Ukrainian V.S. Russian Brides: Differences and Similaritie

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Approaching Russian brides and Ukrainian brides is easier than ever! With a few clicks, you can talk to beautiful women wherever you are. If you are not too familiar with Slavic ladies, you won’t know the difference between Ukrainian and Russian girls. Indeed, they share many common features, which is expected considering the geographical and historical closeness. However, there are many aspects that separate women from these countries as well.

Differences Between Russian Brides and Ukrainian Brides

They Don’t Speak the Same Language

Russian and Ukrainian sound similar because they both belong to the Slavic group of languages. To foreigners, the differences are minimal or they don’t even notice them. However, the more you listen to one of these languages, you will notice the differences. It is important to note that most (if not all) people in Ukraine speak Russian because they were a part of the Soviet Union. People in Russia, on the other hand, do not speak Ukrainian. On the biggest Russian dating site, you will find women from both countries so it would be a great advantage to learn the basics of these languages.

Physical Appearance of Russian Brides and Ukrainian Brides

Russians girls have the appearance more closely to the Nordic. No wonder they leave the first impression as cold and indifferent. Especially Russian do not like to smile to strangers. Russian ladies often have lighter skin color and blonde hair. Their hair mostly come in all shades of blonde. The color of their eyes is light too: blue, gray or light green. Their lips and noses are slender.

Ukrainians are close to southerners.  Ukrainian brides look brighter and more vivid.  Many Ukrainian ladies are brunette. There are almost no natural blonde in Ukraine.  Their hair color is darker, from chest brown to black. The color of eyes is dark, from amber to black. All of these combinations of west abd east make Ukrainian  girls look mysterious and delicate. These features differentiate depending on the location as well, of course. If you know more about Slavic girls, you will become more familiar with the differences depending on the region. In that case, you will learn the exact difference between these two groups.

Personality Traits of Russian and Ukrainian Brides

Every person has unique personality traits that don’t depend on nationality or upbringing. However, certain features connect people from the same country/region. In the case of Russian and Ukrainian women, the differences mainly revolve around Russian young ladies being more “modern” and thinking of material aspects of life more than Ukrainians. One of the features that people often mention when it comes to Russians is their passion for alcohol. It is mostly true! You will be surprised by how easily your woman can outdrink you without getting drunk. The great thing about it is that she is an amazing party companion. You can have fun together without worrying about her exaggerating with drinks because these ladies know their limits (although they are pretty high when it comes to drinking). Do not think Russian women are alcoholics, they only have Vodka in their blood.

Ukrainian beautiful girls, on the other hand, are more timid and modest.  The culture and economic formed their values,  that explains why Ukrainian women like a calm and steady lifestyle. Ukrainian women are grateful and easy to content. From young age Ukrainian girls are taught to be good housekeepers, good wives and mothers in the future. In the age of feminism, Ukrainian women still keep the traditional family values and keen to please their husbands.

Similarities Between Russian Brides and Ukrainian Brides

Family Values

Hot Russian girls are very mature and they value their families immensely; the same applies to women from Ukraine. If you are looking for a serious relationship with great marriage potential, a Slavic girl will be ideal for you. In these countries, people generally care about their families. The love and dedication pass from one generation to another. Therefore, if you form a family with a woman from Russia or Ukraine, your children will surely be attached to you in the future, even after they turn 18! At the same time, your partner will be a devoted mother that cares about you and your family and does everything to keep it safe and stable.

Good Looks

While dating Russian women, you will always feel super important and proud to show off your companion. Although there are small differences between the physical features of Ukrainian and Russian pretty women, they all look extremely beautiful. The light skin and eyes, sophisticated looks, and fit bodies make these ladies desirable to everyone, including foreigners. Beautiful women from Russia and Ukraine look like ice queens. They might seem arrogant at the beginning but it is just a façade. If you come close enough and don’t get scared by the cold beauty of these stunning women, you will learn that they are not so cold after all. Slavic girls are only reserved to strangers and considering how good they look, many men approach them regularly. If you pass the “indifference” stage, you will enjoy the beauty of Russian and Ukrainian model-like girls every day.


Open-mindedness is essential for an international relationship. It is quite common to see a Ukraine girl dating a foreigner because these ladies are very open-minded and flexible. They like to learn about other cultures, especially if it concerns their partners. In that case, they don’t mind adapting to new countries, traditions, and lifestyles. Also, these precious women are highly-educated and typically speak English fluently. You will communicate with Slavic girls easily and considering their adaptation skills, she will get used to your habits quickly.


In Ukraine and Russia, loyalty is a crucial part of every relationship. Dating a Ukrainian girl will give you all the stability, safety, and trust that you could imagine. These women are real keepers and they will do whatever is needed to make you feel good. Having such a loyal partner will leave you free of worries. You will not have to fear betrayal or disloyalty in any way. Of course, it’s important to note that some of these traits (including loyalty) also depend on each person. Generally, Slavic girls are loyal but you can estimate how faithful your partner is when you get to know her well.