Russian Brides: Answers to All of Your Questions

russian mail order brides

Russian brides have an amazing reputation that makes more and more Western men show interest in girls from this country. Apart from being beautiful, these ladies are seductive, understanding, and loving, to name a few of their virtues. If you didn’t date a woman from Russia before, you may also have many questions. Knowing more about girls from Russia will give you an advantage when you approach them. It will be a good start to the conversation because you will know what to expect and how to behave.

Can You Buy Russian Mail Order Brides?

No! Russian mail order brides are not for sale. The name might sound misleading so people tend to think that they can buy wives from a catalog. That’s not the case at all. Dating websites connect foreigners with girls in Russia. They have well-developed matchmaking systems that allow Western men to meet these pretty ladies. However, even if you are wealthy, you need to talk to girls until finding the right one. You will step into a relationship or marriage only when you both agree on it. The money you spend while dating depends on you. If you are the type of man who loves to gift his lady, make her feel special, then you can send presents to Russia, buy virtual gifts, premium services on dating sites, etc. However, ladies do not have a price tag and you cannot simply buy them.

Whats the Average Age of Women on a Russian Dating Site? sign up

Typically, hot Russian brides on dating sites are between 18 and 50-60 years old. Lots of people have stereotypes that Russian brides are young girls looking for sugar daddies. You can look for women of any age by using filters on-site. Here, you can enter all your preferences. From preferred country/city to her age. The platform will automatically show you a list of users that match your criteria once you click the search button. In the same way, ladies on the website can look for users that meet their requirements. For that reason, setting up a website properly is very important. The details you write about yourself will be useful to find your ideal woman. Dating sites are versatile so everyone can access them, as long as they are of legal age. Do not write incorrect information, do not lie about your age or anything about your life. Sooner or later the truth will come to the surface and you would lose the trust of your lady.

Do Looks Matter On Russian Brides Dating Sites?

To be honest, your looks do matter. When someone sees your profile for the first time, they won’t know exactly what kind of person you are; they will see how you look like. However, the case is not only about your appearance. The quality and style of your photos attract Russian girls! Many times, users look better in person than they do in photos, which doesn’t help them online. Their photos could look odd, unprofessional, and unapproachable. In that case, even if you look very good, you won’t have much success at Russian women dating. No matter if you are proud of your physical appearance or not, make sure to have brilliant photos. Women don’t really care so much about the looks once they get to know someone. For the first impression, however, it is beneficial to look good. If you don’t know how to take good pictures of yourself, look for some tips and advice. You will notice the difference quickly.

Is It Possible that A Woman Could Marry Me Only to Get a Green Card/Citizenship?

That option is possible, yes. To ensure you are not getting “green card scammed”, you need to get to know your mailorder Russian bride well. If absolutely everything seems perfect, she agrees with you on everything you say, doesn’t get upset at all, and just generally seems like she is faking her happiness, there is a chance that she wants you to be her green card pass. For that reason, it is important to talk to many women and only marry one that feels real. You should develop your relationship slowly. That way, you will be certain that she has serious intentions with you. Girls that look for Western men only to get a specific citizenship are not so common. Russia is a solid country to live in and these beauties are not so obsessed with the idea of leaving. In any case, it’s better to prevent something than regret it! Relax, get to know the girl you are dating very well, and then make important, marriage-related decisions.

Why Do You Use the Term “Russian Brides”?

The Internet has been using terms like “mail order brides” and “wives” for many years to facilitate the search for men that are indeed looking for brides online. By typing in such terms, we connect you to all users that could potentially become your brides (if you are a good match indeed). You probably won’t look up “smart Russian girl” or “funny girl from Russia”. Instead, you will look for a woman that’s ready to commit. At the same time, she can be smart, funny, pretty, and have all the other attributes that you are looking for. That does not mean that these brides are waiting for you in their wedding dresses, ready to get married whenever you want. You will have to work your way to make a girl online want to be your wife. You have to put in the effort, get to know her, and do everything else that people usually do before getting married. Only when you both feel that you are ready for marriage, you can make that important decision.