Should You and Ukrainian Brides Spend Holidays Apart?

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If you met Ukrainian brides relatively recently and you are still adjusting to her habits/traditions, you should think twice before you suggest spending holidays together. In Ukraine, Eastern Orthodox Christianity is the dominant religion; believers follow the Julian calendar, which makes most Ukrainian brides celebrate Christmas on January 7. For weeks before and after, people from this country celebrate Christmas in many ways and you can join them.

Surely, the idea of sharing the festive days sounds great and it has many pros; you could get to know your Ukraine beautiful woman better, you would make unforgettable memories together, and get more involved in each other’s lives. However, there are also reasons why you may reconsider that idea.

It Might Be Too Soon For Ukrainian Brides

Ukraine women can make you feel extremely special once they care about you. While you are with your loved one, you will feel how important you are to her and that might make you think that you are ready to do anything for her and with her. On the other hand, the reality is that some things take time to develop and one of them is the way you handle these important events. Remember that everything you do during the first phases of your relationship will greatly shape the rest of your time together. Thus, do not act impulsively. Just because you feel so close, doesn’t mean that you two are ready for some big steps. Getting to know Ukraine ladies slowly is much more important than forcing your suggestions and your need to spend every moment by the side of your woman.

Changing Traditions For Ukrainian Brides

Holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve are typically celebrated in traditional ways. If you spend these days with the women of Ukraine, you might change the traditions you have been cherishing for years. Again, the main questions are: “Are you ready for it? Do you really want it?”. There is surely a group of people waiting for you to celebrate the way you always have; letting them down suddenly because you have a partner now is not something to be too proud of. Even your girl might negatively see that.

After all, even if you are okay with changing traditions and nobody around you will be upset about it, you need to be sure that your lady is on the same page. Maybe she indeed wants to do the standard gift opening with her family and she prefers to stay with other people instead. When you date Ukrainian girl, you need to be open-minded and understanding of her needs. If she makes it clear that she would like to continue practicing her traditions that don’t directly involve you, do not get upset or offended. You will gradually become a part of it but it will happen naturally.

You Can Be Physically Apart and Stay Connected

Even if you are not physically together, you can stay connected to your girl during the holidays. Using a Ukraine dating app, you will meet many ladies whose company you will enjoy. They are pleasant to talk to, easygoing and they like to text frequently so you will never feel alone.

If you and your woman are spending the holidays apart, make sure to feel as close as possible. You can have a date night, watch festive movies, call on the phone and play fun games; you can even buy gifts and open them together! The more creative you are, the better effect it will have on your relationship. You will avoid all the potential risks and consequences of rushing your first holidays together and you will still get to enjoy your festive time. It could be some sort of a trial for years to come when you will be together physically.

Meeting Families is an Important Step that You Shouldn’t Rush

Sexy Ukrainian women may seem very independent and modern when you first meet them but the more you learn about them, the more surprised you will be by their traditional values. They care about their families a lot! For that reason, breaking the cycle of family celebrations won’t be easy for them. Take that into consideration in a positive way.

On the other hand, these pretty Ukrainian women like to keep their circles of close people pretty tight. If you spend holidays together, it might involve meeting each other’s families and that could be too much for both of you. She might not feel comfortable enough yet to meet your family members or you will feel the same way about hers. Either way, it’s okay. After some time, you will feel ready for these steps but if you are hesitating them or she doesn’t seem okay with it yet, don’t rush. This important event has to be well-planned and you need to look forward to it positively, without any pressure.

Take your time to get to know your loved one well first and then proceed to more serious steps. If there are things you still need to learn about her, you might find tips in her profile on Ukraine dating sites where she will surely list her preferences and some interesting information about her personality; even something you didn’t notice before.