Success Stories of Russian Brides

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“Mail-order bride” is a popular 21st-century trend that has created plenty of happy Russian brides and first nations grooms. These couples are delighted to share their wonderful experience in hopes of shedding more information about what is “mail-order brides” and removing the stigma and mystery around it.

If you are interested in knowing some sweet and romantic success stories of beautiful Russian women who chose to become mail-order brides, then you are on the right page. In this article, you will find a compilation of successful relationships that blossomed through the mail-order bride system.

Inspiring Success Stories of Finding Russian Brides

Here are some of the inspiring stories of hot Russian brides who found success in being mail-order brides:

Irina, 30y/o

Irina is one of the Russian babes who found a good match. Her husband, Ethan, was particularly interested in dating Russian women, so he was a frequent visitor in a couple of mail-order dating sites.

He was initially just curious, and he wanted to have a fun conversation with pretty foreign girls. Eventually, Ethan realized that he wanted to commit to a serious relationship and thought it was not something that he could get from the mail-order bride sites because there were many Russian brides for marriage who were fun and extremely beautiful.

That all changed when he came across the profile of Irina. He said that when he saw her photo, he felt like he was struck by lightning in a good way, so he immediately messaged her, and fortunately, Irina immediately replied to him.

The couple then began messaging each other more frequently, and this resulted in them developing romantic feelings with each other. Ethan said that he was captivated by Irina’s fun and witty personality.

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However, not everything was smooth sailing because Ethan said Irina was quite hesitant to come to the US and have their first date. He did understand the reasons behind her hesitation, so instead, he booked for himself and flew to Russia to surprise.

The couple describes their first meeting as magical, and since then, they became inseparable. Today, they are now married for 6 years and living in Florida. They also recently welcomed their firstborn daughter just a couple of months ago.

Both Irina and Ethan do not regret being in the best Russian dating sites because it brought them together. They hope that other couples would also consider joining to get the opportunity to connect with amazing people.

Anastasia, 33y/o

The next story on this list is about Anastasia, who is 33, and Peter, who is 49. Before Anastasia met Peter, he was single for a long time after a traumatizing dating experience. Although he had multiple attempts to date again, he never found anybody that he had a connection with, which was why he decided to stay single.

However, one of Peter’s friends recommended a platform for dating Russian women. Peter thought that he might as well spend his free time talking with beauties, so he decided to go ahead, sign up, and make an account.

Peter noted that he was hesitant about dating Russian women online because of his previous relationship. However, as soon as he logged in, he was immediately recommended to Anastasia’s account, and he was amazed by how similar they were.

After several months of constant communication, they decided to meet in person. Peter traveled to Russia to meet Anastasia, and he said that it was a decision that he will never regret. Anastasia is a polite, well-mannered, and smart lady just like many other Russian brides, which made him fall in love with her even more.

During that trip, Peter took a leap of faith and proposed to Anastasia. She said yes, and they are now happily married for 7 years with two handsome boys.

Ana, 29y/o

Ana was fresh out of college and fed up with Russian men who constantly pressured her to be intimate, so she decided to sign up on an online dating platform for Russian hot girls. After a couple of days of talking to men who only seemed interested in her beauty, she received a message from her now-husband, Matt.

The message was intriguing and quite funny, so she decided to reply. Unfortunately, Ana did not specify what the content of the message was. After a few days of conversations, Ana knew that Matt was a businessman who constantly traveled to different parts of Europe. He was kind, funny, and witty.  

One day, Matt said that he was coming to Russia for a business trip and hoped that they would see each other in person. At first, Ana did not agree because she had some hesitations, but she got over it and went and met him.

She was really surprised by how gentlemanly Matt was, he does not label Ana simply as one of the “Russian brides”. She saw him as a breath of fresh air. He considered her as an equal, listened to her without questioning the validity or her opinion, and appreciated her accomplishment. Ana said that this was something she never got from Russian men.

After a year and a few more visits, Matt proposed and brought Ana to the US. They got married and started a family soon after. Today, Ana is a happy wife, a fulfilled mom, and living the US dream as an attorney.

Final Words

Whoever said that it is impossible to have a happy life with a mail-order bride is lying. The success stories featured above are testaments that it is a setup that can work out. Hopefully, learning the experiences of these mail-order brides has educated and inspired you about the topic.