Snow-Globing with Russian Brides: How to Handle it

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You could be thinking that everything is going well with Russian brides. You spend amazing holidays together and it seems like you are in a serious relationship with a Russian lady. However, there is a danger that you may become a part of the “snow-globing” trend. It is a trend that makes people believe their relationships are more serious than they really are. When the holiday magic stops, the relationship gets worse and terminates gradually or abruptly. In fact, the girl you are dating could just be “using” you so she doesn’t spend holidays alone.

Difference Between the Cuffing Season and Snow-Globing

The cuffing season refers to couples that stay together during the winter for cuddling and all the related benefits. When the sunny days arrive, two partners break up and go back to their single status. Snow-globing with hot Russian women, on the other hand, lasts for a shorter period. You might meet someone mid-December, spend some amazing weeks together and break up in January. That means that she never really intended to have a serious relationship with you; it was all a part of the holiday fairytale.

Hot Russian Brides May Snow-Globe You Unintentionally

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Russian women are typically not calculating. Some of them may make you a “victim” of snow-globing unintentionally. In fact, both of you may be tricked into thinking your relationship is better and more serious than it is. Spending valuable time together will make you feel closer. Festive days have a special warmth that connects two people and makes them believe they are growing real feelings. This year, we don’t recommend Christmas markets and concerts because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are many other ways to celebrate Christmas and New Year. While celebrating, the two of you will feel truly close. However, you will only be able to see if the feelings are real after the holidays. When the holiday euphoria fades away and you are left with regular lives, you will know if you want to keep dating or not.

Common Reasons for Russian Brides Snow-Globing

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There are several most common reasons why hot Russian girls date someone only during the holidays.

– To avoid loneliness

Spending Christmas and New Year alone makes people feel lonely and sad. They start dating someone to fill that emptiness. Thus, they have a partner to talk to, share the holiday atmosphere with and feel less alone.

– To not be seen as single

Hanging out with family and friends is a big part of Christmas and New Year. Hot Russian brides could start dating someone just to avoid the “Why are you single?” questions. They prefer to date someone during holidays only than giving explanations. Also, it makes them feel more confident.

– Having a good time

The motives for getting into a relationship don’t have to be selfish or one-sided. If you also think of dating a Russian woman only for the holidays, it could be totally okay with both of you. When partners agree to just have a good time together during the festive days, it avoids disappointment and unpleasant breakups.

Can You Avoid the Breakup with Russian Brides after Holidays?

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Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with someone you date during the holidays only. While some people date so they aren’t alone and they want to be free soon after, others grow feelings quickly. You can never know if the girl you are dating is snow-globing you unless she tells you.

However, you can avoid a breakup if you make a good start and not let the relationship revolve around holidays.


Get to Know Girls On a Russian Dating Site

You can meet many girls on a Russian dating site. You will feel whether there is a relationship potential with every person you talk to. Such a wide choice of ladies will decrease the chances of breaking up after the holiday season. That is because you will not let your relationship start only because of the holidays in the first place! You will date someone because you feel the connection, you have similar interests and you like each other.

Don’t Rush with Russian Brides

Every relationship has a phase where you are slowly getting to know one another. Do not skip it. You need to know if you are compatible and there is no other way to find out than starting a relationship at a slow pace. If you don’t want to break up right after the holidays, don’t change the way your relationship develops because of the festive season. Thus, your feelings will not depend on it. Your girl will grow real feelings that will not stop existing in January.

Make Your Christmas Celebration Special

When you start Russian dating, holidays should in no way be your priority. However, you cannot ignore them. This is a chance to get close to your new girl and build a solid foundation for your relationship. Make this Christmas special! Just like you, your lady is leaving a difficult year behind and is hoping to have a better one. You want to be a part of it so make Christmas the beginning of new, better times! Be creative and celebrate Christmas in a special way this year.  

Stay Relaxed and Free of Pressure

The idea of snow-globing may make you nervous and doubtful about your relationship with a Russian mail order bride. Even if you are having a fun time together, you could be afraid that it will end soon in the back of your mind. Don’t let the fear control you. If the feelings are real and you get close enough during holidays, you won’t have to experience a breakup after. Do not feel any pressure and stay relaxed. That’s the only way for your girl to get to know the real you and fall in love with you.