat with Ukrainian ladies, don´t jump into the sexual topic right away, delay your pleasure a little bit. The fantasies that your brain creates about the body and movements of the other person in bed can be fostered and bring more momentum to it by playing a little hard to get.

The romance that your brain puts together for you before you´ve had sexual intercourse with someone is one of a kind and won´t repeat. Once you have unveiled the naked body, intentions, and pleasures in bed with your partner, there are virtually no more sexual mysteries to solve. If you want to have a long-time relationship, this is not the best way to go for it. Actually, when you emphasize the mystery factor, the first time that you have sex with that person has more of an epic halo you can really benefit from. sign up now

Ask and Shut up a Little more than Usual

Some facts about Ukrainian women are that they like gentlemen and love to be listened to. in order to have a great first date, you have to practice exactly what the title says: shutting up and asking open questions to know more about her. Monopolizing conversation during a date can be a real turn off for some women. Instead of filling every little silence with some data about yourself and your fancy achievements, try to listen and make the conversation always around her, her family, interests, and so on.

Another very common mistake is failing to listen because you are more worried about thinking about your own answer. If she has to tell you the same story twice, chances are you won´t be seeing her ever again. Shut that big mouth and open up those ears; remember her stories and data and don´t get distracted with yourself, focus on her.

Dress to Kill

Of course, that dressing is important, especially for the first date. In Ukrainian women’s culture, the looks are a big part of what they want in a guy. Dress up to impress her; show your best qualities and don´t be afraid to overdress, just try dressing for the occasion (and a little more too). For example, if you are a yoga teacher or a fitness instructor, don´t show up to the date wearing your working clothes but show her something fancier.

The way you dress for your date tells a lot about how much you care about her and the moment you are about to spend with her. Of course, you are not going to wear a tuxedo to a mini-golf, but don´t show up in your old cargo shorts your mom bought when you were growing up either.


If you are looking forward to learning love in Ukrainian, you really have to match up the way they think about love, dating, and long-term relationships. If you step up to these seven tips on chivalry and dating tips, we, men, need to bring back, you have half the match won. Don´t let Ukrainian love slip away from your fingertips, grasp it, and keep it being a gentleman.