Reasons Why You Can’t Fall in Love with European Women

European women, in particular, are more mature than their American counterparts; however, there is always a side to them that is a total turn-off for some nationalities. This could also be some characteristics that they have that are simply not compatible with your values as a person.

In this article, we have discussed the possibilities and reasons as to why you can’t fall in love with a European woman.

Their looks intimidate you

European girls, specifically Latvian girls, are more attractive than Americans. It could be that you think of yourself as someone unappealing that you gave up all the hopes of pursuing that person.

Latvian women are also significantly taller than other nationalities, with an average height of 170cm. It would yet be another reason to be intimidated if you are on the shorter side.

dating a Latvian beauty

You still can’t get over your past

Okay, I get it; you are into the idea of dating a Latvian beauty, but you are not entirely over your past relationship. Seems like you can’t move on yet. If you haven’t, then it is time to man up and know your priorities and decide what you really want. Time is ticking. You don’t want to waste an opportunity just because you are undecided.

They are more mature

If you are into playing games until the wee hours of the morning, then think twice. You can’t really fall in love with them if you are not serious enough in life. There might be a Latvian girl for marriage existing, but it’s not because they are in it solely for money, rather it is due to the shortage of men in their country. Most ladies from Latvia marry at a young age or at most in their early 30s; they are also great housewives and pragmatic enough to take care of their family.

Female models are mostly from Latvia

Again, if you are not really confident about dating someone attractive, then this is a deal-breaker for you. Most men would jump in the dating path if they realized that the girl they are into is a model, but not all guys think the same.

You don’t like the idea of moving out of the country

Where you are right now is where you want to be for the rest of your life. If that is your intention, then don’t, for any reason, fall in love with a girl from another country. Latvian brides, for instance, would like to stay in their country so they can check on their parents and other family members on a regular basis.

If you don’t like the idea of living in a place where you know no one except your wife and her family, and if you have no interest in learning their language to communicate with the people around, then it is best not to jump in a relationship with them.

You have low self-esteem

Latvian ladies are known to be confident, which is why a lot of the women from their country are produced as a model, not only because of their height but also because of their self-confidence. If you have low self-esteem, then it could be a letdown for you to fall in love with them because generally, they are honed to be independent people.

You have a personality disorder

When it comes to dating Latvian girls it is better to straighten up yourself if you have personality issues or else leave all the plans that you have in pursuing the girl of your dreams. These ladies are respected, and there are minimal reports of domestic abuse in their country because it is not in their values to do such things on women.

charmdate login You have been hurt in the past

You are basically holding back because you are afraid that it will happen again; someone from your past might have hurt you emotionally, left you for someone else, or worse, left you for no reason at all. If you happen to think of these things often, then you are not ready yet to jump in another relationship nor fall in love with Latvian babes in the first place. Try to heal yourself first by going out with your friends and family, treating yourself out, and meeting new people.

You were raised in a negative environment

You can’t blame yourself for being raised in a family where negativity arises almost every time. European families are generally family-oriented people, but not all families are perfect even if they are family-inclined.

If you were raised in an environment that made you angry with the world or made you think of yourself as someone small, it does not mean you are not worthy to fall in love, it just means that you need to find your way out of that situation and start a new life before you go within the path of meeting someone and entering a new relationship.

fall in love with a European woman


It can’t be denied that Latvia, like other European countries, is home to some of the most beautiful ladies around the world. However, before you even consider dating a Latvian woman, make sure you think about the points we discussed first.

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