“Read” Russian Brides From Their Dating Profiles

russian bride

People all around the world associate Russian brides with beautiful faces and bodies. They are popular among Western men primarily because of their appearance. Although you might imagine all girls from Russia as tall, blonde, model-like women with ice-blue eyes, the truth is that the diversity in this country is enormous. You can, indeed, see many girls with the mentioned features all around Russia but you can also see beautiful dark-haired women with honey eyes and curves that remind of Latinas and everything between those two groups.

According to several studies, hot Russian babes that share similar physical features could have a few personality characteristics in common as well. If you are entering the world of online dating, you should learn how to read the profiles and photos of other users. It will help you approach women that you match with well and increase your chance of finding “the one”.


According to Psychological Science, people with rectangular face shapes are considered good leaders. Scientists analyzed companies of different CEOs and it turned out that business people with wider faces had better-performing companies in comparison to CEOs with long faces. Thus, men and women with the so-called “CEO’s face” are usually natural leaders! This feature does not apply only to business. When you meet an attractive modern Russian female user on a dating site and you notice that she has the “CEO’s face”, you can expect that she will show those leading characteristics in your relationship as well. Don’t expect her to follow your decisions and requests blindly. Instead, work together and get the best out of her leading mentality.

Strong personalities

It is considered that hot Russian girls with strong jaws have strong personalities. Perhaps this impression comes from the fact that the jaw is the strongest point in the human body. On the other hand, people with well-defined jaws look focused, confident, and ambitious. If you are into powerful women, you should definitely look at gorgeous ladies with strong jawlines.

Extroverted Russian brides

Russian chicks with larger lips and protruding noses tend to be extroverted, according to Psychology Today. These Russia ladies feel comfortable in social settings and don’t like being alone for too long. Being with an extrovert is amazing if you need someone to encourage you to be more socially active and relaxed. You won’t have to try hard to communicate with strangers (when necessary) because your girl will break the ice for you. She is the soul of the place and when she is not present, the whole group notices it!

On the other hand, if you are a jealous partner that does not feel comfortable when his woman communicates kindly with other people, perhaps an extroverted girl is not the right choice for you. As a couple, you will often disagree and argue because you will try to tame her vivid personality, which is not fair. If you start a relationship with an extrovert, take the best out of it and enjoy the charisma of your woman; don’t try to shut it down.


Experts say that Russian brides that post many selfies on Russia dating sites are usually adventurists, open to new events and people. They are letting the world see them and they are not afraid of it! You will have fun with this type of girl as she will always be ready for new experiences.

Taking selfies frequently is also associated with the need for validation or compliments. Thus, if the lady you like posts selfies every day or sends them to you privately, she is surely looking for a small confidence boost. Make sure you compliment her enough.

Bio is Important

If you think that the bio of  Russian brides is just a small part profile that you shouldn’t pay attention to, you are dangerously wrong. Not giving your bio enough importance could affect your progress on Russian cupid sites. When you register for a dating app, you need to take a moment to write a compelling text that will make women want to talk to you. Include interesting facts about yourself and aspects of your life that ladies can relate to. That way, you will encourage users to start conversations with you.

After you write your bio, take a look at the profile descriptions of the girls you find approachable. Just like you, they will write curiosities about them that could attract people with similar interests. Take a moment to analyze all the ladies you see on dating websites and talk to those that seem like good matches based on the data they provide.

“Read” Her Photos  

Photos of a Russian mail order bride can tell you even those things that she doesn’t want to say about herself. If you don’t find certain information in her bio, you might find it in her photos! For example, you could see if she is a woman that likes to travel, go out and enjoy social gatherings or she is a sweetheart that prefers to read and spend time with her pets and family; your future partner could also be a little bit of both.

Every detail matters! You can tell by the eyes, posture, and even the style of the photos, some things about people’s personalities. Become a good reader between the lines and you will surely succeed in Russian dating.