Things Men Say that Make Spanish Women Feel Insecure

Spanish women are definitely gorgeous, so it’s no wonder why we want to date them. However, dating them could be overwhelming sometimes, especially when it’s our first time, so we end up blabbering nonsense in front of them.

In other cases, due to the lack of knowledge of the Spanish culture, while we do mean well, we end up saying the wrong things. Other times, it’s just the lack of thought, really. We’re all prone to saying the wrong stuff from time to time, right?

So, if you’re into Spain girls and you’d want to make a lasting relationship with one, learning some things that you aren’t supposed to say to a partner to make her feel insecure is surely helpful. These are some of them:


“That girl is so hot/beautiful.”

This is a classic immature move. Men tend to say this without thinking too much about the comment, especially when he is out with the boys. Though it’s in our nature to always appreciate the beauty around us, there are so many ways to this, and being inconsiderate to our partners by bluntly leaving a comment about other girls is not one of the nicest ways to do so.

While you don’t really mean to hurt her, it’s still not cool to say this in front of her face – unless if this is a thing that you do together (checking out people). Beautiful in Spanish is Hermosa, and the only girl that you should call this to is your partner and not some random girl down the street.

“That’s the dumbest idea ever.”

Spanish babes are outspoken, so expect that they’ll voice out their opinions all of the time. And while disagreements are inevitable, it’s really rude if you’re going to say it this way. Instead, acknowledge her opinions. If you disagree, respectfully say to her your side. You can still have different points of view without going into an argument, you know.

Spanish women

“You’re gaining weight.”

We get it; we know that in your mind, pretty Spanish women are sexy. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t get curvy too. So, if your partner is not asking for your opinion about her weight, then don’t say anything about it. However, if it really can’t be helped, and you needed to discuss weight-related issues with your her, then there is definitely a better way of saying it. Be gentler and choose your words wisely. She’ll appreciate you more like this.

“You’re getting older.”

All of us are, in a way, are worried about what it’s like when we’re older. However, it’s much more different for women, and it makes them insecure when you point it out this way, especially when talking about having kids. Remember, you’re not chatting a woman in Spanish dating sites; you’re dating a real one now, so be mindful of how you choose your words.

“You’re crazy.”

Dating in Spanish sites is different from dating an actual Spanish girl. It’ll be more exciting, and it’ll be a whirlwind. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll not have some hysterical moments with her. You’ll eventually experience this, and while women can get really overwhelming, mostly because men just act differently, it’s never a good idea to bluntly call them that they’re crazy. Seriously, they’ll hate hearing this. Instead, when they’re not in the mood, give them space and just don’t say anything until the storm has passed. It’s hard, but it’s not impossible.

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“Why aren’t you dressing sexily?”

Just like how you don’t want to be called out for not being a hunk, girls, no matter what the race is, will find themselves feeling insecure if you’re going to ask them this frequently. They may react differently, but they’ll surely feel like they’re not enough for you to be stimulated.

If your girl is not dressing sexily enough for you, you can’t just demand and say it to her like that. Again, being gentler is the key to a lasting relationship. Choosing the right words to say will give us more pros than cons, so start being thoughtful about what to say.

“Are you PMSing?”

If you don’t want your partner to join the single Spanish ladies club, then don’t be immature about PMS. Just because she is being irrational and moody, it doesn’t mean that she’s on her period. This comes off as rude when you mockingly say this to her face. If she’s being hard, talk to her maturely and ask here what’s wrong. Even if she’s having a bad day, she’ll appreciate it more if you’re being a gentleman about it.

“Why don’t you smile more?”

While it’s true that on online dating Spain platforms you’ll always see these beautiful Spanish ladies smiling, they’re still capable of having other moods. If your girl is giving you a deadpan vibe, don’t go blurting out how it’s better if she smiles. Note that women love to know that you embrace all of her phases and not just her pleasant ones, so don’t force her to smile when she’s not even feeling it.

These are just some of the things that men say that make women, not just Spanish ladies, feel insecure. So, to all the men out there who are dating these gorgeous women, take care of them by being careful with your words.

Remember, harsh words can cause us pain that sometimes requires a lifetime to heal, so let’s all be vigilant with what we say every day, especially to the people that we love. Browse or check Russian dating, Belarus dating and Ukrainian dating also in the place.