The Quote Doesn’t Matter: Why Pick Up Lines Never Work for Russian Brides

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Memorizing pick up lines may not be the best way in finding the perfect match among potential Russian brides. These lines tend to do more harm and most of the time they don’t work at all. So, to know more about why these lines don’t work well and what you can do to attract a Russian babe, read on.

You Are Better Than Your Image and A Pick Up Line

Of course, looks to make the first impression. So, the first instinct of men is to put on the nicest clothes, have a smooth shave, and bathe in perfume. Paired with the look is a bunch of pick up lines ready to charm the ladies.

Being dependent on pick up lines may suggest a lack of confidence and the right mindset. Therefore, if you want to gain the attention of a Russian lady, you need to eliminate the belief that pre-set lines will do the work.

Increasing your self-confidence is one key to winning a lady’s heart. You may do this by acknowledging small everyday wins and recognizing the little details.  This exercise may result in a more optimistic you, thus helps you build up confidence.

Make The Most of the First Conversation with Russian Brides

Let’s say you have memorized the best pick up line in the world to woo a hot Russian girl, but you have to realize that this line may just create a temporary attraction or spark rather than a long-lasting and memorable impression.

Rather than focusing all your energy in perfectly uttering your pick up line, you may create an enjoyable conversation with that hot Russian girl. You may kick things off with a fun banter to get her attention. You may utter a few lines as if you are role-playing with her.

You may also use the classic way of introducing yourself, as this never goes out of style. Simply be open and real when meeting ladies. Put on your best smile, your sincerest hello, and introduce yourself.  The most important thing is that you brought your confidence and genuine self with you.

Don’t Let Russian Brides Fall for The Script

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You may have been successful in using your pick up lines in dating Russian women, but you have to realize the pitfall behind this. Creating a routine of using charming statements may make her fall in love with the script, rather than you.

Instead of swooning her over your cheesy lines, you may want her to focus on the real you. If you are dating Russian women online, you may want to tell her stories about your daily lifestyle. If you know your activities would be of help to her, you may engage her and inspire her to do the same. Make the most of the Russian dating site as you connect through more meaningful conversations rather than an exchange of generic pick up lines.

You may also further enrich yourself by spending time with the people who make you better. Perform activities that will give you more life experiences like exploring new hobbies, eating a more balanced meal, exercising regularly. Living a vibrant life will make you happier because women will see the real you and will want to be part of it.

The Fall of Pick Up Lines

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A pickup line is just a script to get the attention of women. You have to know that dating Russian women means you have to be congruent with what you’re saying. It is an easy way to turn women off when you don’t mean what you tell them. 

Furthermore, being too dependent on first impression techniques like these pickup lines may make you want to crave for a woman’s approval.Craving for approval will slowly reduce your self-respect. Instead of acting hungry and desperate, focus on being a man, then eventually, women will be more attracted to you.

Throw away those cheesy lines and just be upfront with women. You will be able to score one of the hot Russian brides with your authenticity and confidence.

For Russian Brides, Being Attractive Is Not Measured by Words

Words are just a bonus point, but not the highlight of Russian women dating. Your other forms of communication, like body language, are more important as these will give a sense of reality for the ladies.

If your body language speaks of confidence and class, then ladies will see you as a confident and classy man. In order to let them see that, you have to improve posture by keeping your head up, shoulders back, spine straight, and a genuine smile.

Words will follow as you converse and listen to them diligently. Remember that women want someone who will listen to their stories, so lend an ear and you’ll easily know how to respond.

In the end, being attractive to women doesn’t need the role of pick up lines. If you think you lack confidence in meeting ladies, you have to realize that this is not an overnight success, rather strengthened through trial and error over time.

Being a great man with a great lady beside you is a process of ups and downs. You have to undergo the tricky process of becoming a better man first before you can become better with women. Walking up to a lady, conversing with her without the tactics is an awesome experience, but creating a long-lasting interaction is more rewarding.