Recognize Low Maintenance Colombian Girls from These Simple Features

Colombian girls typically don’t prioritize luxury and they choose partners by their hearts, rather than their wallets. Having a high-maintenance girl can be truly exhausting. At one point, you will find yourself thinking about where to take her out more than how to have a good time with her. It creates an enormous pressure that not many men can handle; especially if you have other priorities rather than buying expensive gifts.

Colombian girls How to Tell if Your Colombian Girl is Low Maintenance

Dating Latin American women is everything but tiring and boring. They make every situation fun and you truly enjoy every moment with these beauties spontaneously and without too much money. You can recognize a low maintenance girl from several simple features that high maintenance “divas” do not have; even when they try to pretend that they don’t care about materialistic things.

1. Not asking about your earnings

If your date is asking about your earnings on the first date, it is the biggest sign of a high maintenance person. In case you start the topic about your job and you talk about job-related things, that’s okay. Beautiful Latin ladies appreciate hardworking men so they may like to talk about your job; not to see if you are rich but to see if you are a hardworking man. However, if she insists to know about your approximate earnings directly or indirectly, it will indicate that’s what she cares about the most. Even if you are earning a lot, try to minimize it as much as you can to see her reaction. If you don’t hear from her again, you will get your answer.

2. Always ready for you

When you meet Latin girls, you will see how spontaneous and adventurous they are. A low maintenance woman will always be ready to go with you. Even if you surprisingly ask her to go on a road trip, she will not hesitate. She will pick her essentials and go with you without asking too many questions. A “diva” will not act the same. She will brag that she doesn’t have anything to wear; that she needs time to do her makeup and get ready; that you need to tell her where you are going and so on. The point is that she isn’t really interested in spending time with you or going on adventures. She wants to know what she will get if she goes with you beforehand.

3. She isn’t too fuzzy about food  

For Latina women seeking men with good personalities, any food they make tastes good; or at least they are polite enough to say so. If you prepare a nice dinner at your house, she will appreciate your efforts immensely. Even if it’s not her favorite dish, she will enjoy it because you tried hard for her. A high maintenance girl will tell you that she doesn’t like it or that she prefers food at the restaurant. Sometimes, she could even like your food and say that she doesn’t. That is because she doesn’t want you to get used to bringing her home for dinner. She wants fancy restaurants and expensive food.

4. Not every moment has to be photographed

Beautiful South American girls that are low maintenance will not show off everything on social media. They don’t need validation from other people and they don’t want to share everything with everyone. It is normal to post a photo with you from time to time or even some surprise you made. However, photographing the food at the restaurant, purses, watches, phones and all the things that make her “luxurious” is one of the biggest signs of materialistic girls. Your girl should care about the time with you more than anything else. She won’t care if her friends think she’s rich, she will only want to be happy with you.

meet Latina girls 5. She’s not fishing for compliments

Gorgeous Colombian girls are very confident and aware of their beauty. They don’t criticize themselves purposefully to get compliments; not only from you but everyone else. All the compliments they receive are genuine and they care about your opinion more than anyone else’s. A high maintenance girl will say that she thinks she’s overweight even if she knows she’s not; she will say that her eyes are not pretty even if they are her prettiest physical feature. With that, she will make everyone say the opposite and compliment her. It will boost her ego and that’s what she cares about the most.

6. Not being too clingy

Single Colombian women do not rush to get into relationships just because they need love and affection. They wait for the right men to come along so they aren’t too clingy in a relationship either. A girl that is low maintenance will respect your alone time and won’t cling onto you constantly. She will want time for herself as well and will understand that you need to stay apart sometimes. On the other side, a high maintenance woman will want all of your time. She will not want you to think about anything else but her and she will pick on you as soon as she lacks attention. That kind of relationship will set you off in all the other fields of your life. Soon enough, all you will focus on will be your girl and that’s exactly what she wants. With you being all hers, she will get all the luxury and attention that she desperately needs.

How to Colombian Women?

If you are not able to buy a plane ticket and fly to Colombia, you can simply meet Latina girls online. There are dozens of sites with girls from South America seeking men from different parts of the world. Even before meeting her in person, you can get to know her through long conversations via text, voice call, or video call. Talking to Latinas will increase your desire to explore this beautiful country and its culture. With dating sites only a few clicks away, you shouldn’t wait to meet girls online.