Finding the Russian Bride: Does Sapiosexuality Matter?

the russian bride

Finding the Russian bride of your dreams can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re a foreigner. We all know that we get attracted to different ways and qualities of a person, from their physical appearance, gender, sense of humor, status, occupation, cultural background, etc.

Thus, from your standpoint, searching for the right Russian women looking for love might not come easy since you’ll have a set of standards in place to find your one true love.

Nowadays, sexual orientation is crucial to many people. People identify themselves in many different ways, such as being heterosexual, pansexual, bisexual, gay, or lesbian. However, there is one unfamiliar sexuality that the majority did not know of –  and that is sapiosexuality.

This article will talk about the nature of sapiosexuality and its real importance when dating and finding a partner.

About Sapiosexuality

Typically, men who tend to go dating Russian women get attracted physically. Sapiosexual people, however, are attracted to a person’s intelligence. They usually think that intelligence is the highly attractive quality of a person more than their personal or physical attributes.

According to experts, sapiosexuality is a type of sexual orientation distinguished by sexual attraction to a person’s brain. This means that intelligence is the only ultimate advantage.  

To have a successful date, it is typical for online dating apps like free Russian dating apps to have an outline of your preferences to date the right person, especially a future partner. But this is not the case with people who identify themselves as sapiosexual as they do not typically set standards such as educational requirements when finding a date.

They adore a highly intelligent person and prioritize this attribute above all. For them, being smart is not merely about being highly knowledgeable on academic debates but being proficient and competent on a specific subject.

Furthermore, sapiosexuals are also called nymphobrainiacs or people who get attracted to a person’s mind. This sexual orientation is not identified with physical attraction or gender, but a great mind is the main attraction.

Obviously, people do not have similar sexuality, and there are numerous ways an individual experiences interest or arousal to another person, and it happens when you start meeting or dating.

In the case of Russian women dating, most of these qualities influence physical appearance or sexual acts. Sapiosexual people are far different from the former description as they pay much more attention to certain personal attributes than having a beach bod or other attractive physical traits.

How to Tell If You Are a Sapiosexual

Your dating goal is to find your perfect match and meet Russian girls, but knowing your sexual orientation is crucial when you enter the world of dating. Sapiosexuality is claimed to be a sexual identity that does not look at a person’s physical appearance or a set of criteria but focuses on a person’s intelligence alone instead.

Here are some points to know the chances that you are a sapiosexual:

A Comfy Bookstore Is Your Ideal Date with the Russian Bride 

You like your date place to be quiet, small but intimate, without any distractions to engage with intellectual conversation.

You Want A Genuine Conversation with the Russian Bride

If an intellectual conversation is the only reason that interests you, then there’s a great chance that you are a sapiosexual. A person who can listen and converse articulately is the one that attracts them.

Intelligence Is Defined As Sexy

For sapiosexuals, intelligence is way too sexy than a sexy body. If you value the person’s morals, interests, and intelligence, then definitely you are a sapiosexual. Beautiful Russian women have more to offer from the inside.

A Good Grammar Command is a Plus

Having good grammar during conversation is definitely attractive to sapiosexuals.

Knowing if you’re a sapiosexual up your chances of meeting Russian women who are the same.

But Is It Really a Thing?

If you’re the type who really wants to meet and date people in online dating apps, or in bridal catalogs without minding the mail order brides cost and without setting many standards, then it will be easier to find the one for you.

The term was first coined in 1998 by a journalist who claimed that he doesn’t care about other people’s attributes but only with their insightful, intelligent, and curious minds.

In 2014, an online dating app included it as part of the sexual orientation list. Now, the term is searchable online with a fit definition. However, sapiosexuality is relatively obscure when interpreted compared to other sexualities such as pansexuality, homosexuality, or bisexuality.

In other peoples’ opinion, being sapiosexual is one-sided; intelligence definitely should be on your list, but it will never be enough without chemistry, physical attraction to Russian women, a connection, or a spark.

While people view sapiosexuality as the only consideration when identifying their sexuality, other people criticized it for being somewhat classist as it only relies primarily on a person’s intelligence.

But how do we even measure intelligence? How to know if the person is good enough with his intelligence alone? Well, only sapiosexuals know.


Meeting Russian hot girls is exciting, but as a sapiosexual, a person’s intelligence is even better. There’s a lot of debate on whether sapiosexuality is to be accepted as a sexual orientation. Nevertheless, every person has the right to choose a label of sexuality that would fit their personalities and whatever would make them happy in finding a potential partner without any criticisms from others.

If you know what you really want in a relationship, there is an excellent chance that you will find the one for you.