Meet Ukrainian Brides Through Interesting Statistics

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The popularity of Ukrainian brides is in constant increase all around the world. Attractive, intelligent, feminine, and caring… these girls have all the qualities that men value. They make fun girlfriends, good wives, responsible mothers, and amazing friends.

When it comes to online dating, Ukraine is one of the most active countries in Eastern Europe. In 2019, 860 ladies entered the US through some Ukraine brides agency. The results of these marriages were overwhelmingly positive, which made even more Americans take an interest in dating women from this country.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions did not allow enough international couples to get married. Thus, only 357 brides from Ukraine were able to obtain US visas in 2020 (it was still the most popular Eastern European country in this category). Now that the restrictions are significantly eased, long-distance couples can finally make marriage plans again!

Statistics About Ukrainian Brides

There Are More Women Than Men in Ukraine

The male-to-female ratio in Ukraine was 86.33 males per 100 females in 2020. Although the number increased since 1950 when there were 75.2 males per 100 females, there are still more men than women citizens. The ratio makes it more difficult for girls to find partners in their homeland. For that reason, pretty ladies frequently use Ukraine dating sites to meet foreigners.

High Divorce Rate and Low Marriage Rate

The divorce rate in Ukraine is one of the highest in Europe; there are 3.1 divorces per 1,000 people. According to experts, one of the issues that cause such a high divorce rate is the fact that Ukrainians tend to get married early. They enter marriages unprepared and they don’t know how to manage them afterward, which leads to divorce eventually.

The Institute of Demography and Social Studies reported that over 80% of Ukrainians aged 50-54 were the marriage in 2020. However, there were only 44% of married Ukrainians under the age of 30. For men, the average marriage age in this country is 30, and 27 for women. Also, 10-12% of couples live together but decide not to get married officially.

Ukraine women search for a balance between traditional and modern values. Frequently, men in their country don’t know how to provide that. They are either laid back or strict on traditional beliefs, which makes ladies prefer to stay single. However, pretty Slavic girls found that balance in Western men, which keeps encouraging them to register on dating websites and look for men they may like.

Ukrainian brides don’t mind a notable age difference

The typical age gap between an American groom and a Ukrainian bride is 6-9 years. However, these ladies don’t mind bigger differences either. They are mature and they don’t like to lose time with men that don’t have serious intentions and cannot treat them right.

Facts About Ukrainian Brides

Ukrainian beauties don’t marry foreigners too easily

Over 10,000 Ukrainians are married to foreign partners; every tenth marriage that couples register in Kyiv is between a Ukrainian citizen and a foreigner. It can be concluded that the beautiful women of Ukraine like foreigners based on the mentioned information. However, citizenship of a Western country is not all that it takes to attract a Slavic girl. They look for qualities in every man they meet, regardless of nationality. Thus, even if they meet gentlemen that come from their favorite country, Ukraine girls will still need to be attracted, pursuit, and taken care of in order to grow feelings and have further relationship plans.

Ukrainian brides like to date leaders

Dating in Ukraine is taken very seriously. Girls don’t like to tell their partners what to do and how to treat them. They don’t like to “babysit” their husbands. These pretty ladies look for men that can lead them through life. They like stable, strong gentlemen they can rely on.

Mail order brides are completely legal

The term mail order bride often gets misunderstood. People do not look deeper into its meaning and they just assume that it refers to a woman that a man can buy, which is completely false. The term relates to online dating Ukraine but in no way can a person purchase a bride. All the costs related to internet dating are voluntary and they revolve mostly around gifts that men buy for their women, wanting to make them happy and gain their affection.

In the case of dating a girl from Ukraine, a foreign man needs to think of the ways to meet his girl, pay for the flight and accommodation if he goes to visit her, buy gifts to surprise her, and similar. Those are the spending points. In any case, a lady that lives in Ukraine is not obligated to accept the gifts or date the man that spends money on her. It’s all up to her; whether she likes him or not.

Ukraine girls require patience and respect

Although Ukrainians adopted many Western customs, they still follow many traditional values. These women expect men to approach them first; they like to play hard to get and they expect men to play along. Thus, a man should politely talk to the girl he likes, ask for the Ukraine girl number and be a real gentleman. He should be patient, wait for her to open up to him, and respect her all along. Only that way, a woman from Ukraine can take an interest in a suitor and let him become a part of her life.