Things Latin Brides Are Tired of Hearing

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Latin brides are popular among men in the USA as well as many other parts of the world. The warm nature of these pretty ladies attracts Western men; they feel loved, taken care of, and alive! Typically, people from Latin America are more vivid and fun-loving than people from other continents. That is why having these folks around you will always bring positivity and good energy.

However, there are certain stereotypes when it comes to Latin ladies and Latinos in general. Many of them are incorrect. You might have heard them before and think they are accurate so you feel free enough to form an opinion on Latin girls even before meeting them. You shouldn’t do that. Before talking to Latinas, learn what they like and dislike. Once you get to know them, you will see that the stereotypes are usually wrong.  

Things You Should Never Say to Latin Brides

“You Are Spicy”

People often try to compliment the hot Latin women by calling them “spicy”. They think of these ladies as passionate and somewhat angry so that is the word that relates to those features the most. However, it is wrong to assume that girls are “spicy” based on nationality. Many Latinas are not “spicy” at all; it all depends on their personalities.

Latin Brides Only Want to Marry Foreigners for Citizenship”

Some women from Latin America get married for the citizenship of another country with the agreement of the partner but that in no way means that all of them do. Many sexy Latinas look for foreign partners because they don’t like the mentality of men in their home countries. For that reason, they look for open-minded, respectful foreigners that will treat them right. Considering the upbringing and loving nature of most Latinas, Western men love dating them as well. The similarities and healthy differences make these marriages work greatly, that is why they are so frequent. If you are talking to a girl from a Latin country, do not assume she wants to marry a Westerner just to leave her homeland legally.

Lies and Excuses


One of the great advantages of having a Latina wife is that she will always be straightforward and honest. These pretty ladies don’t like to solve things with silent treatment or lies; they appreciate honesty before anything. Therefore, don’t try to gain girls’ attention by lying or trying to pretend you are different from what you are. Being honest is always a better choice.

Latina women don’t like excuses either. For them, everything is possible with willpower so if you give them excuses too often, they will take you as unreliable and won’t appreciate your word anymore. If you have a problem or you do something that you aren’t proud of, these ladies would prefer you to admit it than thinking of many ways to go around the problem.

“Latin Brides Are Promiscuous”

Some Westerners tend to wrongly think of all sexy Latin women as promiscuous. The truth is that these girls aren’t any different than girls from most Western countries. There are many traditional families so, in fact, Latinas are frequently much more conservative compared to Americans, for example. Also, one of the reasons why people are perhaps misjudging Latin pretty women is the way of dressing. Given the hot weather in South America, ladies from the continent are not typically wearing too many clothes. However, that is not a valid reason to classify Latinas are promiscuous.

“Do You Need to Care About Your Family So Much?”

South American women are notably more family-oriented than Westerners. In Latin America, family is sacred and kids don’t get independent as soon as they turn 18. Even if they leave the parents’ house, they stick around anyway. As a man from the West, you might find that a little weird. It’s understandable because people in the USA, Europe, and other urban areas usually get independent early; parents still have an important role in their lives but they don’t see them often. For Latinos, that’s not the case. Women (and men) typically stay connected to their parents after they get married and have their kids as well. If you want to date a Latin woman, you need to respect that. Do not try to disconnect your girl from her family; it will cause conflicts and you will hurt her unnecessarily. Instead, try to get close to them as well and accept them as a part of your family! Of course, you can agree on the limits. If you think their involvement is affecting your relationship negatively, talk to your partner and try to find a reasonable solution.

“You Are Latina So You Surely Want to Have Many Kids”

Usually, Latinos do have more kids than couples from most Western countries. However, that does not mean that your beautiful Latina wants to have many kids. Modern women do not think of having 5+ kids so much anymore because they also want to pursue careers and do other things in life; it is all an individual choice. If this topic is relevant to your relationship, you can talk it out without making wrong assumptions. You may find out that your girl isn’t interested in having kids at all or that she indeed wants to have many, it all depends on her thinking, not the origins.